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Squash your carb cravings, specifically those for pasta. Our daughter loves spaghetti, but she is very health conscious with her eating now that she’s in her late teens and has been lifting weights. She did some research online and learned about spaghetti squash.

Yes, it’s a vegetable, but the inside “meat” is stringy, like spaghetti—hence the name. Hmm, spaghetti meat sauce on a vegetable? I was skeptical.

We scraped the insides of the squash onto a cookie sheet and baked it at 350 degrees for around 45 minutes. After it had cooked, we put a portion on a plate with spaghetti tongs to complete the illusion, and then covered it with meat sauce.

Can you say, “Absolutely delicious”? And it tasted a lot like spaghetti—but a 100-gram serving of the squash has only 31 calories and seven grams of carb, while a 100-gram serving of pasta has 158 calories and 31 grams of carb. Even better, the squash has all kinds of good nutrients, while that pasta is empty calories.

If you’re craving carbs, get some spaghetti squash and, abracadabra, your craving will disappear.

—Becky Holman


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