The Sixty Second Solution

The Sixty Second Solution

Author: Clark Bartram
Genres: Men Fitness, Women Fitness
Price: $27.00

The 60-Second Fitness Solution is the essential handbook for busy people who want to achieve their ideal body — and life — in just minutes a day. With proven mental exercises, efficient exercise routines and simple nutrition advice that anyone can follow, this book is a life-enhancing experience for beginners and longtime fitness enthusiasts alike.

If you’ve 60 seconds, you can achieve lasting results!

Inside The 60-Second Fitness Solution, you'll find more than 100 exercises, expertly demonstrated by America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional, Clark Bartram. Also included are complete programs designed for every fitness level:

  • Full-body burn routines
  • Upper body routines
  • Lower body routines
  • Ab-intensive routines
  • Solo and Partner routines
  • Advanced routines for extreme fat loss

From start to finish, this comprehensive guide will give you new and innovative tools to get in your best possible shape — fast.


Highlights include:

The “Mental Minute” that Could Change Your Life

This simple, 60-second exercise will set you up for success every day in all aspects of your life.

The World’s Most Efficient Training Methods

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym to build a better body. Simple, short routines will take your fitness to new levels.

The Surprising First Step Toward Healthy Eating

Willpower doesn’t work — but you can work around it with this simple method that takes all the temptation out of your pantry and fridge.

The End of Calorie Counting

Simply choose from dozens of approved foods — plus 23 delicious protein shake recipes — in the right proportions.

You’ll also receive 7 proven-effective diet plans, designed to help you reach specific goals:

1DIVA DIET for Women
Lose fat while tightening and toning your body.
Pack on pounds of lean, rock hard muscle mass in record time!
Ideal for fit men and women who want to take their performance and recovery to a higher level.
Great if you used to be in shape and want to bounce back to your old form fast.
For anyone who’s far beyond their ideal body weight and needs to quickly lose fat and keep it off.
6QUICK ABS DIET for Men & Women
Get into your best shape possible in less than four weeks, for a wedding, reunion, beach party or photo shoot.
7GET HEALTHY DIET for Men & Women
Ideal for anyone who wants to get on the higher road to healthy living.

Every page of The 60-Second Solution is filled with valuable fitness tips and tricks to help you achieve your best you yet. You’ll find out:


  1. The one personal reason that will motivate you the most
  2. How to make “bad” choices and still lose weight
  3. Why you shouldn’t work out more than three times a week
  4. The best time of day to eat carbs
  5. How eating more meals helps you burn more fat
  6. The one thing you can do for 60 seconds to immediately reduce stress


With the incredible tools provided in The 60-Second Solution, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and completely you can transform your body get the most out of life.

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