Edge Booty Extreme Workout

SPANISH Edge Booty Extreme Workout

Author: Ingrid Romero
Genres: Women Fitness
Price: $57.00

Discover the secret to losing fat while gaining muscle and sculpting your booty


Now you can build the glutes and backside you’ve always dreamed of in a quick and easy to follow 30 day booty and full body program.


The Edge Booty Extreme Program is designed to be a lifestyle change. It is not a quick fix fad diet that is not sustainable.


This program has plenty of food and a solid amount of GOOD carbs. Carbs are not your enemy when they are being used “properly.” You must have carbs in your diet to build muscle and have energy to function. They are the brains source of energy and your body needs them in order to lose weight in a healthy way.


Now you and can get the same intense glute workouts as Ingrid and Team Edge with this fun and challenging booty shaping and sculpting program and have plenty of energy to crush your workouts.


What’s inside the Edge Booty Extreme Program?

30 day total booty and body workout handbook (value $77)

  • Step-by-Step Exercises You Can Do at Home
  • Delicious Recipes Designed to Build Muscle and Shed Weight
  • Ingrid’s Top 12 Booty Shaping Moves to Sculpt and Shape Your Booty
  • Vegetarian/Vegan Food Preparation Options Included
  • Smart Shopping Guide to Maintain a Beautiful Backside and Healthy Body
  • Proven Results from Women of All Walks of Life

30 day meal plan schedule for both regular and vegan (value $77)

Complete 30 day meal plans to keep you fueled and energized

Step-by-step tearsheets for quick reference (value $37)

30 day meal plan and training schedules ($27)

Easy to follow 30 day training and meal plan schedule

Edge Booty Extreme Workout DVD (value $27)


Booty Blast

Get ready for the ultimate booty sculpt with this cardio and strength training workout. Ingrid combines energetic cardio drills with weighted strength training to blast and build your booty.


Booty + Core

Getting the perfect booty requires a strong core. Ingrid will take you through a high-intensity, lower body workout that will challenge your balance and stability while keeping the focus on your booty.


Single Leg Burnout

Ingrid fine tunes your glutes in these intense isolation exercises. By targeting each leg separately, you will get the maximum effect for your booty. Ingrid will challenge you to 100 reps per leg, both on your feet and on your side.


Booty Express

This is the no excuses workout. Using only your body weight, Ingrid will guide you through two levels of these simple but extreme booty shaping workouts. Get ready to feel the burn!!!

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