Fat Loss Fast 3

Fat Loss Fast 3: Lite Day Recipes

Author: Sara Solomon
Genres: Women Fitness
Price: $9.99

Adhering to your 36-hour fasts just became easy, thanks to "Fat Loss Fast 3"! This 104-page e-Book is the essential companion to Fat Loss Fast 1 & 2, and it's a must have for anyone looking for a variety of delicious LOW calorie recipes to eat on your "Lite Days". If you've been reluctant to try alternate-day fasting because you fear hunger will prevent you from being able to adhere to the protocol, then "Fat Loss Fast 3" is the e-Book you need! If you want to adhere to your alternate-day fasts with ease ... then grab your copy today!


Here's what you'll get:


  • Over 30 quick, easy and nutritious "Lite Day" Recipes for alternate-day fasters, such as my mouth-watering tuna sushi .... protein waffles ... chicken noodle soup .... cauliflower cous cous shrimp salad ... and many more!
  • An overview of the health benefits of alternate-day fasting and why it won't slow down your metabolism.
  • Overcome hunger! Learn my secrets for a successful fast.
  • A practical, easy-to-follow guide to what you can and cannot consume during 36-hour fasts for both the alternate-day and modified alternate-day fasting protocols.
  • A simple breakdown of the difference between "Lite Days" and "Feast Days". For each of these days, you will learn exactly how many calories you should be eating, as well as when you should start and stop eating. I also discuss whether back-to-back "Lite Days" are permitted.
  • Critical recipe feature. Every recipe features photographs, step-by-step directions and nutritional information. Ingredient substitutions are provided.
  • 3 categories of recipes conveniently organized to suit your goals:
    • Negligible Calorie Recipes (<15 calories)
    • Very Low Calorie Recipes (<75 calories)
    • Low Calorie Recipes (<240 calories)
  • Quick and easy! Anyone can make the recipes. Learn my time-saving tips!
  • A complete grocery list is provided, plus you get instant access to my Ingredient Encyclopedia and my Calorie and Macro Calculator!
  • BONUS! Travel and Restaurant Guide: Learn my "Lite Day" secrets for travelling and eating in restaurants. Don't worry, you don't have to stay locked in your house during your 36-hour fasts!

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