Fat Loss Fast 2

Fat Loss Fast 2: Theoretical Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Author: Sara Solomon
Genres: Women Fitness
Price: $49.99

With "Fat Loss Fast 1", I've given you a practical guide to FINALLY get the body you desire NOW, not later. "Fat Loss Fast 2" is different.


Sure, it's still loaded with practical, actionable info - like how to incorporate training into your fasting regimen, which supplements to take during your fasted and fed states, and so much more – but it goes deep into the theory behind WHY intermittent fasting works. Why should you care?


Because when you understand why intermittent fasting works and how it affects your body, you can effortlessly reach levels of fitness that seem impossible to you now. I’m talking about:


Rocking a lean body 365 days a year

Sporting a toned tummy or six-pack abs ALL the time (not just beach season)

Kissing the crowded, stinky gym goodbye and staying in BETTER shape than most fitness instructors

Falling in LOVE with fitness again – easy to do when you work out at home for only 20 to 30 minutes day!

I spent more than 18 months researching EVERYTHING I could find on intermittent fasting – most of which I’ve never seen presented in an easy-to-read book like this. Tipping the scales at 384 pages, this evidence-based e-Book debunks all the myths around fat loss and fasting so you can quickly and easily take your body to a brand new level of health and fitness! If you are one of the select few who desire an elite physique ... you must grab your own copy of "Fat Loss Fast 2".


Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find in “Fat Loss Fast 2”:

  • The science behind fat loss and why you must always think critically.
  • How to maximize your growth hormone’s fat-burning effect.
  • Important reasons why you must not demonize carbs and why you should eat carbs at night!
  • My secrets for minimizing hunger during your fast.
  • The shocking truth about "metabolic damage", "adrenal fatigue" and the "acid/alkali theory".
  • A comprehensive intermittent fasting FAQ. This is where I debunk all the myths surrounding fasting and fasted training.
  • Weird reasons why you aren’t losing fat.
  • Easy ways to finally blast your stubborn fat.
  • The how and why of carb refeeds and carb back-loading.
  • The art of "reverse dieting". Learn how to ameliorate your metabolic capacity.
  • Why you should NEVER follow a meal plan.
  • A logical approach to fat loss. Stop putting the cart before the horse!
  • A comprehensive review of intermittent fasting protocols.
  • An in depth examination of the amazing health benefits of fasting.
  • A deeper look into the theory behind flexible dieting (IIFYM).
  • Training routines that will build muscle and burn fat while you’re fasting.
  • My exercise philosophy – and how it will help you get fitter faster. Hint: Minimum effective dose!
  • Why low-intensity steady state cardio is a big NO!
  • Supplementation guide - learn which supplements you should take when you are fasting and which ones you should take when you are feeding ... and why!
  • The BIG FAT consequences of sleep deprivation.
  • My secrets for getting ready for a fitness competition or photo shoot.
  • A no-brainer way to look awesome 365 days of the year.
  • “Fat Loss Fast 2” is supported by over 247 published articles and scientific studies.
  • A comprehensive appendix (at the end of the e-Book) to aid you in understanding the material presented.
  • And that’s just for starters. (Remember there are more than 380 info-packed pages in this e-Book!)


This e-Book is quite possibly the most comprehensive one of its kind available. If you’re a bikini model, fitness model, amateur or professional bodybuilder, or just someone who likes the idea of showing off a truly elite physique 365 days of the year, this is the e-Book for you.

You’ve had a peek at what you’ll discover in “Fast Fat Loss 2” but, trust me, there are some very pleasant surprises awaiting you in all 384 pages of this e-Book.

If you want to be one of the very few who sport an elite physique all year round, then you need to grab your copy of “Fast Fat Loss 2” right now.

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