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2 Quick Ways to Jack Up Mass Gains

Q: I am reading the e-book Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building, and I noticed that you have a section on X-centric … continue reading

Two New Ways to Grow

Q: I’m reading your new e-book, Super-Size Crash Course. Your guinea pig Jordon Williamson’s 18-pound muscle gain is inspiring and … continue reading

X-centric Sets Will Get You Bigger and Leaner

Q: I’ve seen you mention X-centric training and how it can help build muscle and burn fat. How is it … continue reading

Pros, Drugs and Juicing Your Growth Threshold

Q: You say a lot of pro bodybuilders have used versions of your 4X mass method and made great gains. … continue reading

One-Day Quick Blast

Q: I see at your X-Training Blog [at] that you will go off your program for one day, not … continue reading

“Radical” New Diet for Mass and Cuts

/ Posted 12.06.2013

IRON MAN E-Zine Issue #814: “Radical” New Diet for Mass and Cuts ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR NEXT WORKOUT … continue reading

More Frequent Muscle Hits

Q: I’m using 4X, TORQ and Super TORQ exclusively—no heavy training. I’ve already added about six pounds of new muscle … continue reading

Fast or Slow to Grow?

Q: Thanks for revising Size Surge to include 4X training. I’m 45 with a lot of joint damage from heavy … continue reading

TORQ Torch: Cut Back for More Mass?

Q: Do you ever figure out the tonnage of your workouts? By that I mean the amount of weight times the reps you lift at each. It seems like to make progress, you would need to increase that number so you are going up in weight every workout.

Getting Big With One Exercise Per Muscle Group

Q: I see workouts with only one exercise per muscle group. Can you really get big using those? A: Sure … continue reading

If X-Rep partials are so good, why do full range reps at all?

Q: I just got your three X-Rep e-books. I finished the first one, and I must say that it’s really … continue reading

Are Smith-machine squats a midrange exercise for quads or hamstrings?

Q: In Positions-of-Flexion mass training are Smith-machine squats a midrange exercise for quads or hamstrings? I’ve seen them classified as … continue reading

What are stage sets and should I use them to get more size?

Q: You’ve mentioned stage sets. What are they, and should I use them to get more size?  A: Jonathan Lawson … continue reading

Size Up Now

/ Posted 03.03.2013

Q: I’m in my late 30s and don’t have any real joint problems—just slight shoulder pain from too much benching. … continue reading

The Pre-Ex 3X Size Assault: Big Arms Now

Q: I am loving Pre-Ex 3X. Tried it on chest and back, and the muscle pumped like crazy. I want … continue reading

One Heavy Hit for More Mass

Q: In the Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout you use heavier five-rep rest/pause on stretch exercises. It’s a 3X sequence of … continue reading

Heavy Training for Strength

Q: I just got your new e-book, Pre-Ex 3X. Fantastic stuff. I’m using the Ultimate Mass-Building Split you outline in … continue reading

Is it necessary to get more carbs when I use 4X?

Q: Because 4X mass training expands the sarcoplasm [energy fluid] in muscle fibers, is it necessary to get more carbs … continue reading

How to Increase Intensity for Direct/Indirect 4X Mass Workouts

Q: I’m making spectacular gains with 4X, much better than I ever did with heavy training. It may just be … continue reading

How to Make Incline Curls More Effective

Q: I’m a big believer in your Positions-of-Flexion workouts. I have gotten more growth with that [three-exercise approach] than with … continue reading

Amazing Workouts for Weak Upper Chest

Q: In many of your programs, like the Basic Power-Density Mass Workout, you use only the “ultimate exercise” for most … continue reading

Hany Rambod’s FST-7 System for Building Mass

Q: What’s your opinion of Hany Rambod’s FST-7 system for building mass? I know some of the top pros are … continue reading

How do I build sweeping triceps without pain?

Q: I have trouble with my triceps, specifically the long-head sweep. I’m sure it’s because overhead extensions hurt my elbows, … continue reading

Expand Your Muscle Mass

Q: In 3D Muscle Building you talk a lot about drop sets. Those work well for me, but on some … continue reading

Is 4X the Savior for Advanced Trainers?

/ Posted 06.27.2012

Those who have been at this lifting thing for a couple of decades or more all probably tell very similar … continue reading

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