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Supplemental Squats

Athletes who train to improve their sports performance rely on the squat. They typically alternate a half-squat or power squat with a front squat. Some use a lunge walk with dumbbells, with a few key lifts rounding out the strength program: power cleans, power snatches, bench presses, push presses or jerks from the rack and either hyperextensions, glute/ham raises or Romanian deadlifts. Those athletes don’t have the time or energy to incorporate training tools like chains, bands and changes of weight during one rep or boxes of various heights. Unlike powerlifters, who compete in the squat, bench press and deadlift, or Olympic lifters, who compete in the snatch and clean and jerk, athletes in other sports use weight work as just one component of their training. They also have speed programs, speed-endurance training, agility training, explosive and plyometrics training and, of course, practice and competition in the sport itself. That limits the amount of strength training they can do. They cannot spend time trying to improve just one lift, such as the squat, with other supplemental lifts.

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