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Build Size and Power With Deadlifts

/ Posted 12.14.2014

Q: You are known as a pretty good deadlifter. Are there any points on technique you can give that will … continue reading

Are Good Mornings Bad for the Back?

/ Posted 01.15.2014

Q: What is your opinion of good mornings? I understand they’re bad for the back. A: What I find interesting … continue reading

Strongman Championship League China

/ Posted 07.03.2013

Biggest Strength Show in History by EVAN BALTER China will be the next stop for the MHP Strongman Champions League … continue reading

Wave Loading for Super Strength

/ Posted 05.14.2013

Wave loading is a training method popularized by Bulgarian weightlifters. It involves pyramiding up and down the weights in a … continue reading

Mike Westerdal:

/ Posted 02.11.2013 is a popular Web site created by Mike Westerdal in 1999. Mike is an interesting guy who knows his … continue reading

How to Squat for Best Gains

/ Posted 07.04.2012

Q: What measures should I take in order to squat effectively? A: To make good progress on the squat, you … continue reading

Pre-Bodybuilding Powerlifting Cycle

/ Posted 06.01.2012

Q: I want to do a powerlifting cycle before I go back to bodybuilding, but I’m not sure how to … continue reading

Bodybuilding’s Numbers Game

/ Posted 01.03.2012

Q: What do you think of the 10-8-6 program? I started lifting in the ’70s, and health clubs commonly prescribed … continue reading


How to Fix Movement Stalls during Deadlift

/ Posted 12.23.2011

Q: I’m having problems deadlifting. I start the lift okay, but the movement stalls right above the knee. Are partial-range … continue reading


Variations on the Olympic Lift

/ Posted 12.01.2011

Q: In your book Ask Coach Poliquin you talked about the value of performing Olympic lifts and their variations for … continue reading


Get Stronger

/ Posted 11.11.2011

Q: I work with young athletes and do a lot of power cleans and squats. My question is, “What are … continue reading

Do Olympic Lifting Exercises Increase Arm Size?

/ Posted 09.01.2011

Q: Do Olympic-lifting exercises have any value to a bodybuilder in increasing arm size? A: Yes, strange as that may … continue reading


Supplemental Squats

/ Posted 04.18.2011

Athletes who train to improve their sports performance rely on the squat. They typically alternate a half-squat or power squat with a front squat. Some use a lunge walk with dumbbells, with a few key lifts rounding out the strength program: power cleans, power snatches, bench presses, push presses or jerks from the rack and either hyperextensions, glute/ham raises or Romanian deadlifts. Those athletes don’t have the time or energy to incorporate training tools like chains, bands and changes of weight during one rep or boxes of various heights. Unlike powerlifters, who compete in the squat, bench press and deadlift, or Olympic lifters, who compete in the snatch and clean and jerk, athletes in other sports use weight work as just one component of their training. They also have speed programs, speed-endurance training, agility training, explosive and plyometrics training and, of course, practice and competition in the sport itself. That limits the amount of strength training they can do. They cannot spend time trying to improve just one lift, such as the squat, with other supplemental lifts.


Best Type of Barbell

/ Posted 03.30.2011

Q: What’s the best type of barbell to use for power cleans and squats? A: Ideally, you should have a … continue reading


Items To Consider When You Choose A Weightlifting Coach

/ Posted 03.01.2011

I frequently get inquiries from enthusiastic neophytes who are anxious to find a great coach to take them to weightlifting greatness.

Beginning Powerlifting

/ Posted 12.22.2010

Q: I want to get into powerlifting. What books and other resources would you recommend? A: There are several major … continue reading


Pain and the Behind-the-Neck Press

/ Posted 11.03.2010

A more serious injury that I have seen with this exercise more than any other move is disk protrusion, or herniation, in the neck.


Training for Wrestling Strength

/ Posted 08.17.2010

The bottom line is that you cannot overlook the unique, innate qualities of the individual when designing resistance-training programs. Some will respond better to frequent changes in exercises—e.g., every one to two weeks—while others will respond better to changes made less frequently, like every five to eight weeks.


Joe Mazza Hits World’s Best Bench Press

/ Posted 02.27.2010

The New Jersey–based strength phenom set the new record on his opening attempt at the IPA-sanctioned event in York, Pennsylvania, pressing a mind-blowing 4.15 times his bodyweight.


Thick-Bar Training for Strength

/ Posted 01.28.2010

To check for glycation levels, ask your doctor to measure the concentration of glycated hemoglobin in your blood. In England a study revealed that it is one of the best measures of predicting mortality, far better than cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass index.


Does Repetition Speed Matter?

/ Posted 12.23.2009

Few bodybuilders appear to pay much attention to how fast they do an exercise. A typical repetition consists of a … continue reading


Powerlifting vs. Bodybuilding

/ Posted 06.17.2009

You’ll be able to handle more weight in your bodybuilding training, which will lead to faster gains when you go back to doing moderate to high reps.



/ Posted 06.11.2009

While just about every strength athlete understands the value of keeping his or her lower back strong, few realize the role the traps play in building and maintaining total upper-body strength.


Shocking Shoulders

/ Posted 04.12.2009

Q: My shoulder growth has come to a standstill. Got a great routine that’ll boost growth again? A: A few … continue reading


Squat Science: The Best Exercise?

/ Posted 03.28.2009

Squats are often called the king of exercises—and for good reason. Squats work the largest muscles in the body, the thighs, and so they not only stimulate serious gains in muscular size and strength but also provide a systemic metabolic stimulation that seems to encourage even upper-body growth.

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