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Massive Muscle Gains Without Joint Pain

Q: I am loving the 4X Mass program. When I am done with it, should I, at my young age … continue reading

Don’t Let Age Be Your Excuse

/ Posted 11.28.2014

When I was in my 20s in the 1990s, I vividly recall older guys telling me to enjoy being strong … continue reading

A Bodybuilder’s Physique Training Three Days a Week?

Q: I’m in my early 40s and have limited time to train—three days a week max. I can get to … continue reading

Power-Building 2X Weekly Routines

/ Posted 08.20.2014

Q: I’ve been reading up on all your workouts and columns and am very thankful for your information and for … continue reading

Do Three Quick Sets for Major Muscle Mass

Q: At your training blog [at] I notice that you often do Downward-Progression 4X with only three sets instead … continue reading

Prime-Time Bodybuilding Goals

/ Posted 06.19.2014

First off, let me explain what’s been happening with me in terms of major shifts in my perspective since I … continue reading

Modified Preexhaustion With a TORQ Edge

Q: I do four-week phases of different workouts from your various e-books. That strategy works great. I’ve gained 10 pounds … continue reading

Training Change, New Gains

/ Posted 04.03.2014

Q: I read that you used some different training styles as you prepared for your IFBB pro physique debut. Your … continue reading

Aging With Muscle: Priorities and Methods

I once read a story that had a bodybuilding subplot. The main character was just getting started in a gym, … continue reading

Cut to Compete

/ Posted 12.16.2013

Q: I’m trying to get shredded like you and compete in an NPC masters 50-and-over-bodybuilding contest. My trainer suggested that … continue reading

One-Day Quick Blast

Q: I see at your X-Training Blog [at] that you will go off your program for one day, not … continue reading

More Frequent Muscle Hits

Q: I’m using 4X, TORQ and Super TORQ exclusively—no heavy training. I’ve already added about six pounds of new muscle … continue reading

Fast or Slow to Grow?

Q: Thanks for revising Size Surge to include 4X training. I’m 45 with a lot of joint damage from heavy … continue reading

Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

/ Posted 11.08.2013

Q: How is your recovery from your shoulder surgery going? Are you going to compete again? If so, what adjustments … continue reading

A Unique Look at Building Calves

/ Posted 11.04.2013

Any athletes who are interested in getting stronger to become more proficient in their chosen sport or sports understand the … continue reading

Stop the Presses?

I have a love-hate relationship with overhead presses—especially since I am over 50. There’s no doubt that heavy overhead presses … continue reading

How to Get Your Body Back

/ Posted 07.08.2013

Q: I’m writing you because I need a serious kick in the butt! I’m fairly close to your age, and … continue reading

Is it a good idea for older lifters to do deadlifts?

/ Posted 04.02.2013

Q: I’m 48 years old. I just got into serious weight lifting about three years ago. Do you think it’s … continue reading

Front-to-Back Quad Attack

If you’re older, you may have trouble doing free-bar squats. Many over-40 trainees get pain in the knees, hips and/or … continue reading

Age, Muscle and Optimal Recovery

/ Posted 01.11.2013

Q: I can’t believe you’re 53 years old. Your physique is astounding for any age! I’m in my mid-50s, and … continue reading

Adjusting Your Training Techniques As You Age

/ Posted 12.17.2012

Q: I’m a meso-endomorph, so it’s pretty easy for me to put on muscle but it’s also easy as hell … continue reading

Deltoid Detonation

/ Posted 04.27.2012

With a Power/Rep Range/Shock Twist

Deltoid Detonation

/ Posted 04.27.2012

It was a rare but welcome rainy day here in my newly adopted hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we … continue reading

Bodybuilding Success Blueprint: Primetime Over-40

/ Posted 04.27.2012

How and Why Older Iron Enthusiasts Get Better With Age

Women and Weight Training

/ Posted 04.27.2012

When I began weight training 36 years ago, if a woman showed up at the weight room, it was usually to meet her boyfriend or husband for lunch. In those days people thought that even standing too close to the iron would make a woman masculine. Things have changed considerably since then, and women often outnumber men in the gym. Even so, myths still abound about the best way for women to train.

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