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  • Prime-Time Bodybuilding Goals

    First off, let me explain what’s been happening with me in terms of major shifts in my perspective since I announced...

    Ron HarrisJune 19, 2014
  • Modified Preexhaustion With a TORQ Edge

    Q: I do four-week phases of different workouts from your various e-books. That strategy works great. I’ve gained 10 pounds of...

    Steve HolmanApril 6, 2014
  • Training Change, New Gains

    Q: I read that you used some different training styles as you prepared for your IFBB pro physique debut. Your photos...

    Dave GoodinApril 3, 2014
  • Aging With Muscle: Priorities and Methods

    I once read a story that had a bodybuilding subplot. The main character was just getting started in a gym, so...

    Steve HolmanApril 1, 2014
  • Cut to Compete

    Q: I’m trying to get shredded like you and compete in an NPC masters 50-and-over-bodybuilding contest. My trainer suggested that I...

    Dave GoodinDecember 16, 2013
  • One-Day Quick Blast

    Q: I see at your X-Training Blog that you will go off your program for one day, not doing...

    Steve HolmanDecember 13, 2013