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Avoid these 6 Bench Pressing Errors

/ Posted 12.28.2014

Q: When I bench-press, I lower the bar to a point near my collarbones. I feel more stretch in my pecs that way, … continue reading

Training with Bad Shoulders

/ Posted 12.06.2014

Many readers have never had shoulder problems—like rotator cuff tears, arthritis or loss of cartilage, which is the cushioning between … continue reading

Protect Your Knees

/ Posted 05.15.2014

You may be able to protect the ligaments in your knees to some degree by weight training, particularly the anterior … continue reading

How to prevent injuries before workouts

/ Posted 05.06.2014

Q: As a natural bodybuilder you are such an inspiration to me. I was wondering what you do to prevent … continue reading

Walk It Off

/ Posted 12.29.2013

According to the August ’13 Reader’s Digest, “Walking may ease low-back pain just as well as physical therapy.” The relevant study … continue reading

Knee Pain and Squats

/ Posted 12.12.2013

“Squats are bad for you.” We have all heard that declaration, but is it true? There are so many variables … continue reading

How to bench press without shoulder pain

/ Posted 12.02.2013

Q: I find I can bench press twice a week without any shoulder pain, but if I do it three … continue reading

Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

/ Posted 11.08.2013

Q: How is your recovery from your shoulder surgery going? Are you going to compete again? If so, what adjustments … continue reading

Can We Train Too Much?

/ Posted 10.21.2013

When trainees are in their peak years of training, they can’t wait to have their next workout. It doesn’t occur … continue reading

Solutions to Low-Back Pain

/ Posted 09.30.2013

Many of us know all too well that low-back pain can be caused by training. The culprit exercises include barbell … continue reading

Elbow Pain and the Will to Gain

/ Posted 07.14.2013

Q: I’m having a continuing problem with elbow pain. I’m wondering if you’ve experienced this and, if so, what you … continue reading

The Bottom Line on Glute Training

/ Posted 07.11.2013

The concept of “core training” has become so diluted that it’s difficult to define it today. Many personal trainers, trainees, … continue reading

Concentration Curls

/ Posted 05.17.2013

The biceps is probably the most popular muscle to develop, and that’s been the case for nearly 100 years. That … continue reading

What I Would Tell the Younger Me

/ Posted 04.10.2013

Hindsight is 20/20, and for now time travel is merely a fantasy. If I could go back in time to … continue reading

The Renegade Row

/ Posted 04.04.2013

Fads affect most fields, and exercise is certainly no exception. Late-night television is filled with ads for new training gimmicks … continue reading

Is there a way to increase tendon strength to help avoid injury?

/ Posted 03.14.2013

Q: Is there a way to increase tendon strength to help avoid injury? A: Extensive research shows that eccentric, or … continue reading

Bigger Gaining and Overtraining

/ Posted 01.13.2013

Q: I’m a 24-year-old business student from Austria and a huge bodybuilding fan! It is a real pleasure to get … continue reading

Age, Muscle and Optimal Recovery

/ Posted 01.11.2013

Q: I can’t believe you’re 53 years old. Your physique is astounding for any age! I’m in my mid-50s, and … continue reading

Ab Exercises: the Good, the Bad and the Dangerous

/ Posted 01.03.2013

Just because you can perform an exercise doesn’t mean you should. There are many abdominal exercises, and most trainees perform … continue reading

Q&A: Bent-Over Rows Is A High Risk Exercise

/ Posted 01.01.2013

Q: Is there really anything special about bent-over barbell rows? I’ve injured my back several times doing them. A: All … continue reading

When to Lock Out Your Exercises

/ Posted 12.03.2012

Q: I’m curious to know if you lock out your reps on exercises like presses, extensions and pushdowns or keep … continue reading

Should You Attack Your Lower Back?

/ Posted 10.29.2012

I often hear patients and trainees proudly describe how they have designed a training program that avoids any training of … continue reading

Q: Do heavy squats and deadlifts compress and damage the spine?

/ Posted 10.19.2012

Q: Do heavy squats and deadlifts compress and damage the spine? A: There is spinal compression, but provided your exercise … continue reading

A Different Look at Dumbbell Rows

/ Posted 10.16.2012

I have addressed dumbbell rows in previous columns over the years. This time I would like to examine a variety … continue reading

How do I build sweeping triceps without pain?

Q: I have trouble with my triceps, specifically the long-head sweep. I’m sure it’s because overhead extensions hurt my elbows, … continue reading

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