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The Full-Body Mass Blast

/ Posted 01.21.2014

Q: I’ve read some of the advice you give people, and you seem like a good guy with very respectable … continue reading

Simple Muscle-building Fat-loss Workout

/ Posted 09.05.2013

Q: Can you give me a simple muscle-building and fat-loss workout I can do at home twice a week? I’ve … continue reading

Fusing P/RR/S and FD/FS

/ Posted 01.29.2013

In last month’s column I answered a question about whether I would ever recommend combining Power/Rep Range/Shock and/or FD/FS in … continue reading

Are You Having Trouble Burning Body Fat?

/ Posted 07.18.2012

Q: I’m 26, 6’ tall and 278 pounds, and I’m having trouble burning bodyfat. I’m guessing I’m about 30 percent … continue reading

Muscle, Metabolism and Bodyfat

/ Posted 05.29.2012

Q: I’m 16, and I lift weights and exercise. I get stronger, but I can’t lose weight. I’m 5’9” and … continue reading

Pro Bodybuilding High-Volume Workouts

/ Posted 05.12.2012

Q: Are the high-volume workouts used by pro bodybuilders in the 1970s effective? A: The bodybuilding magazines of the ’70s … continue reading

What is First T-Burst Training?

Q: What is First T-Burst Training? A: Starting a workout with deadlifts  or squats, as in the phase 1 Size … continue reading

Splits for Size

/ Posted 04.04.2012

Q: Since I’ve been training for a year and consider myself an intermediate, should I follow a five-day split or … continue reading

Hardgainer Mass-Building Solutions

/ Posted 03.09.2012

Q: I want to get a little bigger since I weigh only 130. I am 20 years old, and I’m … continue reading

Simplify for Size: Two Mass Moves Per Muscle

Q: I love [3-way] Positions-of-Flexion mass training. I would like to do a little more volume for each exercise. Have … continue reading

P/RR/S and Split Variation

/ Posted 01.29.2012

Q: I’ve been using P/RR/S training for months now, and it’s working great. I love the variety aspect; it makes … continue reading


Superset Training for a Fast Pump at the Gym

/ Posted 01.23.2012

Q: I’m looking for something challenging that will give me a good pump but will get me out of the … continue reading


Two-a-Day Workouts

/ Posted 11.05.2011

Q: My gym is near my house, and I can train twice a day, early morning and early evening. How … continue reading

Muscle Overlap

/ Posted 08.05.2011

A younger person—teens and 20s—will be able to train much more frequently than someone who’s been doing it for a long time or who is older, say, over 40.


Beginning With Full-Body Workouts

/ Posted 04.05.2011

Q: I know you probably get a lot of questions, but I was wondering if you could help out a … continue reading


Workout Frequency for Muscle Size

/ Posted 01.25.2011

Q: I’m from the U.K., and I bought your book Natural Bodybuilding after seeing it advertised in IRON MAN a … continue reading


The Amazing Direct/Indirect Split

Doing close-grip bench presses on triceps day produces indirect work for your chest.


Beginner’s Bliss, Part 1

/ Posted 10.25.2010

I’d seen Arnie a few times at the gym. Although a beginner, he was on a three-day-split program: three days … continue reading


Shocking Superset Size Effects

/ Posted 08.29.2010

For example, instead of using supersets during Shock week, perhaps you can use other intensity techniques that don’t require you to commandeer two pieces of equipment at a time—like drop sets, X Reps, 1 1/2 reps and pause reps.

Packing On Muscle Weight

/ Posted 07.09.2010

The basic exercises use several muscle groups in the execution of a movement. By involving multiple muscle groups, you stimulate more muscle fibers, which translates into more muscle growth.


The Efficient Fantastic 4 Workout

/ Posted 05.01.2010

My favorite is called the Fantastic 4 workout—four of the most effective exercises you can do. All you need is a selectorized dumbbell set, like the PowerBlock, and an adjustable bench—one that goes from flat to inclined.


Ultimate Beef Pec Blasting

/ Posted 04.22.2010

Jay Cutler training in the off-season is a sight to behold. He’s one of the few pros who actually look … continue reading


New Size for Skinny Guys

/ Posted 04.10.2010

It takes discipline to keep your upper arm stable while you slowly curl and flex the biceps at the top of the movement. The only part of your arm that should move is your forearm. Once you get the movement down, you’ll really notice a difference in the peak of your biceps. Watch the movie “Pumping Iron” and note how Arnold does concentration curls.


Advice for Advanced Muscle Growth

/ Posted 12.26.2009

Training with free weights is much more challenging than using machines.


Working Man’s Workout Plan

/ Posted 09.12.2009

Q: I’m a police officer in New Jersey, and I work a rotating two-week shift of 12-hour days. I read … continue reading

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