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Brignole’s Best Exercises for Training Legs

/ Posted 01.14.2015

Last month Brignole discussed his strategies for working the shoulders. In this final installment he identifies the best exercises for … continue reading

Calf Quest

/ Posted 08.04.2014

Q: I’m confused. How many muscles are in the calves? Can you explain the different calf muscles and the best … continue reading

Calf Combustion

Sometimes it takes your favorite machine to be broken to discover an exercise that can trigger new growth. In my … continue reading

Hammer Your Hamstrings

/ Posted 05.26.2014

I’ve often talked about the importance of maintaining a balance of strength among the various muscle groups. That means paying … continue reading

Q&A: Quads vs. Thighs and Full vs. Partial Deadlifts

/ Posted 03.30.2014

Q: Is there a difference between the “thighs” and the “quads”? A: Yes. The thigh includes the quadriceps femoris, or quads, but … continue reading

Back Pain And Leg-Mass Gains

/ Posted 12.24.2013

Q: I have good form on the squat, but I often strain my lower back on it.  As a result … continue reading

Complete Hamstring Development

/ Posted 10.28.2013

Q: Rather than doing full squats, couldn’t I just add a few sets of leg curls to ensure complete hamstring … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars

/ Posted 08.22.2013

Last month I stated the many reasons that it’s so important for every strength athlete to have a strong set … continue reading

Serious Size: Rep Range

/ Posted 07.22.2013

Q: During a bulking stage, what rep range should I use for squats in order to put some serious size … continue reading

Calf-Stretching Fundamentals

/ Posted 06.12.2013

Q: Any tips on how to stretch the calves? I stretch them every day with the basic wall stretch, but … continue reading

Are You Hip Dominant or Quad Dominant?

/ Posted 05.04.2013

Q: What is meant by the term “quad dominant”? A: Quad dominant is a popular term used in sportsmedicine that … continue reading

Front-to-Back Quad Attack

If you’re older, you may have trouble doing free-bar squats. Many over-40 trainees get pain in the knees, hips and/or … continue reading

Get Your Legs in Contest Shape

/ Posted 01.24.2013

Q: For years I was one of those guys who wore a tank top and sweat pants to the gym … continue reading

How to Build Thick and Powerful Legs, Part 2

/ Posted 12.23.2012

Last month I described an intense leg workout I experienced in college with my training partner Tom Deters. Before I … continue reading

How to Build Thick and Powerful Legs

/ Posted 12.02.2012

Back when I was beginning my undergraduate work at Northwestern University, my then-training partner, Tom Deters, and I would regularly … continue reading

Front-to-Back Lower-Body Power Hit

/ Posted 11.14.2012

Q: Is it okay to do back squats and front squats in the same workout? Would it simply be better … continue reading

How to Make a Simple Standing Calf Machine for Home Use

/ Posted 10.18.2012

Q: I want to make a simple standing calf machine for home use. Can you give me some tips on … continue reading

Moderate Weights for Safer Squats

Q: What’s with your attitude about squats? It’s the best mass-building exercise, but you pan it. Are you turning into … continue reading

Hamstring Helpers

/ Posted 08.16.2012

Q: I’m going for my natural pro card this year and feel that all I’m lacking is a bit of … continue reading

Box Squats for Athletic Competitions

/ Posted 08.01.2012

Q: I understand you are dogmatically against box squats. What about using them to help peak for athletic competitions to … continue reading

Build Amazing Legs With Just One Exercise

/ Posted 07.29.2012

Q: I just stumbled across your leg workout 10×10 post on and thought it was awesome. I’d like to … continue reading

How do I build the muscle down the center thigh?

/ Posted 06.28.2012

Q: I know that it’s necessary to have a low bodyfat percentage in order to see the muscle that goes … continue reading

Big-Growth Calf Routine Revisited

/ Posted 06.12.2012

Q: Is there a special calf routine that can work even when others haven’t? A: Before I get to a … continue reading

Top 4 Reasons to do Front Squats

/ Posted 04.16.2012

Would you believe that a man who has won three IFBB shows, who has been top six at the Mr. … continue reading

Seated Leg Curls

/ Posted 03.03.2012

Many trainees decide their hamstring development is lacking. They increase their sets of traditional leg curls—usually with marginal results. Seated … continue reading

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