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Sonny Brown’s 6-Pack Abs Destruction Workout

/ Posted 09.08.2014

As a society we are obsessed with what goes on in the midsections of others—from beer bellies to washboards, kegs … continue reading

Tips For Getting Awesome Abs

Everybody wants etched abs. But to score your core takes more than a few sets of crunches at the end … continue reading

Q: What other muscles are in the abdominal wall besides the six-pack muscle?

/ Posted 06.18.2013

Q: What other muscles are in the abdominal wall besides the six-pack muscle? A: There are four parts to the … continue reading

Training for Muscle and Leanness

/ Posted 06.11.2013

Q: I’ve noticed that your abs are not just ripped—they look like bricks. Did you always have thick abdominal muscles? … continue reading

The Shape of Things to Come

/ Posted 03.26.2013

Many trainees ask me how they can develop their abs and pecs to look like Jay Cutler’s or those of … continue reading

How to Score Six-Pack Abs, Part 2

/ Posted 03.25.2013

Last month I discussed the function of the abdominal muscles and how to make them look thicker, as well as … continue reading

How to Score Six-Pack Abs

/ Posted 02.07.2013

I’ll never forget the first time I saw NABBA Mr. Universe Serge Nubret “wiggle” his abdominal muscles. Yes, wiggle. While … continue reading

Ab Exercises: the Good, the Bad and the Dangerous

/ Posted 01.03.2013

Just because you can perform an exercise doesn’t mean you should. There are many abdominal exercises, and most trainees perform … continue reading

Swiss Ball for Abs: Hit or Miss?

/ Posted 10.15.2012

Q: What is your opinion of using a Swiss ball to perform crunches? A: You have to be careful when … continue reading

How to Get Awesome Abs

/ Posted 08.19.2012

Q: How can I make my abs look like those of the pros? A: Abs are the one bodypart that … continue reading

Titanic Triceps and Freaky Abs

/ Posted 07.31.2012

Q: I have two questions: Do you have any tips for adding thickness to the inside head of the triceps? … continue reading

4 Secrets to Staying Lean Year Round

Q: I want to thank you. I got your X-treme Lean and Fat-to-Muscle Workout. Following the training methods and diet … continue reading

Best Ab Workout—Once a Week

Q: I’m getting ready to start on the Size Surge program, but I see that abs only get hit once … continue reading

Secrets to Six-Pack Abs

/ Posted 04.20.2012

Q: I’ve been doing six sets each of five exercises for my waist, six days a week, and I still … continue reading

Q&A: Ab Shapes and Muscle-Building Debates

/ Posted 02.19.2012

Q: What exactly do the pros do when they work on the shape of their abs? A: I doubt that … continue reading

Most Underused Exercises, Part 3

/ Posted 11.28.2011

This month I conclude my diatribe on bodybuilding’s most underused exercises. Triceps: When it comes to building the tri’s, pushdowns … continue reading

You Can Injure Abdominal Muscles Too

/ Posted 11.30.2010

We’ve been seeing more abdominal injuries over the past 10 years. The term that came out of them—sports hernia—really doesn’t tell us much, if anything, about the injuries. That’s because the injury isn’t a hernia but a tear, or overstretch, of the rectus abdominis muscle.


Phenomenal Abdominals

/ Posted 07.03.2010

That’s the whole point of weight training and explains why you can build muscle by lifting weights but not by doing calisthenics.


New Size for Skinny Guys

/ Posted 04.10.2010

It takes discipline to keep your upper arm stable while you slowly curl and flex the biceps at the top of the movement. The only part of your arm that should move is your forearm. Once you get the movement down, you’ll really notice a difference in the peak of your biceps. Watch the movie “Pumping Iron” and note how Arnold does concentration curls.


Abs and Biceps

/ Posted 09.15.2009

My abdominal workout generally consists of two exercises. The first is a leg-raise-type exercise geared toward hitting the lower abs—hanging leg raises are my favorite—while the second exercise is a crunch movement to target the upper abs.


Muscle Size and Cardio Lies

/ Posted 06.26.2009

Train each body-part very intensely but only once a week. Take a moderate-pace walk or a leisurely swim every third or fourth day—skip the bike altogether.


Six-Pack Attack

/ Posted 03.19.2009

Take a pill—faster and a hell of a lot easier than dieting and exercising. That attitude is what prompts the marketing machines and fitness programs to promise an easy, fast, painless solution to getting rid of pounds around the middle.


Born Without Abs?

/ Posted 03.04.2009

Q: I’m 45 years old and have never been able to see my abdominal muscles. Could I have a problem? … continue reading


Ab Facts and Fallacy

/ Posted 02.24.2009

Gym myth has it that you can train the upper and lower abdominal muscles separately, but biomechanical research contradicts that idea.


Building the Ultimate Physique: Month 20

/ Posted 08.03.2008

In order to maintain a visible abdominal musculature, it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet that contains only enough calories to maintain your existing mass.

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