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Exercise and Sports Nutrition

/ Posted 09.10.2009

I’m frequently asked to recommend an authoritative source of scientific information about sports nutrition. While there are many such sources, … continue reading


Breakthrough Energy Booster/Fat Burner

/ Posted 09.01.2009

Want to tap into nearly boundless energy reserves to power you through your high-impact workouts? Then you need to know … continue reading


Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat

/ Posted 08.26.2009

The book is packed with insightful information on cholesterol, cortisol, good fats and bad fats—both are anabolic—food for sex and muscles, growth hormone and IGF-1.


Biggest Rage!

/ Posted 08.24.2009

Dark Rage introduces a new technology and an exclusive psychotropic stimulator that can bring you the most insane muscle pumps and intense workouts you’ve ever experienced.

The Body Fat Solution

/ Posted 08.07.2009

Venuto’s number-one principle is calorie deficit—if you burn more calories each day than you take in, you lose ugly fat. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though, primarily because of lapses in mind-set and motivation.


The Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout

Broser has gone to great lengths to incorporate key rep tempos for each week to enhance the desired size effects. You’ll see exactly how it works in his new e-program, The Power/Rep Range/Shock Workout. He provides all the details and more.

The Answer

/ Posted 05.15.2009

The book is filled with analogies tied to weight training. That’s because it’s a lot like strength training: “The real power of neural reconditioning lies not so much in exactly how you do it, but that you do it every day, day after day, week after week.”


Sandow the Magnificent

/ Posted 04.30.2009

Sandow used his good looks, intelligence, business savvy and knowledge of the legal system to forge an empire based on his claim to the title of the World’s Strongest Man.

The Purposeful Primitive

/ Posted 04.30.2009

Gallagher explains the training programs of various strength and bodybuilding athletes in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way, and he avoids the complexities found in texts that spew forth scientific theory with no practical application to justify it.

WAR Workout Anabolic Recovery

/ Posted 04.15.2009

Heat Shock protein technology is a new approach to superfast recovery. “Heat Shock and awe” kicks protein synthesis into overdrive, … continue reading

Champions: Body for Life

/ Posted 03.11.2009

Flipping through the book, you’ll see many charts, tables, quotes and, of course, those inspiring before and afters. Once you start reading, however, you’ll understand the process and the mind-set necessary for achieving results.



/ Posted 03.06.2009

Mitrotropin is not another “hardcore” or “extreme” fat burner destined only to burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s face … continue reading

X-treme Lean

/ Posted 02.01.2009

You may think I’m biased when it comes to this e-book. After all, my before and after photos are on … continue reading


Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide

/ Posted 01.13.2009

What, you may ask, is the curious malady known as “trenbolone dick”?—or is it Dick Trenbolone? The answers to that … continue reading


The Lean Body Promise

/ Posted 01.07.2009

In addition to diet coaching, Lee provides workouts, identifying aerobic and anerobic work and explaining why you need both but not too much of either. Lee explains that “cardio training alone can’t give your body the muscle it needs to burn fat more quickly, nor can it give you the lean body you desire.” Amen to that.


Motion-Transfer Cable Attachment

/ Posted 12.08.2008

If your shoulder and elbow joints are less than perfect or you want to keep them free of stress and … continue reading


Get Stronger, Feel Younger

/ Posted 09.29.2008

One line from authors Wayne Wescott, Ph.D., and Gary Reinl sums up their book: “Remember, you are not trying to lose weight. You are trying to lose fat.

The Secret

/ Posted 09.17.2008

According to the item titled “Mind Over Med­icine” that recently appeared in IRON MAN, 45 percent of primary care physicians … continue reading

New Era Training, Part 2

/ Posted 07.31.2008

Hybrid training and MET implement the same techniques of using complexes of two to four movements as a sort of giant set or doing singular movements such as the one-arm dumbbell snatch “from the floor, through the core, to extension.”

Sergio Oliva – The Myth

/ Posted 07.22.2008

One of the best bodybuilders in the history of the sport is three-time Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva. Even today, more … continue reading

4 Weeks to Maximum Immunity

/ Posted 07.05.2008

As a bodybuilder you may be asking yourself, Why should I read a book on immunity?

The Best Sets/Reps System

/ Posted 07.01.2008

The key point is that your body will adapt to any routine in six workouts. No single best system works all the time. It works only for the time it takes you to adapt to

“Larger Than Life”

/ Posted 05.01.2008

The Story of Jon Pall Sigmarsson, the Icelandic Viking

2008 Arnold Classic DVD

/ Posted 04.11.2008

Freak Fix

/ Posted 02.03.2008

Freak Fix is the first molecularly enhanced muscle-synthesizing protein matrix created to assemble 100 percent pure, unadulterated muscle. Forged from unique muscle-modifying factors, including an ultra-refined, biologically enhanced whey protein, Freak Fix is doctored with an insanely anabolic amino acid profile.

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