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Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise

/ Posted 01.17.2013

With the glut of information available over the Internet about nutrition and exercise, it’s easy to become confused. The problem … continue reading

Energize for Muscle Size

/ Posted 01.05.2013

When you train, you want results—no, you demand results. And you want to make sure everything you use works at … continue reading

What to Take to Get in Shape

Looking to get bigger, leaner and/or downright inside-out shredded? Then you may want to check out the 2012 ProSource Sports … continue reading

Review: The Smarter Science of Slim

The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor is probably the best sensible-eating book I’ve ever read. Note that I … continue reading

The New Brawn Series: Book 1

Stuart McRobert’s new book is really a tribute to the founder of this magazine, Peary Rader—even though it’s really a … continue reading

Perky Jerky

Is that preworkout protein drink getting hard to chug down? Or maybe you’re looking for a high-protein midafternoon snack with … continue reading

Review: Mad Scientist Muscle

You may recognize Nick Nilsson’s name from his various e-books and articles on the Internet (he has a new blog … continue reading

Get Ripped and Muscular

IRON MAN’s recent addition of Lee Labrada as a columnist means that he sometimes mentions the supplements he takes, often … continue reading

The Elite Trainer

Are you a personal trainer looking for a synthesis of the latest in strength-training facts, methods and programs? A guide … continue reading

Go From Scrawny to Brawny

/ Posted 07.11.2012

A lot of bodybuilders start out skinny—proverbial 90-pound weaklings dreaming of bigger, better bodies as they wipe sand out of … continue reading

NanoStim: Super N.O. Booster

Bodybuilders are always looking for a bigger pump to enhance the anabolic environment. It also looks pretty cool too, with … continue reading

Old School New Body Is Here!

/ Posted 06.18.2012

I get a sense of pride when someone from our bodybuilding world takes proper weight training to the masses. I … continue reading

Tuna That’s Wildly Different

/ Posted 05.31.2012

Bodybuilders, when they are dieting, usually eat a lot of tuna. That can be a problem because of toxic heavy … continue reading


/ Posted 05.23.2012

Labrada Nutrition, the most trusted name in sports nutrition, is getting rave reviews for its HICA-MAX Muscle Growth Stimulator. With … continue reading

Million Dollar Muscle

Intriguing. Engaging. Compelling. All of those words describe Million Dollar Muscle by Adrian James Tan, Ph.D., and Doug Brignole. No, … continue reading

Myofusion: Stuff You Can Use to Get Huge

You’ve no doubt seen many items in IRON MAN about probiotics and how they can aid digestion by supporting and … continue reading

The Power of Positive Fitness

Author John Rowley is a motivational speaker who has been affiliated with Martha Stewart, Fox News and the Wall Street … continue reading


/ Posted 04.23.2012

The ultraconcentrated preworkout powder delivers the perfect amount of energy, focus and pump without the strung-out feeling and loss of appetite that results from many preworkout products.

High Def Body by Frank Zane

It took me a while to open Frank Zane’s new book—not because I wasn’t looking forward to reading it but … continue reading

Lard: A New Look at an Old Fat

/ Posted 04.13.2012

One of the most eye-opening books on diet around is Why We Get Fat—and What to Do About It by … continue reading

New Angle On Nutrition

/ Posted 03.23.2012

Kurt Angle, age 42, is training for the 2012 Olympic Trials. Angle earned a gold medal in Olympic freestyle wrestling … continue reading

Texas Shredder Mass Workout

Dave Goodin is now 52 and one of the most accomplished drug-free bodybuilders on the planet. Some said he would … continue reading

Clothes for Fit Bodies

/ Posted 02.10.2012

Universal Nutrition, a leading sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplement manufacturer, has just launched the Signature Series, a high-quality clothing line … continue reading

New Citrus Blast

/ Posted 01.11.2012

MetraGeniX, maker of the award-winning 2:1 protein bars, has added energy to protein with the introduction of its first 2:1 … continue reading

STS Whey Kwik Protein

/ Posted 12.09.2011

STS’s new Whey Kwik protein has 100 percent natural flavor and contains no sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors. It’s a … continue reading

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