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Take Vitamin D to Fight Disease

/ Posted 09.13.2014

With spring in full swing that means more time outside enjoying the benefits of the glorious sunshine.One of those benefits … continue reading

What’s So Special About Vitamin K?

/ Posted 08.30.2014

We hear a lot about vitamins A, B, C, D and E, but what about the ones found farther down … continue reading

Going Over the Recommended Dietary Allowance

/ Posted 10.16.2013

Q: I heard that taking more than the Recommended Dietary Allowance of vitamins and minerals will just give me expensive … continue reading

Green Coffee Extract: Get Lean With the Bean

It’s the latest fat-loss miracle, touted even by Dr. Oz: green coffee extract. According to the December ’12 Health, Oz … continue reading

Just D Facts

According to the winter ’12-’13 edition of Life Extension, even people who are taking vitamin D supplements are deficient in … continue reading

The Zinc Link

/ Posted 04.08.2013

A number of studies have established that zinc is essential to protect against oxidative stress and help repair DNA damage. In … continue reading

Juiced Up for Faster Recovery

/ Posted 04.01.2013

There has been a multitude of recent research concerning the health-restorative benefits of a number of power foods and fruits—including … continue reading

Potassium: Not Too Much, Not Too Little

/ Posted 03.18.2013

While all minerals are important to health, potassium has special significance for those who exercise. Consider its primary functions in … continue reading

Pain Free With SAMe

While glucosamine and chondroitin have been touted as a great combo for relieving joint pain and strengthening soft tissue, SAMe … continue reading

Testosterone Booster With Estrogen Control

More testosterone? Yes, please. Bodybuilders know that more T equals a rise in strength and size, so optimizing your levels … continue reading

Do electrolyte drinks really help prevent cramping?

/ Posted 10.06.2012

Q: What’s the deal with electrolyte drinks? Do they really help prevent cramping? And what about potassium? A: Electrolyte drinks … continue reading

Anabolic Vitamins

/ Posted 09.14.2012

Vitamins A and C are among the most underutilized anabolic fire starters. Not only do they assist in igniting a … continue reading

Multivitamin Improves Alertness and Well-Being

/ Posted 06.23.2012

Multivitamin supplements contain a wide range of nutrients, with a number of individual ingredients suggested to be effective in boosting … continue reading

Excess Vitamin D and Heart Problems

/ Posted 06.08.2012

Q: I heard about a research study that reported that excess vitamin D can cause heart problems. Should I be … continue reading

Should Iron Men Take Extra Iron?

/ Posted 05.27.2012

It’s no secret that iron helps keep the blood oxygenated, which equates to improved energy and recovery. Iron also has … continue reading

Leucine and Muscle

/ Posted 05.03.2012

Research suggests that drinking a leucine-enriched protein drink while you’re taking part in endurance exercise may boost muscle synthesis by … continue reading

D Efficiency

/ Posted 04.24.2012

You’ve no doubt read how so many people are deficient in vitamin D. That can lead to an impaired immune … continue reading

Supplemental Zinc May Shorten the Common Cold

/ Posted 03.24.2012

Depending on the total dose of zinc and the composition of lozenges, zinc lozenges may shorten the duration of common … continue reading

Eat More Acid

/ Posted 03.18.2012

If you slept through chemistry class, you probably forgot the mnemonic device for memorizing the essential amino acids: PVT TIM … continue reading

Magnesium: More Energy and Muscle Synergy

/ Posted 02.20.2012

Do you take a multimineral supplement? Maybe you should, at least every few days, considering how important minerals are to … continue reading

Antioxidants: More Harm Than Help?

/ Posted 02.08.2012

Various antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamins E and C, are a typical component of bodybuilding diets. Most bodybuilders use supplements … continue reading

More D-fense

/ Posted 01.25.2012

Vitamin D seems to be the shining star of the nutrient world lately, and for good reason. It’s been shown … continue reading


Deficient-C and Plaque

/ Posted 01.22.2012

Most of us have heard of Linus Pauling. He received two Nobel Prizes—one for chemistry in 1954 and the Peace … continue reading


The Truth: You Need Those Supplements

/ Posted 01.18.2012

In a recent commentary appearing in Sports Nutrition Insider, Jose Antonio, Ph.D., president of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, … continue reading


Love That Leucine

/ Posted 01.14.2012

Of the essential amino acids leucine is perhaps the single most important for us exercising folk. Why? Well, as they … continue reading

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