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Re-Built Mass: Superanabolic Mass Gainer

/ Posted 03.27.2014

Looking for something to boost your muscle gains this winter? Look no farther than GNC’s Re-Built Mass. It contains: • … continue reading

Essential Fatty Acids: Plant vs. Animal

/ Posted 03.06.2014

A recent study suggests that the long-chain DHAs and EPAs—omega-3s—found in fish oils may increase the risk of prostate cancers. More … continue reading

Before or After?

/ Posted 02.16.2014

What’s the most important meal of the day? If you answered, “Breakfast,” then you need to take a remedial course … continue reading

Favorite Supplements for Muscle Building

/ Posted 01.13.2014

Q: What are your favorite supplements for muscle building? I’m new to bodybuilding and want to get a head start. … continue reading

G FUEL: No Bull—Just Energy

/ Posted 12.07.2013

G FUEL is an all-natural energy drink that’s sugar free, packed with vitamins and backed by research. Its blend of … continue reading

White Flood Reborn for Energy, Pump and Endurance

/ Posted 11.23.2013

White Flood has been reborn with a completely new formula (and upgraded flavoring) that adds a new degree of energy, … continue reading

Snooze Supplements

/ Posted 11.18.2013

Getting enough sound sleep is important to your muscle gains and fat loss. If you have trouble sleeping, one supplement … continue reading

Amidren: Get Your Body Back

/ Posted 11.17.2013

It’s time for you to get your body back and start feeling strong again. Amidren is an advanced line of … continue reading

CLIF Builder’s: New MAX Bars with TriBuild

/ Posted 09.08.2013

CLIF Builder’s, the great-tasting high-protein bar, introduces CLIF Builder’s MAX with TriBuild protein blend to support muscle growth following your … continue reading

Phase8: Tastes Great and Feeds Your Muscles for Hours

/ Posted 08.30.2013

The best-tasting protein you’ll ever try has arrived—and it’s already selling like hotcakes! Introducing all new PHASE8—a powerful multiphase eight-hour … continue reading

Supplements That Increases Growth Hormone

/ Posted 08.26.2013

Testosterone, growth hormone and insulin are the three primary anabolic hormones in the body. That explains why, when used in … continue reading

PreWorkout Supplements: Do They Work?

/ Posted 08.23.2013

Although there may be a world-wide energy crisis, no such problem exists in the bodybuilding world. One reason is the … continue reading

Plyometrics for Fat Loss, Zinc Supplements and Testosterone Levels

/ Posted 08.16.2013

Q: Is there any value in performing plyometrics for fat loss? A: I realize that some so-called boot camp programs … continue reading

Ultimate Muscle Fuel for Bodybuilders

/ Posted 08.09.2013

There’s never been a better time to experience the difference that a true superpremium protein formula can make in your … continue reading

Chromium for Fat Loss

/ Posted 08.05.2013

Chromium is a trace mineral that’s associated with better control of blood glucose levels. How it does that isn’t precisely … continue reading

MyoFusion Elite Protein Series

/ Posted 06.23.2013

Protein is the foundation of your diet and helps support recovery to build lean muscle, so why not make something … continue reading

Supplement for Less Soreness

/ Posted 06.17.2013

Some muscle soreness can be expected from a workout, and many trainees embrace it, but debilitating soreness is no fun. … continue reading

Green Coffee Extract: Get Lean With the Bean

It’s the latest fat-loss miracle, touted even by Dr. Oz: green coffee extract. According to the December ’12 Health, Oz … continue reading

EPIQ™ Supplements

/ Posted 05.04.2013

Epiq is a new, GNC-exclusive line of powerful, effective, and guaranteed-clean supplements formulated for elite athletes who demand the highest … continue reading

Juiced Up for Faster Recovery

/ Posted 04.01.2013

There has been a multitude of recent research concerning the health-restorative benefits of a number of power foods and fruits—including … continue reading

Phosphatidic Acid

/ Posted 03.27.2013

As always, some of the best science in the field of sports nutrition is being published in the ISSN’s peer-reviewed … continue reading

Olympian Bars

/ Posted 02.16.2013

With 32 grams of high-quality protein and only three grams of sugar, Detour Lean Muscle is designed to help serious … continue reading

7-Keto: Your Fat-Burning Workhorse

/ Posted 01.22.2013

7-keto speeds up metabolism and heat production to promote weight reduction, as well as enhancing lean body mass and muscle … continue reading

Energize for Muscle Size

/ Posted 01.05.2013

When you train, you want results—no, you demand results. And you want to make sure everything you use works at … continue reading

Coenzyme Q10 and Intense Training

/ Posted 12.19.2012

Coenzyme Q10 is not considered a vitamin or even an essential nutrient, since it can be produced in the human … continue reading

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