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  • Live Long, Skip Soft Drinks

    Live Long, Skip Soft Drinks Most of us eat for our physique, but wouldn’t it be nice if the diet that...

    swarnavaNovember 21, 2016
  • Sugar Squelches Testosterone – Research

      A study sponsored by the Italian government and published in the International Journal of Endocrinology recently examined the link between...

    swarnavaNovember 15, 2016
  • Get On The Ball – Research

      In the quest to get lean, every calorie counts. But in a quest not to get fat, calories mean almost...

    swarnavaNovember 14, 2016
  • Research: Keys To Rapid Weight Loss

    Extreme fat loss calls for extreme effort, such as a combo of intermittent fasting (IF) and extended steady-state cardio. While this...

    swarnavaNovember 14, 2016
  • Feeling Blue Over Estrogen

      Feeling Blue Over Estrogen Estrogen is a necessary, albeit complicated, part of life for men. A healthy diet and lifestyle...

    Asim NaveedNovember 2, 2016
  • Timing Is Everything

    Timing Is Everything Everyone knows that creatine works, but a study published in the International Society of Sport Nutrition found a...

    Asim NaveedNovember 1, 2016