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Q: What’s the best way to eat to lose bodyfat?

/ Posted 10.22.2013

Q: What’s the best way to eat to lose bodyfat? A: To get rid of excess fat deposits, you must eliminate … continue reading

Q: Why do you keep harping on drugs and genetics?

/ Posted 10.31.2012

Q: Why do you keep harping on drugs and genetics? To hell with drugs and genetics. I’m going to develop … continue reading

Natural Bodybuilding Diet for Guys Over 40

/ Posted 09.04.2012

Q: I’ve been reading your articles at and get so much out of them. I decided to look you … continue reading

Why am I always tired?

/ Posted 07.25.2012

Q: Why am I always tired? I sleep a lot and only train three times a week for about an … continue reading

Excess Vitamin D and Heart Problems

/ Posted 06.08.2012

Q: I heard about a research study that reported that excess vitamin D can cause heart problems. Should I be … continue reading

Mass-Training Fuel

/ Posted 04.16.2012

Q: I’ve been bodybuilding for about six months, and I have not used any supplements except for a basic multivitamin. … continue reading

Yogurt and Belly Fat

/ Posted 04.11.2012

The problem is, the active cultures do not provide enough of the most effective microflora probiotics.

Getting Back Into Bodybuilding

/ Posted 12.11.2011

Q: I’ve just gotten back into bodybuilding after taking a break—for about 25 years. Back in the day supplements were … continue reading


Strength, Bodyweight and Conditioning

/ Posted 07.03.2011

Q: Your physique is amazing, and you’re at a level where people dream to be. Plus, you’re natural, and so … continue reading


Brain Food

/ Posted 05.31.2011

Q: I often hear the expression “brain food.” What does it mean, and is it important for strength training? A: … continue reading


Nutrient Timing, Anabolic Priming

/ Posted 05.20.2011

If you try to work out without eating anything in the morning, you’ll quickly hit the wall and run out of energy.


What do you think about the value of eating oats?

/ Posted 04.15.2011

Q: What do you think about the value of eating oats? A: Oats do contain a relatively high level of … continue reading


Hormone-Replacement Therapy

/ Posted 12.03.2010

Q: My training partner and I are both turning 52 in the fall of this year. He went to the … continue reading


Dieting, Aging and Muscle Mass

/ Posted 09.15.2009

Without insulin, all cells would suffer a rather quick death; however, it’s not only a growth factor but an aging factor as well, and too much of it speeds aging and brings about death more quickly than almost any other biological process.


Lessons From the Iron Guru

/ Posted 04.27.2009

Q: What do you think of Vince Gironda’s writings? Was he hype, or could one learn from him? A: Vince … continue reading


Prescription for Mass

/ Posted 01.01.2002

Supplement stacks, high-volume training and when to call in the doctor.

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