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Fat-Dissolving Injections

/ Posted 01.02.2011

On April 7, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration sent warning letters to six spas that offered “fat-melting … continue reading


Fiber Up to Lean Down

/ Posted 12.18.2010

“More energy (calories) is spent digesting and absorbing high-fiber foods. In fact, if you increase your fiber intake to 35 … continue reading


Science Is Not Infallible

/ Posted 10.31.2010

Without thinking that through, your first impulse might be to conclude that a high-fat diet will interfere with gains made through weight training. Consider, however, that the high-fat, low-carb diet is popular among many bodybuilders, and that there’s never been any record of that type of diet inhibiting muscle growth in humans. If anything, the converse is true.


Egg-cellent Protein for Muscle and Health

/ Posted 10.28.2010

We know that egg yolk contains two very important carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin—both of which have been shown to be great for eye health.


Gut Away With HCA

/ Posted 09.13.2010

Hydroxycitric acid is an extract from the Garcinia cambogia fruit, and it’s been touted as a fat-loss aid. Researchers tested … continue reading


Max Out Fat Loss

/ Posted 08.08.2010

The subjects underwent bodyfat testing, and only those who exercised at least four times a week showed significant bodyfat loss


Fat-to-Muscle Reshuffle

/ Posted 07.30.2010

Conjugated linoleic acid is known as the fat that makes you thin. Studied extensively at the University of Wisconsin’s Food … continue reading


Put Your Protein Where Your Mouth Is

/ Posted 06.27.2010

The researchers concluded that timing protein intake may be a simple and effective strategy for increasing energy expenditure. Furthermore, increasing resting energy expenditure could facilitate bodyfat reduction and improve body composition if nutritional intake is stable.


Food Facts

/ Posted 06.24.2010

• Fiber in excess may reduce calcium absorption. If you take in more than about 25 grams of fiber a … continue reading


The All-New Atkins Advantage

/ Posted 06.21.2010

If you’re looking for a complete, simplified guide to lower-carb dieting, this is it. As authors Stuart L. Trager, M.D., and Colette Heimowitz, M.Sc., say in the introduction, “On Atkins, people don’t just become trimmer, they take charge of their lives—sometimes for the first time.” To use a buzzword, it’s empowering.

Pyruvate: Muscle-and-Leanness Compound

/ Posted 05.28.2010

Simply put, pyruvate is formed during the metabolism, or digestion, of sugars and starches. It’s a key compound that jump-starts the metabolic pathway known as the Krebs cycle, in which chemical and enzyme actions produce ATP and/or its direct precursors to power your workouts. In practical terms, pyruvate can be compared to the key that starts your car.


Snooze to Lose With CLA

/ Posted 05.25.2010

Conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, has gained force as an unsaturated fatty acid that encourages fat loss by decreasing the … continue reading


Unique Fatty Acid for Reducing Bodyfat

/ Posted 05.19.2010

So here we have CNA and butyric acid; both are types of fats. Yet both have potential for helping along bodyfat loss and perhaps enhancing metabolic rate.


Lean for Life

/ Posted 05.13.2010

You see a lot of bodybuilders bulk up in the off-season. You may have wondered if that’s a good way … continue reading


Fruit for Fat Loss?

/ Posted 04.28.2010

You may remember the diet from years ago that had people eating lots of grapefruit. It all sounded like wishful … continue reading


Blast Off Stubborn Belly Fat

/ Posted 04.04.2010

Q: I’m looking for advice. I have stubborn belly fat—I’m 45—but am pretty tight everywhere else. I’ve competed naturally for … continue reading


Fat Shrinking and Moderate Drinking

/ Posted 03.05.2010

So the first rule is to choose the lowest-carb libation. A good choice is wine at four grams of carb per glass.


Ripping Up After 40

/ Posted 02.21.2010

If you change the distribution of your macronutrients to fewer carbs, you can radically change the look of your physique without cutting calories. In fact, you might be able to increase the calories that you take in while still getting leaner.


Low Carbs, Low Training Intensity?

/ Posted 01.16.2010

Several studies have found that athletes who severely restrict carb intake suffer a loss of training intensity. On the other hand, the body is capable of using other forms of fuel.


How to Strip Off Bodyfat, Part 2

/ Posted 01.13.2010

Now that you know your current average daily calorie intake—from the info in Part 1—you can figure out the changes you need to make. Here’s my next group of strategies for getting lean.



/ Posted 12.07.2009

With several industry leaders investigating new and highly promising mechanisms of weight loss, one company was bound to make a … continue reading

The Instinct Diet

/ Posted 12.05.2009

Use Your Five Food Instincts to Lose Weight and Keep It Off


Calorie Cut in the Gym

/ Posted 11.14.2009

Most people either lift weights or do cardio. The smart ones, of course, do both.


Ebb and Flow Diet

/ Posted 11.11.2009

Bodybuilders can be so focused that they never ease up on either training or dieting. Well, that can lead to … continue reading


Food Facts

/ Posted 11.08.2009

•B-vitamins may improve memory. Researchers gave mice with dementia nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, and the animals performed memory … continue reading

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