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Green Tea Can Speed Fat Loss

/ Posted 02.09.2013

Brazilian scientists have found that drinking green tea may help elderly people lose weight and trim their waistline. Maria Gabriela … continue reading

Red Grapes Can Help Stop Fat Gain

/ Posted 02.06.2013

A compound called piceatannol  that’s found in red grape seeds and skin, blueberries and passion fruit is of a similar … continue reading

What I’ve Learned About Diets

/ Posted 01.30.2013

I’m now past 40, and having more than a couple of decades of experience under my belt, I’m often asked … continue reading

7-Keto: Your Fat-Burning Workhorse

/ Posted 01.22.2013

7-keto speeds up metabolism and heat production to promote weight reduction, as well as enhancing lean body mass and muscle … continue reading

Black Pepper as a Fat Fighter

/ Posted 01.21.2013

A number of previous studies have suggested that black pepper may help to fight fat. Korean researchers have clarified the … continue reading

New Diet Discoveries to Keep the Fat Off

With obesity at epidemic levels, there is more ongoing research on diet than ever before. Even if you’re not obese, … continue reading

Probiotics and Walks for Losing Fat

/ Posted 12.07.2012

Q: What’s your take on probiotics for weight loss? A: Emerging research shows that taking a probiotic to control insulin … continue reading

Battle of the Sexes: Losing Bodyfat

/ Posted 11.26.2012

If you follow the high-carb mantra touted by the American Heart Association, the realization eventually hits your cortex that it … continue reading

Secrets for Cutting Belly Fat

/ Posted 11.16.2012

Q: Got any secrets for cutting belly fat? I think I have a good workout with multijoint exercises and short … continue reading

Two Top Belly-Blasting Supplements

Daytime TV is pretty much a crapfest for the most part during the week. Granted, that’s a male perspective, but … continue reading

Stop Struggling to Achieve Your Target Bodyweight

/ Posted 08.23.2012

Q: I’m struggling trying to achieve my target bodyweight—I started off well, but I can’t lose that final 10 pounds. … continue reading

Fight Obesity: How to Workout and Lose Fat After A Long Hiatus

/ Posted 08.20.2012

Q: I’ve been reading your column for a number of years, so that’s why I am writing you. I’m obese. … continue reading

6 Simple Ways to Lose Body Fat

/ Posted 07.19.2012

Q: I need to drop some bodyfat! Do you have any tips? A: Your note didn’t indicate whether you’re currently … continue reading

Is Six Meals a Day Really the Way?

/ Posted 07.02.2012

You’ve heard the mantra: Eat frequently—five to seven small meals daily, each including a serving of protein, healthy fat and … continue reading

CLA and Pyruvate: Shredding-supplement superstars?

/ Posted 06.06.2012

• Conjugated linoleic acid has gained notoriety as an unsaturated fatty acid that encourages fat loss by decreasing the amount … continue reading

New Study on Green Tea for Fat Loss

/ Posted 04.28.2012

Obese mice who got a daily dose of epigallocatechin-3-gallate—a compound found in green tea—in conjunction with a high-fat diet, gained … continue reading

Losing Fat While Maintaining Muscle

/ Posted 04.26.2012

It doesn’t take an expert to spot an off-season bodybuilding competitor compared to one preparing for a contest. Off-season bodybuilders … continue reading

Lard: A New Look at an Old Fat

/ Posted 04.13.2012

One of the most eye-opening books on diet around is Why We Get Fat—and What to Do About It by … continue reading

Yogurt and Belly Fat

/ Posted 04.11.2012

The problem is, the active cultures do not provide enough of the most effective microflora probiotics.

Sugar Shock

/ Posted 03.28.2012

You already know that eating too much simple sugar can make you fat, but did you know it can also … continue reading

Fear of Fructose

/ Posted 03.11.2012

Fructose, or fruit sugar, has been getting a bad rep lately, primarily because of high-fructose corn syrup. Before HFC, fructose … continue reading

Less Flab, Etched Abs

/ Posted 02.22.2012

In “How to Lose 12 Pounds in Just 17 Days” [June ’11 Bottom Line Health], Mike Moreno, M.D., had some … continue reading

Fiber Fights Fat

/ Posted 01.21.2012

Visceral fat, the fat deep in the belly surrounding vital organs, can be dangerous to overall health. Kristen Hairston, from … continue reading


Low-Carb Weight Loss vs. Heart Health

/ Posted 01.20.2012

Most diets these days, especially those of bodybuilders, tend to favor low carbs over lowfat plans, the previous trend. According … continue reading


Cauliflower Mashed Faux-tatoes

/ Posted 01.13.2012

South Beach, Atkins and the Zone are all diets that call for low to no carbs, which can leave you … continue reading

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