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Fiber Fact and Fiction

/ Posted 12.18.2014

I hesitated to write this article—I really did. I almost bailed again when I couldn’t think of a snazzy title. … continue reading

Hidden Enemy: Your Healthy Diet

/ Posted 12.04.2014

I have always tried to ignore scary health statistics—until I became one. Then it was impossible to ignore them. In … continue reading

Clean Bodybuilding Diet

/ Posted 09.11.2014

Hey, guys. I wanted to give a quick thank-you to all of the IRON MAN readers who have been following … continue reading

Ezine #879: No-Cardio Fat Loss

Q: I read that you guys got super ripped without doing any cardio. I also saw that Arnold did no cardio to get lean, relying on weight training only. Is that true?

Paleo Diet vs Traditional Diets

/ Posted 08.22.2014

Before I get into the above subjects, I want to mention a small format change. With so much to say … continue reading

Whey: Can It Prevent Obesity and Diabetes?

/ Posted 07.03.2014

Some bodybuilders never use protein supplements, preferring instead to get all their protein from food sources, such as meat, fish … continue reading

Macronutrient Timing

/ Posted 05.27.2014

Q: I’ve read that you are a proponent of “timing” the macronutrients to help bring about a certain physiological effect … continue reading

Blast Off Belly Fat

• Many people avoid dairy, even yogurt, because they think it will make them fat, but they may be missing … continue reading

Will sugar make me fat?

/ Posted 05.20.2014

Ah, so many sugar questions this month! In a word, yes! You may not know that refined sugar did not … continue reading

Food Intolerance and Fat Loss

/ Posted 05.05.2014

Q: What’s the best way to test for food intolerance, and do food intolerances affect fat loss? A: You can … continue reading

How to Detox Your Liver for Faster Fat Loss

Most bodybuilders know that one reason oral anabolic steroids are dangerous is that they must pass through the liver. Can … continue reading

What’s the most important meal of the day?

/ Posted 03.18.2014

What’s the most important meal of the day? If you answered, “Breakfast,” then you need to take a remedial course … continue reading

No Progress with Low Calorie Diets?

/ Posted 03.16.2014

Q: I’ve restricted my calories to lose weight, but I’m barely making any progress on my body composition—plus I’m miserable. … continue reading

How Intermittent Fasting Works to Blast Off Blubber

Intermittent fasting is becoming increasingly popular. What is it? One version is a two-days-a-week diet. Twice a week you eat … continue reading

Why Most Diets Fail

/ Posted 02.01.2014

It’s a common observation that most diets fail, but the reason they fail isn’t about the weight loss. In fact, … continue reading

Tropical Superfood and Fat Blaster?

/ Posted 01.02.2014

Q: Is coconut oil really a “superfood” that will help reduce belly fat and improve quality of life, or is … continue reading

Part-time Vegan: Odd Diet for Dropping Bodyfat

The headline in the ’13 Prevention was catchy: “Eat Like This, Never Diet Again.” Hmm. An all-vegetable meal plan? Not … continue reading

Dieting to Get Ripped?

/ Posted 12.02.2013

All bodybuilders get a lot of the same questions often, even from other bodybuilders. “Normal” people will ask each other … continue reading

Lowfat Diets Are So Passé

/ Posted 11.09.2013

Long before Atkins and others popularized the low-carb diet, bodybuilders were using the strategy. In fact, they were doing it … continue reading

The Lean Body Promise, 2nd Edition

/ Posted 11.03.2013

A well-known problem with most diets is that they fail. It happens because they don’t focus enough—or sometimes at all—on … continue reading

Potassium for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss and Health

There’s been a lot of talk about high-sodium diets and how too much salt can damage health. It’s hidden in … continue reading

Plyometrics for Fat Loss, Zinc Supplements and Testosterone Levels

/ Posted 08.16.2013

Q: Is there any value in performing plyometrics for fat loss? A: I realize that some so-called boot camp programs … continue reading

Losing Loads of BodyFat

/ Posted 08.10.2013

Q: I would like to lose bodyfat and, if possible, build a little muscle at the same time. I’m 39 … continue reading

Bodyfat Beat Down

/ Posted 08.03.2013

Researchers tell us that those who brave the scale regularly and monitor their weight are far more successful at controlling … continue reading

Does Protein Make You Fat?

/ Posted 07.25.2013

Self-styled experts often attribute various side effects to long-term high-protein diets—dehydration, calcium and bone loss, kidney disease and even increased … continue reading

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