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Lose Fat

Fiber Fact and Fiction

I hesitated to write this article—I really did. I almost bailed again when I couldn’t think of a snazzy title. How do you make fiber sound interesting? Words like flatulence, bloating, diarrhea and irritable bowel disease didn’t seem to fit ...

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Clean Bodybuilding Diet

Hey, guys. I wanted to give a quick thank-you to all of the IRON MAN readers who have been following this column for the past year. Your support is appreciated. Thanks as well to Noah Milstein, co-owner of Feral CrossFit, ...

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Macronutrient Timing

Q: I’ve read that you are a proponent of “timing” the macronutrients to help bring about a certain physiological effect within the body, depending on when you work out and what the specific goal is at the time. Very simply, ...

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Dieting to Get Ripped?

All bodybuilders get a lot of the same questions often, even from other bodybuilders. “Normal” people will ask each other things like, “How’s work?” or, “How’s the family?” A similar just-making-conversation question we say and hear all the time is, ...

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Bodyfat Beat Down

Researchers tell us that those who brave the scale regularly and monitor their weight are far more successful at controlling it than those who don’t. Bodyweight is important data, but some people get a little nervous when they see the ...

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