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Multiple Exercise Sessions and Growth Hormone

/ Posted 12.11.2014

While you still see many articles about how to boost anabolic hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, during exercise, … continue reading

Multiple Exercise Sessions and Growth Hormone

/ Posted 10.02.2014

While you still see many articles about how to boost anabolic hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone, during exercise, … continue reading

Bodyfat, Anabolism and Insulin

/ Posted 09.09.2014

Insulin is best known for its effects on carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Simply put, it acts as a storage hormone, … continue reading

Can You Get Brain Disease from Steroid Use?

/ Posted 05.01.2014

One of the primary questions often asked about anabolic steroids is how they will affect future health. As with any … continue reading

Anabolism and Insulin

/ Posted 04.18.2014

Beginning in the late 1990s, a strange phenomenon became apparent in professional bodybuilding contests. While the competitors were all in … continue reading

Natural Testosterone Booster for Over-40 Trainees

/ Posted 03.12.2014

Q: I recently turned 40, and I’ve noticed that I don’t have as much energy as I used to. Plus, … continue reading

Muscle Growth and Estrogen

/ Posted 11.27.2013

Estrogen is often called a “female hormone,” which is a misnomer, as this steroid hormone is also produced in the … continue reading

Inject to Grow?

/ Posted 11.25.2013

The primary purpose of using anabolic drugs, such as testosterone, steroids and growth hormone, is to trigger added muscle beyond … continue reading

Supplements That Increases Growth Hormone

/ Posted 08.26.2013

Testosterone, growth hormone and insulin are the three primary anabolic hormones in the body. That explains why, when used in … continue reading

DHEA Fights Painful Muscle Soreness

/ Posted 07.31.2013

Yeah, DHEA, a.k.a. dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant steroid hormone in the body. Most would say that it’s good just … continue reading

Effect of Tea On Testosterone

/ Posted 07.04.2013

Green tea extracts are known to provide a host of health benefits, including protection against cardiovascular disease, by helping to … continue reading

Testosterone and Cholesterol

/ Posted 06.09.2013

Of all the side effects associated with high-dose anabolic steroid use, the most immediately dangerous is the way they affect … continue reading

The History of Test and Steroids

/ Posted 04.24.2013

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to hear about anabolic steroids. They are constantly in the news. One day … continue reading

Stress, Body Fat and Cortisol

/ Posted 04.15.2013

Bodybuilders tend to associate higher cortisol with muscle catabolism, or breakdown. It’s true that cortisol is the major catabolic hormone … continue reading

Soy Warning

/ Posted 03.23.2013

According to the May/June ’12 Well Being Journal, “Researchers have reported lowered testosterone and higher estrogen levels in males who … continue reading

Fenugreek: The Insulin-GH-Tesosterone Link

/ Posted 02.28.2013

It appears that fenugreek has the ability to increase the effectiveness of insulin, growth hormone and testosterone—three of your most … continue reading

T Therapy Helps Trim Men’s Waistlines

/ Posted 02.18.2013

Previous studies of testosterone-replacement therapy have shown changes in body composition, usually in the form of increased lean mass and … continue reading

Estrogens in Food: Cause for Concern?

/ Posted 02.13.2013

For male bodybuilders, estrogen has acquired an unsavory reputation. Often referred to as a “female sex hormone,” estrogen is in … continue reading

Can You Grow Muscle From Anabolic Plants?

/ Posted 01.04.2013

If you ask a scientist whether plants contain natural forms of testosterone, you will likely be told that they do … continue reading

Steroid Machines Inside Muscles

/ Posted 11.07.2012

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA, is the most abundant circulating androgen in the blood—with 100-times-higher levels than any other circulating steroid, including … continue reading

Testosterone Booster With Estrogen Control

More testosterone? Yes, please. Bodybuilders know that more T equals a rise in strength and size, so optimizing your levels … continue reading

Q&A: When did you first come across anabolic steroids?

/ Posted 10.12.2012

Q: When did you first come across anabolic steroids? A: I started bodybuilding in 1972 at age 14. I started … continue reading

Cell Phones and Testosterone

/ Posted 10.08.2012

Your cell phone may be draining your testosterone. Does that surprise you? Most likely the cause is a combination of … continue reading

Testosterone Effects

/ Posted 09.07.2012

We all know of the potent anabolic effects of testosterone. They were demonstrated more than 70 years ago but were … continue reading

Chrysin: A New T-Booster?

/ Posted 07.23.2012

In the May ’96 issue of Muscle Media 2000, the late Dan Duchaine, known as the “steroid guru,” discussed a … continue reading

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