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The Most Underrated Supplement


Many bodybuilders realize that an excess of the stress hormone cortisol can cause the body to cannibalize muscle tissue. Studies done with endurance and anaerobic athletes show that supplementing with 800 milligrams of phosphatidylserine can control cortisol by more than ...

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Inject to Grow?

The primary purpose of using anabolic drugs, such as testosterone, steroids and growth hormone, is to trigger added muscle beyond what is attainable naturally with training and diet. Of course, athletes who use anabolic drugs also train intensely and go ...

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Effect of Tea On Testosterone

Green tea extracts are known to provide a host of health benefits, including protection against cardiovascular disease, by helping to reduce the oxidation of low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol, known as the “bad cholesterol” because of its link to heart disease. Other studies ...

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Soy Warning

According to the May/June ’12 Well Being Journal, “Researchers have reported lowered testosterone and higher estrogen levels in males who consume foods rich in soy estrogens. Scientists have even induced ‘testosterone deprivation’ in animals simply by feeding them isoflavone-rich diets.” ...

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