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Asian-Italian Chicken Veggie Salad

/ Posted 12.13.2014

People often fear that eating clean and lean will be a flavorless and unexciting endeavor. Not so. When I started … continue reading

Paleo, Primal and Traditional Diets Pt 4

/ Posted 12.10.2014

Here we are—Part 4 of this three-part series (yes I did say that). I just have too much information to … continue reading

Faux Fried Fish

/ Posted 11.23.2014

Summer is in full swing, and most of us want to throw caution to the wind once in a while … continue reading

Paleo, Primal and Traditional Diets

/ Posted 09.17.2014

Last month I explained the theoretical and practical application of the Paleo diet. In a nutshell, it is based on … continue reading

Introducing Cheatzza

/ Posted 09.04.2014

Everyone loves a warm slice of pizza. Statistics show that 94 percent of Americans do. In our home we are … continue reading

Lean Turkey Wraps

/ Posted 08.24.2014

Being a competitive bodybuilder and a fitness professional for more than 25 years, I’m always searching for (and asked about) … continue reading

Broiled Cheddar Tuna Melt Snack

/ Posted 06.13.2014

As a kid I was very fond of tuna sandwiches. I think we all had cold tuna sandwiches as a … continue reading

Chicken and Tart-Apple Chopped Salad

/ Posted 05.29.2014

One of my favorite entrees at the Cheesecake Factory is the Factory Chopped Salad. It comes in two versions—regular and … continue reading

Balsamic-Peach Baked Chicken

/ Posted 05.08.2014

Bodybuilders know the muscle-building value of chicken—loads of lean protein—but plain chicken can get bland. Let’s spice it up—and make … continue reading

Easy Recipes for Mass Construction

/ Posted 04.19.2014

When it’s time for dinner, you don’t have to rely on your college dining hall or the fast-food and pizza … continue reading

Vince Del Monte: Easy Recipes for Mass

/ Posted 04.16.2014

When it’s time for dinner, you don’t have to rely on your college dining hall or the fast-food and pizza … continue reading

Barbecued Meatloaf Balls

/ Posted 02.21.2014

I created this recipe for a Super Bowl party, but it will score big any time your friends get together. … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 02.19.2014

Tea has multiple health benefits, specifically the green variety, but chamomile may be best for cancer prevention. According to the … continue reading

Tasty Korean Tacos

/ Posted 02.14.2014

Just about everyone loves finger food, and tacos are always a favorite. These are tasty and satisfying, with a whopping … continue reading

Part-time Vegan: Odd Diet for Dropping Bodyfat

The headline in the ’13 Prevention was catchy: “Eat Like This, Never Diet Again.” Hmm. An all-vegetable meal plan? Not … continue reading

Strawberry Bread Pudding

/ Posted 12.10.2013

One of my all-time-favorite desserts is bread pudding. I remember the first time I tried it. I was working in … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 11.06.2013

Raspberries can ramp up your fiber intake significantly. The January/February ’13 Nutrition Action Healthletter features a list of high-fiber foods, … continue reading

Cheesy Tuna Patties

/ Posted 11.01.2013

Bodybuilders know that tuna is high in protein and low in calories. While cheese also provides protein, it’s a bit … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 08.29.2013

Sugar is a far greater danger to your heart than fat, according to the February ’13 Better Health. Sugar is … continue reading

Thai Turkey Cutlets

/ Posted 08.25.2013

Any excuse to have Thai food  in our house, and we’ll take it. This recipe is as easy to prepare … continue reading

Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats recipe eBook

/ Posted 08.12.2013

You won’t believe these desserts are healthy! The Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats recipe eBook contains 35 healthier versions of … continue reading

Overnight Breakfast Casserole

/ Posted 07.26.2013

This is a new holiday favorite. I made it the night before to serve on Christmas morning. Even with two … continue reading

Red-Hot Curry Flank Steak

/ Posted 06.19.2013

I’m forever looking for new ways to marinate flank steak. It’s a staple for my entire family, but as with … continue reading

Jen Fit Recipes: Baked Stuffed Peppers

/ Posted 05.05.2013

I have to admit, I got the idea for this recipe from one of my male bodybuilding friends. He posted … continue reading

Jen Fit Recipes: Peach Melba Snack

/ Posted 03.20.2013

During the summer and fall I can’t get enough peaches. It’s hard for me to see the warm months go … continue reading

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