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In This Issue

June 2012 Issue Preview

The June IRON MAN is all about winning. No, Charlie Sheen did not make our cover, but the two BodySpace Model Search champions did. You'll see how they put it all together to win it all on the L.A. Fitness Expo stage—and how you can do it too. Also, Dr. Joe Klemczewski continues his tips on getting freaky ripped, pro Dan Hill reveals his quad-building program, and Bill Dobbins, coauthor of Arnold's Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, has tricks for how to pack your midback with mass. Oh, and speaking of Arnold, we'll have big in-your-face photos from the Arnold Classic. The June IRON MAN hits newsstands the first week of May.

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December 2011 Issue Preview

Our December issue goes back to the beach to help you get through the cold winter ahead. First comes a complete guide to body-band training—how to get a muscle-building workout that works with elastic bands. The photos are set at the beach, but you can do the drill almost anywhere—say, in a hotel room or in your den if you get snowed in. We’ll also have our Christmas gift guide, full of muscle-building must-haves, plus ripped Antjuane Sims’ amazing abdominal-sculpting program from Muscle Beach and the 5-to-10 power-size explosion, a tactic that guarantees new gains. Find the December IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of November.

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November 2011 Issue Preview

Our November issue spotlights Nicole Wilkins, the reigning Figure Olympia champion. Find out how she trains and eats to create her picture-perfect physique—and speaking of pics, we'll have lots of the stunning Nicole. We'll also have a fact-filled feature on cardio from top researchers Jacob and Gabriel Wilson, who will reveal why some moves burn muscle and some are best for the bodyfat hustle. Plus, big Matt Burzacott tells how he built his awesome arms and what you can do to get yours bursting with new mass. Find the November IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of October.

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October 2011 Issue Preview

Our October issue has a definite Olympia flavor, starting with a blockbuster interview with Rich Gaspari, a top Mr. O contender from the '80s and '90s. The Dragon Slayer has loads of new- and old-school advice to get you big and sliced. And his physique is still unreal and peeled in his 40s. Plus, we'll have Lonnie Teper's annual Mr. Olympia preview and predictions, up-and-coming bodybuilder Luca Pennazzato's chest training and super strongman Zydrunas Savickas' wild workouts. You won't believe the size of that dude! Find the October IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of September.

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September 2011 Issue Preview

Our September issue has a definite over-40 lean—as in how John Hansen, Mr. Natural Olympia, got in his best shape at 48. He has plenty of tips for anyone looking to get big and ripped simultaneously. He used an interesting high-intensity training tactic to get there—good stuff to get you buff! We also have a special report on HMB, new info that will have you adding it to your supplement stack. Plus, read the courageous tale of one man’s first bodybuilding contest—at age 60. Amazing info, incredible physique. Find the September IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of August.

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August 2011 Issue Preview

The August IM is our annual Arnold birthday celebration special. Yes, we've unearthed more rare photos of the Oak in his prime, so prepare to be awed and inspired. We'll also have an incredible pec workout with up-and-comer Ian Lauer from the Muscle Beach weight pit and an eye-opening interview with future pro Steve Kuclo—a superheavyweight with aethetic lines, which is hard to find. In addition, our fifth installment of The Ultimate Mass Workout pinpoints the very best chest and delt moves to get you superthick and huge. Find the August IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of July.

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