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December 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 11.01.2010

Our December issue features an interview with big Dan Hill, a new pro who can help you grow. The man is intense—and immense! We’ve also got Part 2 of our interview with notorious Bodybuilder X, who has more to say about training with the Mentzers and a strategy for building maximum mass drug-free. Listen up: This cat’s got decades of experience under his lifting belt. Then Canadian muscle star Antoine Vaillant lays out a freaky leg workout that could lay you out. Follow it at your risk—of building massive quads. Plus, we’ll have full Mr. Olympia coverage from Vegas. Find the December IRON MAN on newsstands now!


November 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 09.29.2010

Our November issue features an interview with notorious Bodybuilder X. He speaks out, incognito, on everything from how the pros really train—he’s worked out with many of them—to their past and present anabolic steroid use to the high-intensity-training hoax to how lighter weights can help you grow freaky muscles. It’s muscle-building myth busting, and it’s brutal. Must reading if you can handle the truth! We’ll also have Part 2 of Greg Zulak’s extended-set combo training—for chest, delts and back—and a beach-body workout in the Southern California sun. All this and more in the November issue!


October 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 08.30.2010

Our October issue is all about the gun show—as in awesome, eye-popping arms. It all starts with the double-set technique from Greg Zulak, who reveals some unique two-move sequences for packing new size on your bi’s and tri’s. Then check out how New Motion Machines and Positions-of-Flexion principles can get you sleeve-stretching gal-impressing mass. We’ll also have new research on beta-alanine and how to take it for incredible firepower in the gym, David Paul’s unique photographic look at Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle and Lonnie Teper’s Mr. Olympia preview. Find your muscle-packed October IRON MAN on newsstands Now!


September 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 07.30.2010

Our September issue has an over-40 flavor, beginning with Danny Hester. Lonnie Teper quizzes the now 40 proponent of perfect proportions on everything from his latest doings to carving abs like cubed granite. We also take a look at 50-something Lee Apperson’s biceps-building secrets, delve into legendary bodybuilder Chet Yorton’s life and training—he’s still at it with an incredible physique at 71—and explore a before-and-after transformation of a 45-year-old professional skydiver. Plus, Jerry Brainum has exciting research on slowing the aging process.


August 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 06.30.2010

Our August issue has a familiar Austrian theme–as in blockbuster photos of the Oak in his prime. We’ve come across more rare shots of Arnold that we have to share, just in time to celebrate his birthday. We’ll also have an interview with legendary drug-free bodybuilder Bob Gallucci. He was considered very Arnold-esque in his heyday, and he tells how he did it sans anabolics. Then Jerry Brainum delves into fasting. Is it good for you? Will it help you drop that last bit of bodyfat? J.B. has all the answers. On news stands now!


July 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 05.28.2010

Our July issue kicks off with the inside scoop on how the BodySpace winners grabbed the gold at the Los Angeles Fitness Expo—from their diets to their workout programs to their winning attitudes. Also, Lonnie Teper talks with legendary pro bodybuilder John Terilli about how he stays big and lean at 50. This Aussie’s still got mass, class and his foot on the gas. And if you’re interested in growing gargantuan guns, you’ll want to check out how Todd Jewell builds his bi’s and tri’s to freaky proportions—tips, tricks and programs included. Find your July IRON MAN on newsstands now!


June 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 04.30.2010

Our June issue kicks off with one of the most interesting articles you’ll ever see—if you’re into building muscle, that is. It’s a group of lost exercises that big-time bodybuilder Dan Decker uses to sculpt his incredible physique—like decline around-the-worlds and super-advanced sissy squats. Cool stuff! Plus, Lonnie Teper talks to pro bodybuilder Stan McQuay, Jerry Brainum analyzes the research on whey protein and the always innovative Train, Eat, Grow has Size Surge variations to keep the muscle mass coming. Find your June IRON MAN on newsstands Now!


May 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 03.31.2010

Our May issue has a distinct over-40-bodybuilding flavor, starting with an intriguing interview: We talk with the first Fitness Olympia champ, Mia Finnegan, now in her 40s. What’s she doing now, trainingwise and otherwise? And what’s her take on the fitness, figure—and bikini—women of today? Good stuff! Next we put some Qs to 60-plus fitness guru Joe Dillon. His advice on building muscle, eating right and staying lean and youthful through middle age and beyond is priceless—and may surprise you. Plus, Eric Broser reveals his best arm-shocking workouts for king-sized bi’s and tri’s. Find the May IRON MAN on newsstands now!


April 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 03.01.2010

Our April issue will shower you with inspiration for muscle stimulation, starting with sizzling Hardbody photos of new IFBB figure pro Ava Cowan. In the training-inspiration department, we have Eric Broser’s ultimate pec-pounding tutorial and Brian Yersky’s formula for a big-back attack. Time to get wide. The TEG men continue their quest for more mass with the latest size-surge workouts, and Jerry Brainum takes on organic eating—is it the healthier way to grow? Find the April IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of March.


March 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 02.01.2010

Our March issue is all about wild workouts that work. C.S. Sloan outlines programs you can use to train insane for incredible gains—from 666 to 8×8 to one set to failure. Guaranteed, there’s something here to get you growing. Plus, national-level bodybuilder Brian Yersky reveals his complete big-back attack, and the TEG men continue their size safari with another back-to-basics mass blast. We’ll also have an interview with Aussie bodybuilder David Rylah on his Heavy Duty, Blood-and-Guts-style workouts. Find the March IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of February.


February 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 12.28.2009

Our February issue is guaranteed to blow up your guns to unreal proportions. Drug-free bodybuilder Michael O’Hearn outlines his secrets for getting true 21-inch arms without resorting to steroids. Prepare to stretch your shirtsleeves! And for you strongman fans, we check in with New York Giants lineman Chris Snee, the NFL’s strongest player and a man who can move defenders as well as heavy iron. Plus, we’ll have the Fit Couple winners and a power-density workout with an Arnold connection. Find the February IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of January.


January 2010 Issue Preview

/ Posted 11.30.2009

Our January issue has an over-40 theme with a mighty twist: 50-year-old pro bodybuilder Dave Goodin reveals his complete winter power-training program. It’s the perfect size and strength blitz to help you grow in the snow. Plus, we’ll have our annual Muscle-Science Roundup, with a review of the key studies from 2009 that you can use to get huge – and ripped – by spring. Also, Todd Jewel guides you to seam-splitting shoulders. Find the January IRON MAN on newsstands the first week of December.


December 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 10.30.2009

Our December issue begins with our annual muscle-science roundup—the key studies that you can use to get huge and ripped. … continue reading


November 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 09.28.2009

In our November issue we introduce you to up-and-coming bodybuilder and cover model Whitney Reid, a guy with a physique you’ll find inspirational and attainable. He’s got a great plan for how you can chisel a balanced body of your own. It’s a matter of grow and flow. Plus, we have Lee Apperson’s chest-building wisdom, with his complete program; Jerry Brainum’s conclusions on vitamin D and another edition of Power Surge, your heavy-lifting guide, featuring the bench press and deadlift. (You, too, can turn yourself into a human forklift!). On Newstands Now!


October 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 08.31.2009

Our October issue has a distinct over-40 flavor. Cover man Clark Bartram talks about the challenges of staying muscular through middle age and describes how he plans to train and eat to add even more muscle. Then former competitive flexer Doug Brignole, IM’s November ’82 cover model, is back—and as ripped as ever at nearly 50 years old. We’ll present his complete routine, diet and conversation cut-ups with Lonnie Teper. Plus, we have 10×10 arm training, new vitamin D research and Power Surge, your heavy-lifting guide. On Newstands Now!


September 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 07.30.2009

This month we get up close and personal with another Austrian Oak, Tony Breznik, the 2008 Mr. Austria. You won’t believe the muscle size on this dude, and he’s been training for less than five years! Plus, we have a high-flying pictorial of Fitness Olympia and International champ Jen Hendershott. Lensmaster Michael Neveux took Jen and her trusty trampoline to the beach for some flippin’ great pics. Also, we’ve got more 10×10 spin, P/RR/S success, new heat-shock protein research and X-Factor arm training to get you growing. Find the September issue on newsstands now!


August 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 06.30.2009

This month is our annual Arnold birthday issue, and we’ve got some legendary pics in store—see the Oak as you’ve never seen him before in full-page glory. Also, national-level flexer Alex Azarian outlines his strategy for building delts into round mounds of beef—with photos of him in shredded precontest condition that will blow your mind! Bench press king Joe Mazza tells how he blasts up to 675 pounds weighing 165—that’s right, gang, more than four times his bodyweight! Plus, we have further confessions from bodybuilding addict Skip La Cour, with words of wisdom on balancing your life!


July 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 06.01.2009

This month we have a Q&A with former NPC Team Universe champ Skip La Cour —his bodybuilding goals may have changed, but he’s still going to war with the weights five days a week. He’s also a motivational speaker, so be prepared to be inspired. Then the Wilsons outline how to fight off muscle loss, Jerry Brainum looks at resveratrol, and we’ll have a Body by Science book excerpt. Also, Hawaiian bodybuilding sensation Shavis Higa lays out his winning workout and diet. Find the July issue on newsstands NOW!


June 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 04.30.2009

We’ve got loads of big pics from the big show in Columbus—Classic coverage from the Arnold Sports Festival. Then it’s time to polish your guns with Mark Perry’s triceps torcher. You can slap on inches of new arm mass. We’ve also got Part 2 of Jerry Brainum’s interview with nutrition scientist Anthony Almada, who talks about creatine, proper fat intake and low-carb diets, plus Q&As with national-level Hawaiian bodybuilder Shivas Higa and the BodySpace Model Search winners. Find the June issue on newsstands the first week of May.


May 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 03.31.2009

See the big, brawny bodies from the ’09 IRON MAN Pro in full-page vivid color. We’ll have loads of photos of the fantastic physiques from the L.A. Convention Center stage, all practically jumping off the page. Then the Wilson brothers offer tips on active recovery for supercharging growth, Mark Perry takes you through a wicked triceps workout, and Jerry Brainum dissects the latest antioxidant research. Plus, more fat-to-muscle workout techniques from the Train, Eat, Grow men. Find the May issue on newsstands the first week of April.


April 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 02.27.2009

It’s our ageless muscle and strength issue, and we’ve got loads of motivating men and women who are defying the aging process. Like Joe Papish, a 63-year-old Masters National champ, and Dean Tornabene, one of the Gold’s Gym crew who’s still muscular – and an inspirational success in the fitness business. We’ll also have Part 2 of Jerry Brainum’s take on booze and bodybuilding and the Wilson brothers’ tips on active recovery for supercharging muscle growth. Find the April issue on newsstands NOW!.


March 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 01.30.2009

This month we bring back the Legends of Bodybuilding – Rod Labbe interviews Rory Leidelmeyer, one of the most classically symmetrical bodybuilders ever to grace a posing dais (check out the pics). Plus, there’s a new muscle-pumping powder in big town ready to engorge you. It’s GPLC, and the latest studies say it’s nitric oxide nitroglycerine. Then, we have back training with drug-free pro Derik Farnsworth, and Ron Harris keeps you on track with his mind-blowing, body-growing negative-to-positive techniques. Check out the March issue ON NEWSSTANDS NOW.


February 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 12.29.2008

This month we’re on a transition mission – to give you the ammunition you need to transform your physique fast. You’ll see how Chris Jalali did it, going from skinny and weak to a peak physique, his workout and eating tips included. Then C.S. Sloan checks out German Volume Training and outlines a few programs tailor-made for quick size and strength gains. Plus, Ron Harris keeps you on track with his negative-to-positive mind-blowing, body-growing techniques. On Newstands Now!


January 2009 Issue Preview

/ Posted 12.01.2008

It’s our prime-time bodybuilding issue, and it kicks off with a big Q&A featuring Texas Shredder Dave Goodin. Learn his secrets to carving a lean, peaked physique as he closes in on his 50th birthday (motivating pics here, gang!). Plus, Jerry Brainum looks at the squat, Gabriel and Jacob Wilson explore the key anabolic amino L-leucine, and an overview of muscle-related studies from the latest meeting of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. On newsstands now!


December 2008 Issue Preview

/ Posted 10.31.2008

We’ve got loads of good stuff on everyone’s favorite bodypart – arms. Up-and-coming bodybuilder Jim Romagna provides his titanic training program for building gargantuan guns. Then Greg Zulak muscles in with tips and tricks on how to pack size on your bi’s. Plus, we have an interview with Dr. Bob Goldman covering everything from drug testing at the pro level to anitiaging research, and C.S. Sloan looks at German volume training – complete programs included.

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