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Double Your Muscle Growth: The Trick Is Density Overload

Q: In the new Size Surge 2.0 e-book,Phase 1 is all heavy sets. I don't have any joint problems, but I love [moderate-weight, growth-threshold] 4X training. I've gained over 5 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks with it. I don't want to give it up completely now, but I do want to go on the 10-week Size Surge program. Can I use the same combination approach in Phase 1 that you outline in the new Phase 2 chapters; that is, heavy work on the big exercises and 4X on the more isolated ones?

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Upper-Body Mass From the Back

Q: In the Positions-of-Flexion exercise matrix [in 3D Muscle Building] you don't have any midrange moves listed for midback. Instead you say, "covered with lat midrange work." But I know I've seen behind-the-neck pulldowns in some of your workouts as a midrange exercise. Should I not use it? Is it dangerous?

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Multi-Hit Mass Workouts

Q: I’m new to your Positions-of-Flexion mass training, but it makes a lot of sense. I just got the POF e-book 3D Muscle Building, and I’ve tried most of the bodypart routines. Maassive pump. Should I always use that exercise order–midrange, stretch then contracted–for best muscle-size gains?

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Density Overload: How to Make Your Muscle Growth Explode

Q: I gained 5 pounds of solid muscle when I moved to mostly 4X mass training for every bodypart. Then I shifted to Pre-Ex 3X whenever I could, or modified pre-ex when the gym was crowded, and I put on another three pounds with more vascularity. I'm loving your density methods. What can I do now for another change? I don't want to go back to heavy training but I will if you think it's a good idea. I'm just looking for more crazy muscle mass.

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4 Quick Ways to Trigger New Muscle Growth

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #680: Q: Your change-to-gain philosophy has served me well. I have most of your e-books and look over them often to remind myself of methods I can put in my workout for new growth (Double-X Overload is one of my favorites). I’ve gained almost 15 pounds in the past nine months, most recently using Pre-Ex 3X. I know you’re now using that method almost exclusively. Are you doing anything special to change it up?

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