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Research: Grow More Muscle With Simplified 2-Way Workouts

Q: You guys have opened my eyes to new ways to grow muscle. Your explanation of the myofibrils (force generation) and sarcoplasm (energy fluid) and how they both contribute to size is excellent. To build both of those fast, I want a simple, no-bells-and-whistles heavy-light program. What would you suggest?

Forearm Freakiness: Eye-Popping Muscle Hanging Out of Your Shirtsleeves

/ Posted 02.19.2013

Q: I need some forearm mass. In a short-sleeved shirt I’d rather have some beef hanging out rather than my twigs. What is a good routine to pack on some mass on my front and back forearms? And I need some veins too.

Fat-Jacking, Muscle-Packing Workout Tips

Q: I’m ready to start the four-days-per-week Fat-to-Muscle Workout. I like training each muscle only once a week, and I think the heavy work combined with negative-accentuated (X-centric) sets is just what I need to rip up and build up at the same time. However, I’m interested in your new TORQ technique. High reps with short rests would give the workout an interesting new dimension. Should I use it, and, if so, where should I put it in the routine?

Bodyfat Gone, Muscle Mass On: Best Gym Moves Now

/ Posted 02.01.2013

Q: I got your updated 4X Mass Workout 2.0. I love the [higher-rep] TORQ method and 4X combo workouts. I feel it working already–the burn is intense. Question: I’m now trying to drop fat and build muscle, so will those [higher reps] help or should I include negative-accentuated [X-centric] sets too?

Muscle Size and Cuts: Go Slow to Grow and Burn Fat

/ Posted 01.21.2013

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #724: Muscle Size and Cuts: Go Slow to Grow and Burn Fat ========================================== TRY THIS … continue reading

Ripped ABS: Your First 3 Steps

/ Posted 01.14.2013

Q: I’m sick of being soft and blubbery. I want to see abs, but I’m not sure where to start. Do I just start working out harder and wait for them to appear? Help.

Muscle-Growth-Threshold Training for Fat Loss

/ Posted 01.04.2013

Q: I know you suggest one second to lift and three seconds to lower. Do you ever use a slower lifting cadence, like lifting in three or four seconds instead of only one? Wouldn’t that produce more tension time for unique muscle-growth stimulation?

5 Critical Keys to More Muscle Mass

/ Posted 12.05.2012

Q: I understand that heavy weight isn’t important for maximum muscle growth. Can you tell me what I should include in my workouts to build the most mass possible in the shortest time. I want to get bigger.

Double Your Muscle Growth: The Trick Is Density Overload

/ Posted 11.26.2012

Q: In the new Size Surge 2.0 e-book,Phase 1 is all heavy sets. I don’t have any joint problems, but I love [moderate-weight, growth-threshold] 4X training. I’ve gained over 5 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks with it. I don’t want to give it up completely now, but I do want to go on the 10-week Size Surge program. Can I use the same combination approach in Phase 1 that you outline in the new Phase 2 chapters; that is, heavy work on the big exercises and 4X on the more isolated ones?

Packing On Arm Mass: A New Angle

/ Posted 11.19.2012

Q: I noticed that you do the isolated [contracted-position] exercise first in your biceps and triceps routines. In most of your Positions-of-Flexion mass programs you put the big midrange exercise first. I have the POF 3D Muscle Building e-book, and that’s how all the workouts are structured in it. Is isolating the muscle first better? I need more biceps peak, so will that help?

Upper-Body Mass From the Back

/ Posted 11.13.2012

Q: In the Positions-of-Flexion exercise matrix [in 3D Muscle Building] you don’t have any midrange moves listed for midback. Instead you say, “covered with lat midrange work.” But I know I’ve seen behind-the-neck pulldowns in some of your workouts as a midrange exercise. Should I not use it? Is it dangerous?

Multi-Hit Mass Workouts

/ Posted 10.31.2012

Q: I’m new to your Positions-of-Flexion mass training, but it makes a lot of sense. I just got the POF e-book 3D Muscle Building, and I’ve tried most of the bodypart routines. Maassive pump. Should I always use that exercise order–midrange, stretch then contracted–for best muscle-size gains?

One-Hit Workouts: Is a Single Exercise Enough for Ultimate Mass?

/ Posted 10.22.2012

Q: I see workouts with only one exercise per muscle group. Can you really get big using those?

Density Overload: How to Make Your Muscle Growth Explode

/ Posted 10.16.2012

Q: I gained 5 pounds of solid muscle when I moved to mostly 4X mass training for every bodypart. Then I shifted to Pre-Ex 3X whenever I could, or modified pre-ex when the gym was crowded, and I put on another three pounds with more vascularity. I’m loving your density methods. What can I do now for another change? I don’t want to go back to heavy training but I will if you think it’s a good idea. I’m just looking for more crazy muscle mass.

Max-Muscle-Size Do’s and Don’ts: Tips You Can Use to Get Huge

/ Posted 10.09.2012

Q: I just started using The 4X Mass Workout, and I can feel it working already. I even look bigger, but that could just be positive thinking. Lol. I want to grow as quickly as possible, so what are the mistakes people make with the 4X method? Are there any tips you can give me so I can gain 10 pounds of muscle?

Your Weekly Change for Big Muscle Gains

/ Posted 10.02.2012

Q: I want to thank you for the great programs and excellent tips, like X-Reps. My background is in Olympic lifting, but I have been into bodybuilding lately. I made some okay gains training heavy, but I’ve made much better and faster progress training heavy one week and using an all-4X program the next.

Countdown to Mass: Your Growth Threshold

/ Posted 09.21.2012

Q: I get really winded on some exercises, like squats and rows, with only 35 seconds between 4X sets. I’m still sucking air when it’s time to start my next set. Is it okay to take more time?

3 Quick Ways to Pack On Mass–Without Going Heavy

/ Posted 09.05.2012

Q: I’ve been using the 4X mass method for five weeks and have gotten noticeably bigger and leaner. Abs are … continue reading

Direct Hit First for a New Muscle-Mass Burst

/ Posted 08.29.2012

What do I do about supersetting the exercises that are stationed far apart, like leg extensions and squats?

4 Quick Ways to Trigger New Muscle Growth

/ Posted 08.20.2012

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #680: Q: Your change-to-gain philosophy has served me well. I have most of your e-books and look over them often to remind myself of methods I can put in my workout for new growth (Double-X Overload is one of my favorites). I’ve gained almost 15 pounds in the past nine months, most recently using Pre-Ex 3X. I know you’re now using that method almost exclusively. Are you doing anything special to change it up?

Unique Move to Blow Up Your Delts Big Time

/ Posted 08.07.2012

In the Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout you suggest lateral raises followed by presses to start delts? I have an injured shoulder, so presses are out. Dumbbell upright rows are okay, but I have a hard time really feeling them. Are rack high pulls okay as the compound exercise?

How to Mix Muscle Hits to Get Big and Ripped

/ Posted 07.31.2012

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #661: How to Mix Muscle Hits to Get Big and Ripped ========================================== TRY THIS AT … continue reading

How to Feel Muscle Growth

/ Posted 07.23.2012

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #668: How to Feel Muscle Growth ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR NEXT WORKOUT ========================================== How … continue reading

Bigger Muscles From Every Angle: Awesome Arms, Boulder Shoulder

/ Posted 07.17.2012

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #667: Bigger Muscles From Every Angle: Awesome Arms, Boulder Shoulder ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR … continue reading

IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #671: How to Get a 4-Way Fat-Burning Effect

/ Posted 07.06.2012

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #671: How to Get a 4-Way Fat-Burning Effect ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR NEXT WORKOUT … continue reading

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