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White Noise, Echoing Silence of Iron

/ Posted 01.25.2013

Naps are nice, especially for mutts who inscribe B-70 in the columns labeled “age” on forms in waiting rooms at … continue reading

I Can’t Work, I’m a Bodybuilder

/ Posted 01.20.2013

Recently, a new IFBB pro let his fans know via Facebook that he would probably be forced to retire after … continue reading

Get a Stronger Middle Back

/ Posted 01.12.2013

Whenever I’m helping an athlete set up a program to improve strength in his back, I tell him to think … continue reading

Over-40 Transformation: Brad Williams

/ Posted 01.01.2013

IM: First give some basic background like age, occupation, family, where you’re from, years working out.  BW: Age: 40. Occupation: … continue reading

Dressed to Kill—the Weights

/ Posted 12.27.2012

What do you wear when you train? Some people would scoff at that question, as if putting any thought into … continue reading

High Fives and Hand Jives

/ Posted 12.14.2012

Is there too much high-fiving and butt slapping in pro sports? Maybe not. According to the May ’12 Reader’s Digest, all … continue reading

The Ideal Physique: It’s in the Eye of the Beholder

/ Posted 12.01.2012

There was a time when the fans of pro bodybuilding were nearly all people who lived the bodybuilding lifestyle. That … continue reading

Just Get There

/ Posted 11.26.2012

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the gym’s serene call echoes in my ear. “Clank, Thud. Get your butt here now, or … continue reading

Can You Learn From the Masters?

/ Posted 11.21.2012

Apprenticeship is an age-old tradition that has gotten lost in modern society. For centuries apprentices from all walks of life … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 3

/ Posted 11.02.2012

The question usually comes up: Is there a place in a strength program for higher reps? The answer is, absolutely. … continue reading

Muscle Does Not Evaporate Overnight

/ Posted 10.14.2012

Most of us know that we should take periodic breaks from training simply to let our minds and bodies rest … continue reading

The Secrets of Creating a New You

/ Posted 10.13.2012

Let’s face it: There’s never been a more perfect time to take action and get into amazing shape. With all … continue reading

Set Goals to Grow

/ Posted 09.30.2012

Goal setting is extremely important for success. As Ben Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 2

/ Posted 09.22.2012

I am a big fan of the five-sets-of-five system. For example, your bench press progression might go something like 135, 175, … continue reading

Things Aren’t So Bad

In a world filled with instantaneous information, it’s easy to become pessimistic. You see a lot of bad stuff happening … continue reading

Dream Big, Live Big

/ Posted 08.13.2012

I remember the days when I would hear my friends and family share their dreams—all the things they wanted to accomplish … continue reading

Secret of Success

/ Posted 07.02.2012

I definitely believe that there is something special that separates the excellent from the adequate not only in bodybuilding but … continue reading

Persistence Pays Off

/ Posted 06.29.2012

A thought occurred to me the other day—and not for the first time. As the years go by, however, this … continue reading

Exercise for Brain Size

/ Posted 06.05.2012

The best brain-building exercise is aerobics, and it must be vigorous. Casual walking is not enough: “You need to exercise hard enough that your heart is pumping at 70 percent of its maximum rate.”

Rise Up, Lift Weights, Be Strong

/ Posted 05.21.2012

I ’m at that point in my training where I don’t know if I’m building myself up or wearing myself … continue reading

Million Dollar Muscle

Intriguing. Engaging. Compelling. All of those words describe Million Dollar Muscle by Adrian James Tan, Ph.D., and Doug Brignole. No, … continue reading

Is Your Bad Attitude Holding You Back?

/ Posted 05.09.2012

It took me many years to start letting go of jealousy and envy, but once I did, I instantly began … continue reading

Laugh for Health

/ Posted 04.27.2012

According to the November ’11 Health, a study out of the University of Maryland showed that 15 minutes of laughter … continue reading

The Power of Positive Fitness

Author John Rowley is a motivational speaker who has been affiliated with Martha Stewart, Fox News and the Wall Street … continue reading

The Seven-Year Itch

/ Posted 04.24.2012

There are a lot of influences that determine the outcome of our training sessions. What is it that lifts us … continue reading

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