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  • Resistance Training Protects Against Heart Disease

    Exercise has the potential to protect against heart disease in a variety of ways. Christian K. Roberts, from the University of...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDJune 10, 2014
  • Berry Compound Linked to Longevity

    Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that is found abundantly in blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Cristina Andres-Lacueva, from the University of...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDJune 8, 2014
  • Breakthrough Skin Tightening Cream

    Summer is here - get fit and firm with NeriumFirm! Say good bye to stubborn flab, dimpling and stretch marks!

    Iron Man MagazineJune 5, 2014
  • Green Spaces Help Fight Aging

    A number of previous studies have reported that neighborhood parks and gardens encourage good mental health. Thomas Astell-Burt, from the University...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDApril 28, 2014
  • Aging with Muscle

    I often recommend phosphatidylserine to bodybuilders, especially aging ones. Studies have shown that this soy lipid helps control the body’s output...

    Iron Man MagazineApril 20, 2014
  • A Bodybuilding Portfolio

    When you were just a little guy or gal, your idea of a good investment might have been spending your whole...

    Iron Man MagazineApril 19, 2014
  • Watermelon and Muscles

    l-citrulline, an amino acid shown in previous studies to reduce muscle soreness, is found abundantly in watermelons, as well as certain...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDJanuary 26, 2014
  • Exercise Reorganizes the Brain

    There has been a discrepancy in research related to the effect of exercise on the brain—namely, that exercise reduces anxiety while...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDJanuary 23, 2014
  • Is Anti-Aging Research One Big Lie?

    The latest research on eggs—the whole egg, not just the white—shows that they do not raise cholesterol levels and can actually...

    Steve HolmanJanuary 20, 2014
  • Take Charge

    Clarence “Ripped” Bass’ new book, Take Charge—Fitness at the Edge of Science, is mostly a collection and analysis of recent exercise...

    Steve HolmanDecember 15, 2013
  • Testosterone Raises Insulin Sensitivity

    Giving testosterone to men with type 2 diabetes who are deficient in the hormone improved their insulin sensitivity, report researchers from...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDDecember 8, 2013
  • Isolation and Loneliness Raise Death Risk

    While a number of studies have suggested that both social isolation and loneliness are associated with increased risk of death, evidence...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDNovember 11, 2013
  • 4 Optimistic Characteristics

    Positive people tend to be happier and live longer—so say recent studies. So what are the characteristics of an optimist? Here...

    Steve HolmanAugust 31, 2013
  • Beef Up to Maintain Muscle

    Sarcopenia, or the gradual loss of muscle mass, is a common consequence of aging and can be a significant risk factor...

    Robert Goldman MD, PhDAugust 18, 2013
  • No Need to Lift Heavy for More Muscle and Youthfulness

    Heavy weights are not necessary or even desirable when it comes to getting all the benefits of resistance workouts—and that includes...

    Steve HolmanJuly 15, 2013