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Brain Boost

/ Posted 06.28.2011

Most of us wish we could remember things more easily, and there may be a pill to help you do … continue reading


Getting Adequate Sleep Encourages a Lean Body

/ Posted 05.11.2011

Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep has adverse effects on energy intake and expenditure. Plamen D. Penev, M.D., … continue reading


Watch and Lean

/ Posted 05.09.2011

You’re flipping through the TV channels, and a gorgeous woman exercising causes you to pause. It’s another fitness infomercial, but … continue reading


Reach Out and Touch

/ Posted 05.06.2011

According to the November ’10 Prevention, small touches show loved ones how much you care about them. “Squeeze your spouse’s … continue reading


HFCS Cancer Connection

/ Posted 05.03.2011

According to an article at titled “‘Fructose-Slurping’ Cancer Could Sour the Soda Business,” a study published in August in … continue reading


Psyche and Bike

/ Posted 04.30.2011

A lot of people at the gym blow off cardio because they don’t have time. They hit the weights, look at … continue reading


Training Barefoot—Almost

/ Posted 04.28.2011

Back when the Iron Guru Vince Gironda had his gym in Studio City, California, he was notorious for being a … continue reading

The Leader’s Desire to Help People With His Brilliance

/ Posted 04.27.2011

It takes courage to be a leader. It takes a tremendous belief in yourself and your ability to take the action needed to differentiate yourself from your competition. You must be willing to take action even when it might make you look bad in front of other people.


Water and Weight

/ Posted 04.15.2011

You already know that staying fully hydrated is important for workout performance. Being even slightly dehydrated can hinder your workouts … continue reading


What’s the big deal about toxins?

/ Posted 04.11.2011

Q: What’s the big deal about toxins? I go to the bookstores and see the shelves in the nutrition section … continue reading


True Fountain of Youth

/ Posted 04.01.2011

Remember studying Ponce de Leon’s search for the Fountain of Youth in the late 1400s and how it led him … continue reading


Find a Way to Differentiate Yourself

/ Posted 03.31.2011

Powerful leaders are fully aware of the gifts and talents they have to offer the world. They also have a … continue reading


Death Breath

/ Posted 03.29.2011

If you’ve ever had breath with an odor similar to roadkill, listen up. A tongue scraper can help get stinky … continue reading


Color for Sex

/ Posted 03.28.2011

Guys, to be attractive, you know you have to stay clean and groomed, wear nice clothes—especially nice shoes—and exude confidence. … continue reading


Skin Saver

/ Posted 03.26.2011

According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, subjects getting about 300 milligrams of cocoa flavonols every day … continue reading


Fast Asleep a Bad Sign?

/ Posted 03.25.2011

When you hit the sack at night, do you go right to sleep within five minutes after your head hits … continue reading


Chub Club

/ Posted 03.18.2011

It’s no secret that Americans are fatter than ever, and many of our children are obese and have diabetic tendencies. … continue reading


Smile for Life

/ Posted 03.10.2011

Emotions can affect the immune system and longevity, and your facial expression can affect and reflect your emotions. Consider a … continue reading


Pop Some Skin Protection

/ Posted 03.01.2011

People slather on sunscreen and wear hats to protect themselves from too much sun and UV ray skin damage. According … continue reading


A Helping Hand

/ Posted 02.28.2011

According to an item in the May ’10 Prevention, holding someone’s hand can reduce stress by 200 percent. When subjects … continue reading


Tea Up, Sadness Down

/ Posted 02.27.2011

Green tea has been shown to do a lot for health, including helping mobilize bodyfat, but did you know that … continue reading


Damage Control

/ Posted 02.25.2011

Studies show that a small amount of alcohol—one glass of wine for women and two for men—can improve heart health … continue reading


More Cancer Answers

/ Posted 02.11.2011

There is no doubt that frequent, uncontrollable stress can be a trigger for illness, even a terminal one. According to … continue reading


Warm Up for Weight Loss

/ Posted 01.24.2011

Studies show that keeping your room temperature on the warm side can help you lose weight. Subjects exposed to 81-degree … continue reading


Live Longer Stronger

/ Posted 12.30.2010

According to Ellen J. Langer, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Harvard University, your mind is the most powerful tool … continue reading

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