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Hiccup Takedowns

/ Posted 04.09.2012

Hiccups are annoying—especially so when they hang around for five, 10 or 30 minutes or more. They are due to … continue reading

Chill Out to Work Out

/ Posted 03.31.2012

If you need a quick boost before your workout and you’ve sworn off caffeine, try the cold-splash method. As reported … continue reading

Red Revvs Her Up

/ Posted 03.30.2012

Men will do just about anything to get their gals to be more frisky.Here’s an easy one: Wear a red … continue reading

Just Say No—Thanks

/ Posted 03.07.2012

In today’s politically correct–minded society, it’s often hard to say no when someone asks you to do something. We often … continue reading

Flex Your Face

/ Posted 02.27.2012

According to the September ’11 Prevention, “A megawatt grin from a loved one can produce the same brain waves as … continue reading

Wine to Supine

/ Posted 02.18.2012

Champagne can impress a date, but red wine may get her to mate. According to the July/August ’11 Health, “Women … continue reading

Kissing Science

/ Posted 01.31.2012

Did you ever wonder how kissing came about? Is it a way for the male to pass salivary testosterone to the … continue reading


Man Hug, Anyone?

/ Posted 01.23.2012

Is there a proper way for two dudes to hug? Yes, according to the August ’11 Reader’s Digest: “Step 1: … continue reading

Mind Over Genetics

/ Posted 12.31.2011

According to Blair Justice, Ph.D., in his book Who Gets Sick, “Genes account for about 35 percent of longevity, while … continue reading


Tranquil Brain, Less Pain

/ Posted 12.29.2011

You’ve no doubt heard about studies showing that meditation can reduce stress and cortisol, the muscle-eating hormone. According to the … continue reading


Placebo Power

/ Posted 12.25.2011

According to the March/April ’11 Well Being Journal, placebos can have powerful curing effects. A placebo given to patients with … continue reading


Shitty Shopping

/ Posted 12.18.2011

Most of us are aware of the germs that lurk in public restrooms—even on the door handles—but here’s a place … continue reading


Top 10 Immune System Boosters

/ Posted 12.08.2011

Gary Kaplan, D.O., is board-certified in family medicine, pain medicine and medical acupuncture. He is the founder of The Kaplan … continue reading

Be Kind, Get Happy

/ Posted 11.18.2011

In a recent study reported in the November ’10 Prevention, subjects who tracked their own kind acts toward others got … continue reading

Walk In, Get Happy

/ Posted 11.14.2011

If you walk into your house or apartment and the first thing you see is old newspapers or clutter, you … continue reading

Ha-Ha to Aha

/ Posted 11.12.2011

If you’re trying to solve a problem or looking for your next flash of genius, try getting a good laugh. … continue reading

Multitask for Belly Mass

/ Posted 11.11.2011

According to the March ’11 Reader’s Digest, if you work at your computer or watch TV while eating, you may … continue reading

Choose to Drop the Blues

/ Posted 11.04.2011

You probably see unhappy people every day. Maybe you’re one of them; however, you may not know that your mood … continue reading

Weird Sex Facts

/ Posted 10.30.2011

According to the April ’11 Bottom Line Health, an affliction called “postorgasmic illness syndrome” makes a man is allergic to … continue reading

Pause for Life

/ Posted 09.30.2011

You may be very proud of your driven, almost compulsive personality. After all, it’s responsible for your present success. It … continue reading


Hate to Create?

/ Posted 09.27.2011

We’ve all heard that it takes pain, suffering and maybe loathing to be ultracreative. You may even know some pensive, … continue reading


How to Shake a Headache

/ Posted 08.27.2011

We’ve all had it, that distracting, sometimes debilitating pain in the cranium that over-the-counter pain relievers won’t knock out. So … continue reading


Break for Your Heart’s Sake

/ Posted 08.16.2011

You’ve heard it or you may have said it: “I can’t take a vacation; I’m too busy (or too broke).” … continue reading


Optimistic Vitality

/ Posted 07.14.2011

We’ve all heard that being positive can have positive health effects. That seems to be common sense, but in case … continue reading


Open a Window

/ Posted 07.05.2011

If you don’t have as much energy as you should, especially in the winter, open a window. Yes, even if … continue reading

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