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Insulin Intel

Mental maladies, such as dementia, are becoming more and more prevalent in older people. One reason could be too many … continue reading

Set Goals to Grow

/ Posted 09.30.2012

Goal setting is extremely important for success. As Ben Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to … continue reading

Joints and Achy Runoff

/ Posted 09.28.2012

When knees are aching, many people stay off their feet for relief—but that may be the opposite of what you … continue reading

Migraine Mineral

/ Posted 09.27.2012

Many people suffer frequent headaches, and often they can be severe. Migraines can be debilitating, and sometimes even over-the-counter pain … continue reading

Things Aren’t So Bad

In a world filled with instantaneous information, it’s easy to become pessimistic. You see a lot of bad stuff happening … continue reading

Teeth Toning

/ Posted 09.12.2012

Yes, you can do things, other than just brushing and flossing to keep your teeth in shape. Here are some … continue reading

Cry Away Creeps

/ Posted 09.09.2012

So there’s that creepy guy you can’t get rid of or a boyfriend you’re ready to dump. Maybe crying a … continue reading

Doorway Mind Zap

/ Posted 08.26.2012

We have all walked into a room and suddenly forgot why we went there in the first place. It may … continue reading

Glutamine for Your Gut

/ Posted 08.25.2012

Bodybuilders often take extra glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid, because it appears to improve recovery and has been linked … continue reading

Play 20 Questions

/ Posted 08.19.2012

If you want to make a good impression, just ask; that is, ask questions. According to the April ’12 Reader’s … continue reading

Dream Big, Live Big

/ Posted 08.13.2012

I remember the days when I would hear my friends and family share their dreams—all the things they wanted to accomplish … continue reading

Brain Gains

/ Posted 08.07.2012

Did you know that your brain uses 20 percent of your energy but makes up  only 2 percent of your … continue reading

The Write Stuff

/ Posted 08.04.2012

Depression can be relieved by expression. According to the July ’11 Prevention, “Studies in 2006 and 2008 found that when … continue reading

Sleep to Grow

/ Posted 06.26.2012

Most bodybuilders know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. It helps you regenerate in so many … continue reading

Immune Boon

/ Posted 06.23.2012

According to the March/April ’11 Well Being Journal, a new study involving 1,000 subjects showed that those who were regular … continue reading

Sweaty Arousal

/ Posted 06.17.2012

Want to get your gal turned on? Maybe you should take her to the gym with you. According to the … continue reading

Flirting At Work

/ Posted 06.14.2012

Flirting at work is a bad thing, right? Not according to an article in the November ’11 Prevention, which said … continue reading

Craving Crusher

/ Posted 06.02.2012

Do you dream of doughnuts or candy during the day? Simply sniffing perppermint may kill the craving. According to the … continue reading

Pick Your Peeps

/ Posted 05.27.2012

According to the December ’11 Prevention, if you want to attain a certain quality, like frugality or happiness, hang around … continue reading

Cheat to Victory

/ Posted 05.26.2012

In the upcoming e-book Old School, New Body™, authors Steve Holman, yours truly and John Rowley suggest renaming your so-called … continue reading

Million Dollar Muscle

Intriguing. Engaging. Compelling. All of those words describe Million Dollar Muscle by Adrian James Tan, Ph.D., and Doug Brignole. No, … continue reading

Is Your Bad Attitude Holding You Back?

/ Posted 05.09.2012

It took me many years to start letting go of jealousy and envy, but once I did, I instantly began … continue reading

The Solitude Solution

/ Posted 05.03.2012

You’ve read that social interaction, like belonging to clubs and groups, can boost your health, but you also need some … continue reading

Floss for More Muscle?

/ Posted 04.18.2012

Laziness precludes many people from flossing before bed, but what if it helped you build more muscle? Well, it can, indirectly. … continue reading

Blemish Barometer

/ Posted 04.12.2012

Pimples aren’t just for teenagers. Even older folks get them, and often times it’s a result of stress. According to … continue reading

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