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Crappy Tummy Tamer

• According to the September ’13 Reader’s Digest, sewage may soothe. Say what? “With a procedure informally known as a poop transplant, researchers found that transferring stool from a healthy person into the gut of someone infected with C.difficile, a ...

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Sleep It Off

According to the April ’13 Prevention, a study at the New York Obesity Research Center found that sleep-restricted people may eat as much as 300 calories more the next day. Another study found that those who slept fewer than five ...

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Fast-Talking Influence

We often associate fast talkers with hyperactivity—or even scams. Slick con artists are usually “fast talkers,” but there is another breed that shares the characteristic. According to the December ’11 Prevention, a recent study showed that “most successful people speak ...

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The Art of Anger

When you’re boiling mad, what do you do? Stomp around the house yelling? Punch the stuffing out of a throw pillow? Maybe you should paint. Say, what? According to the November ’11 Prevention, a study showed that “anger triggers unstructured thinking,” which ...

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