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At-Ease Squeeze

According to the March ’13 Reader’s Digest, you can squeeze yourself out of a stressful situation and improve performance—like lifting … continue reading

D Can Up Your T

According to the November/December ’12 Well Being Journal, you can boost your testosterone by going outside. No, you don’t have to … continue reading

Wheat Whacker

According to the May/June ’10 Well Being Journal, whole grains contain a substance called phytic acid that combines with iron, … continue reading

Facebook Confidence

/ Posted 06.15.2013

According to the December ’12 Prevention, spending time logged in to your social network can boost your self-esteem. That comes … continue reading

Headache Healers

/ Posted 05.28.2013

Pounding headaches are no fun and can become debilitating. If you get frequent headaches, you may be deficient in magnesium. … continue reading

The Benefits of Doing Nothing

/ Posted 05.16.2013

According to the Winter ’12 Prevention, you should take time for daydreaming. It appears that it may sharpen learning ability and … continue reading

Beat Monday Blues

More than 75 percent of workers confess that Mondays make them miserable, according to the December ’11 Prevention. Solution? Alex … continue reading

The Surprising Benefit of Washing Up

….Most people know that one of the best way to keep from getting colds and other viruses is to wash … continue reading

Go Green for Happiness

/ Posted 03.29.2013

Feeling a little blue at work? Go green—as in adding foliage. According to the June ’12 Health, a study in … continue reading

Is Your Water Bottle Killing You?

/ Posted 03.11.2013

If you’re serious about building muscles and staying healthy, you need to be aware of bisphenol A. BPA is a … continue reading

Vitamin A May Reduce Skin Cancer Risk

/ Posted 02.21.2013

Previous laboratory studies suggest that increased consumption of vitamin A and carotenoids helps protect against melanoma. Maryam Asgari and colleagues … continue reading

Breathe Deep to Sleep

/ Posted 01.07.2013

You know how important a good night’s sleep is. It helps you recuperate from your workout, keeps you leaner, boosts … continue reading

Quick Hangover Helper

/ Posted 12.29.2012

According to an item by Marianne J. Legato, M.D., in the August ’12 Prevention, the best thing you can do … continue reading

There’s Something About Citrus

/ Posted 12.17.2012

Most people love the smell of oranges and lemons—unless you’re a housekeeper who uses Lemon Pledge every day. Seriously, studies … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 5

/ Posted 12.15.2012

In the last installment, I discussed the different set-and-rep formulas I like for high-skill moves like the Olympic lifts as … continue reading

High Fives and Hand Jives

/ Posted 12.14.2012

Is there too much high-fiving and butt slapping in pro sports? Maybe not. According to the May ’12 Reader’s Digest, all … continue reading

Which is better: Yoga vs. Walking?

/ Posted 12.05.2012

According to the September ’11 Bottom Line Health, subjects in a new study practiced yoga or walked at a moderate … continue reading

Why do I have the Stinkiest Sweat?

/ Posted 11.03.2012

According to the June ’12 Prevention, sweat that’s caused by stress is stinkier than the sweat you release when you’re … continue reading

Drink to Think

/ Posted 10.12.2012

You’ve heard that moderate alcohol intake can help prevent cardiovascular disease, but what about the mental effects? Those appear to … continue reading

Disruption Destruction

/ Posted 10.09.2012

Did you know that when something throws off your schedule, you can lose muscle? According to the May ’12 Reader’s … continue reading

Sadness: The Road to Recovery

No question that depression is rampant in America. Antidepressants are the number-one prescription drug in this country for adults under … continue reading

Insulin Intel

Mental maladies, such as dementia, are becoming more and more prevalent in older people. One reason could be too many … continue reading

Set Goals to Grow

/ Posted 09.30.2012

Goal setting is extremely important for success. As Ben Franklin famously said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to … continue reading

Joints and Achy Runoff

/ Posted 09.28.2012

When knees are aching, many people stay off their feet for relief—but that may be the opposite of what you … continue reading

Migraine Mineral

/ Posted 09.27.2012

Many people suffer frequent headaches, and often they can be severe. Migraines can be debilitating, and sometimes even over-the-counter pain … continue reading

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