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Train With Joe

According to the December ’12 Bottom Line Health, coffee can reduce pain. Subjects who drank just one cup of coffee about an hour before awkward computer tasks had significantly less pain than those who didn’t drink the coffee.“Caffeine is an ...

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Don’t Get Stoned

According to those who have had to pass them, kidney stones are an incredibly painful affliction. Doctors suggest drinking plenty of water to keep your kidneys flushed, and new research suggests ditching plastic bowls and cups—at least for hot stuff. ...

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Tea Cures Acne?

• According to the March ’13 Better Nutrition, green tea can significantly improve acne. That comes from an eight-week trial published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. The EGCG in the tea “suppresses acne-promoting bacteria, reduces secretion of sebum (a ...

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Up With People

If you listen to the negative voice in your head, you’re bound to get down. It’s self-sabotage. In fact, many of us can recall pessimistic people throughout our lives who fed that negativity. According to the December ’12 Prevention, now is ...

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