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Abbie Burrows: IM 2014 Swimsuit Spectactular Insider Preview

/ Posted 04.15.2014

Here is a preview of Abbie Burrow’s photoshoot for IRON MAN’s 2014 Swimsuit Spectacular. IM Insiders have full access to … continue reading

Unbreakable Dave Goodin

/ Posted 03.26.2014

54-Year-Old Pro Bodybuilder Dave Goodin Doesn’t Let Setbacks Set Him Back‌ Dave Goodin is a freak—and I say that as … continue reading

Can’t Weight to Train: Leo Howard Interview

/ Posted 02.21.2014

On the subject of weight, Leo carries 160 pounds of chiseled muscle on his 5’11” frame—with a set of abs … continue reading

Hardbody Alicia Coates

/ Posted 02.14.2014

Place of residence: Phoenix Height: 5’5” Weight: 128 Occupation: IFBB pro figure athlete and personal trainer Web site: Current … continue reading

Heavy Duty Returns

/ Posted 02.08.2014

Intensity! It’s a word that is casually thrown around and misused throughout the bodybuilding and fitness world. To that end … continue reading

Jessica James [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 01.16.2014

Compiled by Savannah Neveux • Photography by Michael Neveux Jessica James grew up in cheerleading. Her mom operated a cheer … continue reading

Hunter Labrada

/ Posted 12.17.2013

In the case of Hunter Labrada, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in nutrition to know that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Considering the accomplishments of his pop, Hall of Fame bodybuilder Lee Labrada, that’s one mighty large apple.

Casey Bunce: One Determined Dude

/ Posted 11.29.2013

From the first it was clear that Casey Bunce had a story to tell. The question: “What do I need … continue reading

Jeremy Jackson’s Jagged Journey

/ Posted 11.13.2013

Jeremy Jackson—J.J. to his friends—has lived a life most people can only dream of. I mean, come on. He grew … continue reading

Mike O’Hearn: Superhero Shoulders

/ Posted 10.11.2013

Drug-Free Star Mike O’Hearn Knows How to Build Cannonball Delts Faster Than a Speeding Bullet In the dark of the … continue reading

Jenna Reneé Webb: Fit Florida Filly [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 07.25.2013

Dymatize Athlete Jenna Reneé Webb Got Her Life Back With Clean Eating and Hard Training Jenna Reneé Webb is a … continue reading

Brian Casad – Fired Up for Greatness

/ Posted 04.03.2013

Brian Casad Turns Fat-Boy Comments Into Fuel for Victory Some people fall victim to life challenges, while others take a … continue reading

Train Like You, Not Your Favorite Pro [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.27.2013

Summer was rapidly coming to an end, and so was my contest diet. Labor Day was just around the corner, … continue reading

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Creating a Cavernous Chest

/ Posted 03.26.2013

By Arnold Schwarzenegger as told Gene Mozee Photography by Art Zeller I’ve never been a big believer in the “great … continue reading

15 Minute Arm Assault

/ Posted 03.20.2013

Fifteen minutes, 900 seconds, a quarter of an hour—if you’re on the clock and feeling the pressure, you can get … continue reading

3 Steps to a Big Bench Press [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.19.2013

My friend Shawn Hayes and I started training together, and his goal was to get his bench up to a … continue reading

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Terrific Traps

/ Posted 03.19.2013

In my early bodybuilding years I rarely worked my traps. I assumed that these muscles received enough work from bent-over … continue reading

Eat Right for Your Body Type – Part 1 [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.14.2013

Part 1 Genetics, Genotyping and Gene Simmons By some estimates almost 75 percent of adults in the United States begin … continue reading

7 Forgotten Mass Moves [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.13.2013

Overlooked Exercises, Tips and Tactics You Can Use to Get Huge Most bodybuilders get stuck in a rut, even if … continue reading

Jen Aragon – Asian Sensation [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.12.2013

Optimum Nutrition Athlete Jen Aragon Went From 200 Pounds of Blubber to Bikini Stunner Seven years ago Jen Aragon became … continue reading

Ben Booker: Razor Sharp [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.11.2013

Ben Booker Etches His Physique With Motivation and Determination Several years ago I was watching a compilation of failed attempts … continue reading

Arm-Building Secrets of the Pros

/ Posted 02.27.2013

Disclaimer: I intentionally misled you with the title to get your attention. There really are no “secrets” of the pros … continue reading

Get Abs Like Arnold With These 4 Exercises

/ Posted 02.25.2013

by Arnold Schwarzenegger as told to Gene Mozee This article originally appeared in the November 1993 Issue of IRON MAN … continue reading

The History of Test and Steroids

/ Posted 02.20.2013

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to hear about anabolic steroids. They are constantly in the news. One day … continue reading

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Building Total Upper-Arm Massiveness

/ Posted 02.18.2013

By Arnold Schwarzenegger as told to Gene Mozee This article originally appeared in the Feb 1994 issue of IRON MAN … continue reading

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