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Cedric McMillan, 11th last season, bounces back to win NY Pro

Big Mac wasn’t any small fry this time around in the Big Apple. Cedric McMillan, the 2009 overall Nationals champ, who had been called the “next Lee Haney” by some folks in the know based on his 6’1″, 260-pound aesthetic physique, looked more like mini-sliders at the 2011 contest. Coming off a victory at the Europa Super Show a year ago, ,he was way, way off en route to a shocking 11th place finish at the Bev Francis/Steve Weinberger production, held annually at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center on the campus of Manhattan Community College.

From reports I’ve gotten from several sources who were at the contest (and from looking at his pictures), Ced was a new man on stage on Saturday en route to a powerful victory over runner-up Johnnie Jackson and three rookies: third place finisher Steve Kuclo, fourth place winner Juan Morel and fifth place honoree Jonathan Delarosa.

In the 212 and under competition, home town fave Kevin English, the three-time Olympia 202 and under winner, notched another victory in the newly created class—but not without a bit of controversy. At least according to a source in the audience. “Sure, Kevin is thick as hell, tons of muscle,” he voiced into the phone, “But Sami Alhaddad was in great condition, and has beautiful shape. For me money, Sami took the class easily.”

Mark Anthony Wingson kept on rolling in the men’s physique, scoring his third consecutive victory in 2012, finishing ahead of Collin Humphrey and Eddie Baird, respectively.

NY Pro-Open

1. Cedric McMillan
2. Johnnie Jackson
3. Steve Kuclo
4. Juan Morel
5. Jonathan Delarosa
6. Vaughn Ettienne
7. Tomas Bures
8. Mohammad Touri
9. Jeff Long
10. Sean Allan
11. Wendell Floyd


1. Kevin English
2. Sami Alhaddad
3. Jose Raymond
4. Marco Rivera
5. Gus Cisterino

Pro Men’s Physique

1. Mark Wingson
2. Collin Humphrey
3. Eddie Baird
4. Angelo Marasca
5. Anthony Scotti

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Greene Topples NY Pro Field

/ Posted 05.31.2011

The first phase of the Kai Greene comeback is in the books. Greene, who fell all the way to seventh at the 2010 Mr. Olympia after winning his second consecutive Arnold Classic a few months earlier, gave the hometown fans a lot to cheer about as he toppled the field at the New York Pro last Saturday.

I wasn’t there, but in looking at the pictures on the various websites, Greene looked to be way better than he was at the Olympia, but not as good as he was at the Arnold. Which would make sense, since he now has another four months to tweak his physique (Greene needs to be tighter to challenge for the Sandow).

The Swami was right on for the top two placings; Ronny Rockel finished second behind Greene, but was way off for the next three slots as Craig Richardson (3rd), Lionel Beyeke (4th) and Robert Burneike (5th) rounded out the top five. Yogi Avidan had picked Cedric McMillan to finish second; I had Big Mac third. We both took a bath here, as McMillan could only muster an 11th place landing.

In the 202 division, Jose Raymond pulled off what many considered an upset (I didn’t), by finishing ahead of Flex Lewis to nab top honors. Marvin Ward, the former Team Universe overall champion and 2008 NPC Nationals lightweight winner, was third in his pro debut.

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NY Pro Going Greene?

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