Lee Banks Huge Deposit

/ Posted 09.06.2010

Lee Banks did it, finally, So did Abbas Khatami. And PD Devers. Yes, they all moved on to the next level with victories at the North American Championships held in Cleveland, Ohio over the weekend.

Banks, the Heavyweight out of Florida, won his class and the Overall; Khatami, from Irvine, California, won the Super Heavyweight class for the THIRD time, but won’t be heading back to Cleveland for yet another shot at a pro card in 2011. Happily for Abbas, two pro cards were given out to the men for the first time at the NA; since Abbas finished second to Banks in the Overall balloting, it’s bye-bye NPC, hello IFBB. Ditto for PD Devers, who toppled the field in the Masters 40+ to get, at last, that long awaited pro card. Congrats, guys.


LT, Jumbo Palumbo Dissect North American

/ Posted 09.02.2010

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When I flew into Newark, New Jersey two weeks ago to emcee the NJ State Championships, RxMuscle’s Dave (Jumbo) Palumbo made the two-hour drive from Long Island, New York to join me on video in breaking down this weekend’s North American Championships. We both go with Keith Williams, although Abbas Khatami is looming, in the Supers, while Lee (Take it to the) Banks is our choice in the HW class. With two pro cards now on the line for the men, this is a great opportunity for the above-mentioned dudes, so close yet so far, to finally move on to the next level.