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/ Posted 04.04.2012


Los Angeles, CA [Arpil 3, 2012] – Want inspiration? Want to transform and reshape your body? Iron Man magazine reveals the secrets by highlighting a BodySpace Transformation Champion of the Month with a feature article in the pages of Iron Man magazine.

Since 2002 has been encouraging incredible transformations from their massive BodySpace community members whose numbers continue to grow. These are real people getting real results.

Iron Man has been championing body transformations and providing motivational stories since 1936. Iron Man has always stressed the health and character-building aspects of weight-training and is proud to celebrate these BodySpace Transformers.

Each month Iron Man will select five of the most inspiring BodySpace Transformations and share stats and quotes from their stories on Web site visitors and fans tell us who inspired them the most by voting for their favorite.

The BodySpacer with the most votes will be featured in Iron Man magazine with their full story and how they did it, starting with the July issue (on newsstands 5/29).

Voting begins April 9. Check back for details!

Want to build a leaner, sexier body and inspire others to do the same? Head on over to and submit a transformation story. You could be the next featured role model in Iron Man magazine!

Each month plug yourself back in and recharge lagging motivation by subscribing to Iron Man magazine. How does one reach their goals? By staying motivated, sticking to the workout program and getting to the next level.

Print Subscription:

Digital Subscription:

The May Issue of IRON MAN is all about information and motivation to inspire your transformation. Hollywood muscle guy Greg Plitt outlines his workout techniques for a body that makes girls weak — as in knees buckle, palms get sweaty. Then we check in with beautiful Jamie Eason, with an eye-opening interview and pics so hot your hair may catch fire. Now, there’s a physique that makes guys weak. On newsstands first week in April.

Download a COMPLIMENTARY SAMPLE ISSUE by clicking the link below and remember to share the link with your family and friends:

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Jack LaLanne, RIP

/ Posted 01.24.2011

At Jack LaLanne’s 90th birthday party, held at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica, the fitness guru who promoted the benefits of pumping iron decades before it became fashionable,  told me “I can’t die, it wouldn’t be good for my image.” Jack held on another six years before he succumbed to respiratory failure due to pneumonia Sunday afternoon at his Morro Bay home on California’s central coast, according to his agent, Rick Hersh.

LaLanne, who said he exercised every day, swore he didn’t eat sugar since he was 15 years old. He opened what is believed to be the nation’s first health club in Oakland, CA, in 1936, and in the 1950s starred in what was the first ever television exercise program.

Jack was full of energy every time I saw him, and never left without rattling off a few of his long list of witty lines. When I asked him at the birthday party, which was co-produced by IRON MAN Magazine, how he was going to top towing a boat across the San Francisco Bay with his teeth (for his 70th), he snapped, “I’m going to tow Elaine (his wife of 51 years) across the bathtub tonight.” Check out the video interview I did with Jack at Muscle Beach in 2007 to get my drift.

Jack, you may be gone, but I wouldn’t have to tell you you’ll never be forgotten. Thank you for what you brought to this world.


Iron Man Magazine Mobile App Press Release

/ Posted 12.27.2010

Hot off the presses!

Need a dose of information and inspiration to supercharge your workouts? Introducing the IRON MAN magazine mobile app for smartphones and iPad!

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) Dec. 26, 2010—Now it’s quicker and easier than ever to get authoritative bodybuilding, fat loss and nutrition information. Right from your smartphone or iPad you can access training routines, watch videos, get motivated by inspiring photos, keep up with the latest news and contest reports, and get plugged in to IRON MAN’s most popular social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter!

When publisher John Balik was asked how he felt about the idea that readers will now be able to access IRON MAN magazine on the expanded platforms, he responded “We at IRON MAN are thrilled that our information is now available for our readers any time they want it. Mobile applications can deliver our bodybuilding training and nutrition information to educate as well as motivate readers worldwide. This has been Iron Man’s keystone since its inception.”

IRON MAN magazine’s editor-in-chief, Steve Holman, had this to say “It’s really amazing to be able to access any information you need with an easy-to-use mobile application. Now with the mobile app, our growing family of readers can instantly download a dose of IRON MAN for inspiration and motivation virtually anytime anywhere!”

Renowned photographer Michael Neveux has been shooting top bodybuilders and fitness models in preparation for the mobile app launch. An innovator in bodybuilding and fitness photography, Mike’s photo magic leaves his viewers begging for more.  Now they’ll get it faster and easier with the new mobile app.

As the world’s most trusted bodybuilding magazine, IRON MAN magazine traces its history back to 1936. The IRON MAN Lifestyle incorporates bodybuilding into a holistic philosophy that includes supplementation, inspiration and self-actualization.

With the new app, developed in partnership with Handmark, IRON MAN magazine is now in a position to offer readers instant access to training routines, nutrition science, supplement reviews and celebrity profiles. Plus, get immediate access to videos and photo galleries with striking images. The app will automatically refresh every time it is launched. It’ll also be easy to save photos, videos and stories to view later or share with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

To download the IRON MAN Magazine Mobile App, simply text IRONMANMAG to 46275 or visit from your phone’s mobile web browser.

Supported devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry, Android. Coming Soon: Palm web OS, Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile.

More info:

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Fun at FitExpo

/ Posted 01.25.2010

Okay, so one out of two ain’t bad. I said I would be going to the FitExpo on both Saturday and Sunday at the Los Angeles Convention Center, but six hours and 20 interviews (at least) later, Saturday alone was more than enough to fill my weekend plate. And—can you believe it?—after five days of solid downpours and heavy winds, the sky opened up and pushed through the sun, so the weather was terrific.

It was a very good crowd on Saturday, and the IRON MAN booth was smokin’. Mainly due to the presence of pro fitness star Oksana Grishina and NPC figure competitor Heather Clay, who really shook things up Sunday when she appeared in her Wonder Woman outfit. Even Merv had his eyes wide open for this one. We gave out complimentary mags of the February, 2010 issue, with Michael “Titan” O’Hearn on the cover.

As you can see from the Yogi Avidan photo in this space, both Ruthless Ruth and I are confused why we haven’t graced the front of the book in our two decades plus of service. Michael Neveux won’t tell us, so if you have the inside scoop, let me know. O’Hearn joined IM Creative Art Director Terry Bratcher, among others, on the judging panel; from what I saw, the magistrates did a fine job with their selections, albeit a tough one to call in both the male and female categories.

Congrats to BodySpace winners Ben Booker and Jacqueline Kay, who earned a cover with IRON MAN Magazine, an interview with David Young and a year contract with for their efforts. Booker, 28, is a father of two who hails from Sullivan, Illinois; Kay, 26, is from Virginia Beach, Virginia and a Washington State University grad.

Obviously I didn’t make it to the Jay Cutler seminar on Sunday, but we all know who did. Trevor Tihonchuck, the number one Cutler fan—and look-alike—in the world. Jay changes his hairdo prior to the ‘Olympia, of course Trevor follows in his footsteps.

Anyway, got to chat with a lot of folks (Mark Alvisi, Flex Lewis, Ava Cowan, Cathy LeFrancois, Hidetada Yamagishi, Greg Plitt and Danny Hester, to name a few); make sure you check back on the site periodically for my video interviews from the event.


Rain or Shine, Here I Come

/ Posted 01.20.2010

It’s going to be sad making my way to the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend, knowing that, for the first time in 20 years, there will be no IRON MAN PRO to emcee. But, I’m sure my emotions will brighten a bit when I enter the venue and see so many friends I’ve encountered in my 25-plus years in the industry.

So, rain or shine (and it’s been raining cats and dogs this week, but the forecast for a drier weekend is encouraging) here I come. I’ll be interviewing a slew of industry mainstays on Saturday, and will also be spending some time at the IRON MAN booth, where most of the staff will be, at least in part, over the two-day affair.

Make sure you come on by, and chat with the likes of John Balik, Michael Neveux, Steve Holman, Ruthless Ruth Silverman, Dave, Goodin, David Young and Marvelous Merv, among others.  I can’t wait to see Merv’s posing routine; complete with the obligatory briefs, to show off his new and vastly improved 2010 physique. I tried, to no avail, to get him to enter the BodySpace SpokesModel competition. But, you can see all the finalists Saturday afternoon. Some great looking bodies, to say the least. And, the winners will grace the cover of IRON MAN Magazine after undergoing a studio shoot with Michael.

And, I plan on taking in Jay Cutler’s seminar at 2 pm on Sunday. Come on now, the man is the first person in bodybuilding history to lose, then regain the Mr. Olympia title. Jay’s a great guy, and does a super job every year at this colloquium. Get there early, the room fills up fast.

Way too much to talk about, so the best thing is to have you log on to and plan for a fun, exciting weekend.

I’m out.

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2010 IRON MAN Pro Postponed

/ Posted 11.13.2009

822rb0409Iron Man Magazine Publisher John Balik reported today that the Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro bodybuilding contest, originally slated to take place on Saturday, January 23, 2010, is being rescheduled for an as of yet undetermined date. The contest, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2009, is one of the longest running IFBB Pro shows in the world.

For the last six years, the Iron Man Pro has been held in conjunction with The Los Angeles Fitness Expo, produced by National Fitness Productions. With over 20,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and an incredible line-up of fitness, physique, martial arts and strength contests, it is one of the country’s largest and fastest growing consumer fitness expos.

“The Expo has been a huge success and is growing every year” said Balik. “But when it was held in late February, two weeks before the Arnold Classic to accommodate the Iron Man Pro, some companies just couldn’t exhibit at it. Shipping their booths coast-to-coast and asking their staff to work back-to-back expos was just too much for some of them.”

So when National Fitness Productions elected to move the Expo to the third weekend in January last year, dozens more companies were able to come out from the Midwest and East Coast to exhibit. However, as Balik noted, “for the pro bodybuilders, it meant having to train and diet through the holiday season and then try to peak again six weeks later for the Arnold and other IFBB contests that follow it.”

“And in spite of the huge crowds that attend the Expo and the myriad of sponsors that support it, ticket sales to the Iron Man Pro continue to decline, making it a challenge to produce the contest profitably.”

Balik added, “The quality of the athletes is the cornerstone of any events success. The rich twenty year history of the Iron Man Pro is the direct result of the wonderful IFBB athletes who have supported it. From the first winner, Shawn Ray, to the 20th, Silvio Samuel, and the current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, the list of champions is a who’s who of IFBB Pro Bodybuilding.”

Balik went on to say he is investigating alternative dates and venues at which to hold the Iron Man Pro, either in late February just prior to the Arnold Classic, or perhaps in May around the time of the New York Pro Show.

Moving the Contest to either of these time slots would mean the bodybuilders could gear their training and dieting for multiple shows on back-to-back weekends, giving them chances for multiple paydays and Mr. Olympia qualifying finishes. In turn, the deeper line-ups will hopefully draw more fans to the contests which would be good for the promoters, the sponsors and the sport.

The Pro Fight Supplements Iron Man Pro is produced by Iron Man Magazine and presented by Gaspari Nutrition.

The Los Angeles Fitness Expo, produced by National Fitness Productions and presented by Gaspari Nutrition, will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 23-24, 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, South Halls G & H. It will feature the Gaspari Nutrition All-American Strongman Contest, the Con Cret USPF American Cup Powerlifting Meet, Scot Mendelson’s Bench Press Classic, the Champion Nutrition MaxReps Contests, the Gracie National Jiu Jitsu Championships and the Bodyspace Spokesmodel Search.  For a complete schedule and ticket information visit

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Stars to Shine Bright at Junior Cal

/ Posted 06.07.2009

804mp18411Former champions Leo Delaine, Brianne Shaw, Alex Azarian and Andre Bueno (and, who knows, probably others) will be back on stage at the latest version of my annual NPC Junior California Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships less than two weeks away.

If you are reading this blog, you don’t have to ask me the date or site of the contest-hell, there are banners all over the site, not to mention the event poster! Okay, for those of you majoring in Braille, the show is being held at a brand new location, the sublime Rosemead High School Auditorium (had to move it from Pasadena City College), and takes place Saturday, June 20.

No, Delaine, Shawn and Bueno, last year’s winners in the Men’s Unlimited, Figure and Collegiate and Teen categories, respectively, aren’t putting on the competition suits again. Either is Azarian-at least at this competition, but all will be there supporting the event, and will be a part of the awards ceremony in the second half of the contest.

As my website ( clearly points out, prejudging starts at 11 am, finals at 6 pm sharp. All information regarding entry forms, ticket prices, directions, host hotel data and more can be obtained from the site, so do it right.

Oh yea, some guy named Cutler will be the featured guest poser. Jay’s goin’ about 290 these days, and is in pretty darn good condition to boot three months out from his attempt to regain the Mr. O crown.

And, former Junior Cal Figure champ Sherlyn Roy, who moved into the pro ranks this season, and Michael O’Hearn, AKA “Titan” of “American Gladiator Fame”, will be in the lobby joining Cutler and others greeting their legions of fans.

As always, of course, there will be plenty of surprises at the event, which is always filled with many of the industry’s biggest names; last year 20 pros were in attendance.

Even famed IRON MAN photographers/videographers Roland Balik and Merv will be in the house-Roland is coming all the way out from his Deleware digs to check out the action for the first time. Hopefully, he is bringing his Pop, IM Publisher John Balik, with him. Another ace on the IM staff, Ruthless Ruth Silverman, will be in her usual seat in the audience.

Diamond Dave Liberman and his lady, top NPC Figure star Linda Reho, are flying in from Cleveland, Ohio to help with the contest, as is former pro figure competitor June Munroe, making the trek from Houston, Texas. And don’t forget Ron “Yogi” Avidan and Mark Mason, who will be displaying their photo and video talents once again.

Check back for updates…but, the entry forms, and the celebrity lists,  are rolling in, so be there or be square, dig it?


Good-Bye, Zabo

/ Posted 03.31.2009

albumopenr_00049_zaboAnother legend has passed on, with the sad news that Irvin “Zabo” Koszewski died Sunday at age of 84. Zabo, according to my sources, came down with pneumonia, which led to a staph infection; eventually renal failure resulted in his death.

I first met Zabo at Joe Gold’s World Gym in 1983. Known for his tremendous mid-section-he dominated the “Best Abs” competition whenever he stepped on stage-during his illustrious 20 year career, Koszewski struck me more for his laid back persona, and wit, than for his championship physique.

He worked the front desk at the gym, but most of the time he was either reading a book, or sleeping, while members and guests alike, after failing to get his attention, would just enter the facility, train, and leave-while Zabo continued to dream away. Sometimes he would take the phone off the hook, and when an irate Gold came back from a break and asked why the phone was busy for hours, Zabo would innocently say the receiver must have been knocked off accidentally. Honest injun!

Eventually I did a couple of in-depth pieces on him in IRON MAN, and found out so much more about this understated gentleman.  He was born August 24, 1924, in Camden, New Jersey. His quest for the perfect midsection began at the age of seven, after seeing photos of Eugene Sandow’s beautifully sculpted abs. Zabo was a standout high school athlete, where he was captain of the football team, earning all-state honors as an offensive guard; he also lettered in track, swimming and wrestling. In 1943 he enlisted in the Army infantry; during his time in the service Zabo served in New Zealand and Australia, and fought in three combat landings.

albumjgold_00041_zaboAfter returning stateside, Zabo won the Mr. New Jersey title in 1948; in 1951 he made his first appearance at Muscle Beach and immediately fell in love with the location; Zabo had found a new home. At the 1965 Mr. America, held in conjunction with the inaugural Mr. Olympia, Koszewski finished third in the Medium class-he won, natch, “Best Abs” as well.

Two years later he won his class at the Mr. International and his success on a posing dais eventually led to mainstream notoriety as he landed a part in the television series “Combat”, for five years. He also worked in movies, and toured with the Mae West Show.

In 1970, while Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva faced off in the Tall division at the Pro World competition, Zabo landed in fourth in the Short class. In May, 2007, Zabo was inducted into the Joe Weider Hall of Fame; he was honored at last year’s Independence Day show at Muscle Beach.

The last time I saw Zabo was at the Reg Park Memorial in December of 2007. I tried to get him to open up on camera but, as expected, he wanted to shed the limelight.  A modest, funny man indeed, who epitomizes the “actions speak louder than words” credo.

Plans for a memorial service are in the making; check back at this site for updates. In the meantime, the IRON MAN staff sends out deepest condolences to the Koszewski family.


Happy Birthday, JB

/ Posted 03.26.2009

Birthday wishes go out to my boss at IRON MAN, John Balik, who turns 67 today-although, as Isaac Hinds says, “you must mean 57!”. Yes, Balik does look terrific, despite the stresses of steering the ship at IM each month, and dealing with the never-ending pressures of promoting a pro bodybuilding contest. If you’ve forgotten, we just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the IM PRO. So, John, how can you still have that full head of hair? Look at what covering the industry, and putting on my Junior Cal each year, has done to me.

JB and I go back 23 years, when I first met him personally at Joe Gold’s World Gym in Santa Monica. He and Michael Neveux just purchased IRON MAN from Perry and Mabel Rader, and I approached John, at Joe’s urging, to write for the mag. Told him I’d love to produce the news/gossip column, cover contests and in-depth, up close and personal interviews.

Three days later I was on the plane with JB en route to Miami, the site of the 1986 Women’s Nationals. My first News and Views appeared in the January 1987 issue of the “new” IRON MAN (with Lee Haney on the cover).  I wrote my first cover story interview, with Gary Strydom, who won the Men’s Nationals a month later in Atlanta. Soon on the way was one of the classic Mighty Mike Quinn pieces. With several Shawn Ray cover stories in the making.  And, haven’t missed a column since. The rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking of Ray and Hinds, check out Isaac’s site, which is the best location going for up to date coverage of the women’s side of the industry. Lifter, one of the Terrific Trio on “The Experts” (me and Yogi are the other two, in case you haven’t noticed yet), has some funny lines after viewing a clip from Shawn Ray’s very first video, “Lifestyle of the Fit and Famous”, shot in 1990. Especially about my hair. Where is the comment about Sugar Shawn’s falling follicles, Hinds? A portion of the video was filmed at the old Brignole’s Fitness in Old Town Pasadena, to this day my favorite gym of all-time.

Ah, those were the days, my friend.

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Good-Bye, Mom

/ Posted 01.27.2009

It was with a heavy heart that I emceed the 20th Anniversary of the IRON MAN Pro Saturday at the Los Angeles Convention Center this past weekend. Less than three days earlier, I got the dreaded phone call (at 11:10 p.m. on Wednesday) from hospice, informing me that my mother had lost her long and courageous battle with emphysema. 

She had, hopefully, a peaceful death, passing away in her sleep at the Villa Scalibrini Retirement and Special Care facility, located in Sun Valley, California.

She had first moved into The Villa in February, 2002, where she eventually earned the moniker  “The Miracle Woman”; there were countless times over the past few years when I thought she would lose her battle with the chronic lung disease (the condition strikes mostly smokers) that destroys the tiny air sacs in the lungs.

A longtime smoker, Mom was forced to quit when she entered the Villa. But, as anyone who has dealt with the illness knows, it only gets worse with time, although there might be brief periods of improvement.

Mom would have turned 88 on February 23; our birthdays were a week apart (mine is on February 16). Her burial will take this Friday, at 11 a.m., at the San Fernando Mission Cemetery, in Mission Hills, California.

She requested that her maiden name, Marie G. Bruno (she had been known as Marie Hearn for the past 30 years), be placed on her headstone, and was specific with the Mortuary, as I found out last Thursday, that she did not want a special service, or an open casket. Fortunately, I will be allowed a final viewing of the only parent I’ve had since my father died when I was 17.

Mom would have asked for nothing less than for me to continue on with my duties at the IRON MAN over the weekend and, even though I wondered how I was going to get through the contest, having to deal with it ended up being a blessing in disguise.

The event forced me to focus on the present, instead of moping around (I am her only child; I found out that I have a half-sister, who lives in Arizona, on my father’s side, in 2005) and dwelling on the sad occurrence instead of concentrating, as she would have wanted me to, on the present and future. I know she was watching, proudly, when John Balik shocked me with the special “Master Emcee” honor for being at the podium every year since the contest began in 1990. She always did remind me of how I loved to talk. [smile]

I have been overwhelmed by how kind people have been with their condolences in person, via email, phone calls or texts. A special “thank you” to Shawn Ray, who started a thread about my mother’s passing on the forums at last week, and to Dan Solomon and Bob Cicherillo, who mentioned her death during their live webcast of the show on

I know you’re in a better place now, Mom. You had suffered far too long. I miss you dearly already but will see you again in the future. God bless all that you did for me.

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