Betty Weider Hall of Fame Induction

/ Posted 09.17.2012

“The First Lady of Fitness” Betty Weider is inducted into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame on Labor Day 2012. Video features full presentation as well as interviews with Franco Columbu, Eddue Giuliani, Lenda Murray, John Balik and Ruth Silverman. Event produced by Joe Wheatley Productions. Video hosted and produced by Josh Austin.

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Muscle Beach Labor Day Recap 2011

/ Posted 09.07.2011


While the morning started off with the threat of rain, the day turned out to be beautiful, sunny and warm. The athletes turned out in record numbers, great posing routines, strong competitors and the crowd was cheering on their favorites.

The Overall Winners include:

Cary Dinapoli, Overall Women’s Bodybuilding
Paul Barton, Overall Men’s Novice
Marco Lopez, Overall Men’s Open
Tania Hammon, Overall Novice Figure
Vanessa Armas, Overall Open Figure
Megan Krynicki, Overall Bikini

Watch for photos of the event and the winners in an upcoming issue of Iron Man Magazine sponsor of the Hall of Fame Award.

It was a special day for Dr. Bob Delmonteque who was inducted into the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame. Bob has spent 65 years as a training consultant reinforcing the essentials of exercise and nutrition.


Congratulations to Ron Kramer, owner of Thermolife, who received a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Los Angeles, Councilman Bill Rosendahl for his generous donation of fencing for the bleachers.

The sponsors were busy handing out samples, providing education and of course the wonderful giveaways. Special thanks to:

Muscle Tech, Title Sponsor, Presenting Sponsor
Dymatize, Host Sponsor
EFX, Official Holographic Energy Source

In addition Thermolife provided a wonderful free barbecue for the fans along with lots of great t-shirts and product.  Gold’s Gym, Big Back Grips, Lauren Powers Iso Sport, One More Rep, Gaspari Nutrition, Ballsy Babe Swimwear, Vitamin Water Eric The Trainer and others were on hand to make the event a huge success.

Joe Wheatley Productions would like to thank all our judges, backstage staff and event staff for the hard work they have performed over the entire season. We couldn’t do it without them.

Looking forward to the 2012 season!



2010 Muscle Beach Labor Day Results

/ Posted 09.08.2010

This year’s Labor Day competition saw 87 Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competitors strut their stuff at Muscle Beach Venice.

The Overall Winners for the event include:

Women’s Bodybuilding Overall – Lauren Powers

Men’s Novice Bodybuilding Overall – Bradley Tipton

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Overall – Ralph Gaxiola

Bikini Overall – Tatum Miranda

Figure Novice Overall – Nathalie

Figure Open Overall – Nathalie

Congratulations to all the winners!!!!

We look forward to photos of the winners and the event in upcoming issues of Iron Man Magazine.

All the competitors were inspired when Arnold showed up early in the morning at the Weight Pen, riding his bike down the Boardwalk. He was gracious and stopped to take pictures with the athletes. He encouraged them to continue the pursuit of their goals for health and fitness.

The event Title Sponsor Muscle Tech and other sponsors including, Iron Man Magazine, Vitamin Shoppe, Adore Swimwear, Mutliblaster, Bulky Boys, Big Back Grips, Independent Herbal Life and Vitamin Water provided education and giveaways to the crowds on the Boardwalk.

Thanks to all the sponsors for their support of the events at Muscle Beach.

A new addition to the competition at Muscle Beach included a hot dog eating contest sponsored by, Big City Reds Hot Dogs and Big Daddy and Sons. Although this may seem a contradiction at a fitness event – the winner of the event “Furious Pete Czerwinski” (a sponsored athlete) has a truly inspirational story. After many years suffering from anorexia, he overcame that illness and entered into competitive eating. He is an example of an individual who is healthy, fit and is a strong supporter of exercise. All the contestants were great!!!



The City of Los Angeles awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to 92 year old Relna Brewer McRae. Relna and her brother were the original founders of Muscle Beach Santa Monica. Relna’s reputation recognizes her as the world’s strongest women during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. She was the first woman to lift weights as an extensive part of her exercise regime. Relna was inducted into the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame 2009 and her plaque can be seen along with many others on the Muscle Beach Walk of Fame.

Joe Wheatley Productions would like to thank all of our staff including the judges, expeditors, back stage personnel and support staff for all the work and commitment they have invested into our events. Without them we could not have accomplished the huge success we have achieved at the Muscle Beach Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Events – THANKS!!!


Relna Brewer McRae

/ Posted 07.06.2009

Relna was inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend. Here’s a video interview of her with NPC San Diego News.

View more news videos at:



/ Posted 04.08.2009

mb_75th_anniversaryIt all started in 1934 when a group of health and fitness pioneers brought fame to Santa Monica Muscle Beach with their feats of weightlifting, strength and gymnastics.

In 2009 Muscle Beach Venice marks the 75th Anniversary of the world renown home of bodybuilding.

This historic occasion will be celebrated on July 4th 2009 at the Mr. & Ms. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Competition. Icons from the industry including Hall of Fame Inductees will be on hand with City of Los Angels Officials to recognize this great history.


Hall of Fame Inductees 2009

/ Posted 02.02.2009

The Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the inductees for the Class of 2009.

Chet Yorton – Mr. America and Mr. Universe will be inducted on Memorial Day, May 25, 2009
Bernie Ernst- two time Mr. Venice Beach and star of the TV Series “Body Buddies” will be inducted on July 4, 2009
Reg Lewis – Mr. America, Mr. Universe will be inducted on Labor Day, September 7, 2009.

Congratulations to the Inductees!!!

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Hall of Fame Inductees for 2008

/ Posted 03.22.2008

The Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Hall of Fame received nominations for inductees into the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame. After a meeting of the selection committee the following individuals will be inducted in 2008:

Memorial Day:
Reg Park – 3 time Mr. Universe
Sarah Clark – 1 st Miss Muscle Beach 1948

July 4th:
Irvin “Zabo” Kozewski – World’s Most Muscular Man in 1969

Labor Day:
Minutes of the meeting can be requested by e-mailing

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2007 Muscle Beach Labor Day Success

/ Posted 09.08.2007

The Muscle Beach Season ended on a grand note at the Muscle Beach Championship on Labor Day, September 3, 2007. The second Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Jack LaLanne, often called “The Godfather of Fitness”. Jack is world renown for his philosophy of exercise and diet and is celebrating his 93 rd birthday at the end of September. His wife Elaine, and son were on hand to see him receive his award. The crowd sang a “heart felt” happy birthday.

A special guest posing routine by title winners Bill Cunningham and Jane Hesselgesser was performed as a tribute to Jack and Elaine.

Thanks to Iron Man Magazine, who sponsors the Hall of Fame Awards.

The Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame held the Grand Opening of the Walk of Fame at the “Weight Pen”. Each of the 23 currently inducted Hall of Fame recipients including the first Lifetime Achievement Award winner Joe Weider had their bronze plaques unveiled on the Boardwalk.

Many thanks to Russ Deluca, the Deluca family and for sponsoring the Walk of Fame. Russ in conjunction with Joe Wheatley, President of the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame, Mark Grant representing Councilmen Bill Rosendahl and Debbie Rolland from the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department cut the ribbon to officially open the Walk of Fame.

Congratulations to the Overall Women’s Bobybuilding Winner, Barb Garcia, Overall Men’s Bodybuilding Winner, Joe Tong and the Overall Figure Winner, Ivana Matuskova. Seventy- six excellent athletes competed to an appreciative audience. The StarTrac Best Posing Routine was awarded to Carl Mathews. Thanks to Weider International for sponsoring the Overall Bodybuilding Awards. Watch for pictures of the winners and the event in an upcoming issue of Iron Man Magazine

Special thanks to HeadBlade Host Sponsor of the event who along with 22 other vendors including Gold’s Gym, House of Pain, Mind Over Matter Clothing, Eric the Trainer, City of LA Fire Department, One More Rep, Xango, Private Trainers Association and many others provided education and giveaways to the crowd.

Thanks!!! to the extraordinary staff who helped Joe Wheatley Productions in making the Muscle Beach 2007 season a huge success.

Additional photos at and more coverage by Ian Sitren, courtesy of major sponsor, plus the Iron Man team of Lonnie Teper, Terry Bratcher and Merv Petralba.



Lifetime Achievement Award: Jack LaLanne

/ Posted 06.19.2007

Jack LaLanne will be inducted into the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Hall of Fame and receive the second Lifetime Achievement Award. Labor Day, Monday September 3, 2007 marks the exciting day when supporters of the health and fitness industry and members of the public will be able to participate in the recognition of Mr. LaLanne. Spanning decades, Jack’s career has continued to spotlight health and fitness.

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