/ Posted 12.24.2007

Jerry Fredrick has been a professional photographer since 1969. He first met John Balik and Mike Neveux in 1980 after moving to Santa Monica, California. His first Iron Man feature was a monthly photo column in 1991 called Hot Shots with Jerry Fredrick where his stylish grab shots defined a generation of fitness buffs.

Working alongside such photo greats as Artie Zeller, John Balik, Mike Neveux and Chris Lund, whom Jerry counts as his inspirations, Jerry loves to catch the diehard trainers at gyms in and around Southern California do their thing. A master at putting people at ease, Jerry’s Gold’s Gym profiles are a popular staple in the magazine, as well as video interviews at Muscle Beach events.

You can contact Jerry at jerry.fredrick[at]ironmanmagazine[dot]com

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