/ Posted 02.07.2011

As one of the most recognized businessmen in strength sports, Sean Katterle’s Hardcore Powerlifting has been leading the charge to bring classic lifting back to the forefront of the gym culture universe.

Katterle has worked as a color commentator and technical analyst for benchpress competitons aired on Fox Sports Net and Comcast Sports Net nationwide. His company has produced and promoted professional, raw, powerlifting meets at the Olympia Expo, Europa Super Show and, most recently, at The Ronnie Coleman Classic. Sean’s also served as an announcer and master of ceremonies for the powerlifting stages built at The Arnold Classic and Los Angeles FitExpo.

“Sean Zilla” is also a prolific, freelance journalist, with his articles and interviews being published in IRON MAN, Planet Muscle, Southern Muscle Plus, Monster Muscle, BodyTalk and in Powerlifting USA since 2002.

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