What Sets The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation Apart From Other Barbell Lifting Promotions in North America (www.HardcorePowerlifting.com)

/ Posted 01.30.2013

“The Kings of the Bench. It’s the largest pro benchpress contest in the world.” – Brian Dobson of Original Metroflex Gym in Arlington fame, Facebook video, Jan. 27, 2013

^^^ Hardcore Powerlifting Federation Pro, Orlando Green ^^^

There are currently over a dozen active powerlifting federations in North America. Most of them are amateur, meaning that they don’t offer up much of anything in the way of financial compensation for the competitors and almost all of them run on a profit model that is based off making money off the athletes themselves by way of sign up costs, souvenir t-shirts and federation membership card fees. Additional income flows in to these promoters’ bank accounts by way of commercial support from event sponsors. But, in the name of squeezing as much of a quick return profit out of each project as possible, these amateur show organizers do very little to get their corporate backers a solid return on their investment. This “Take the money and run” business model leaves the companies who were lured into the deal wary of continuing or increasing their investment of the sport. They don’t see powerlifting as a money making venture for their brand and so they look to other sporting pursuits, such as CrossFit and MMA, to invest in.

Want some proof of this statement? The sport of powerlifting had only one, legitimately international publication and that was Powerlifting USA. That magazine was in circulation for 25 years and it covered almost all of the American gatherings plus most of the major events taking place in Europe and in Southeast Asia. The magazine dedicated a large percentage of each issue to covering the types of shows described above. The lack of public awareness for these poorly advertised events combined with their refusal to qualify any of the claims and statements being submitted by these independent operations (the endless claims of new records, champions and titles that held less merit than what was reported) left an ocean of confusion and watered down news and all in the name of trying to make all of the people happy all of the time. And here’s the end result in the publisher’s own words.

“The May 2012 issue will be the last edition of POWERLIFTING USA magazine produced by Mike Lambert. We have been “bleeding out” financially and the future outlook for print magazines is bleak. We consider the marketplace to be a democracy, and we recognize that consumers vote with their dollars. When financial support for a given venture starts to slip away, it’s like an election and–like it or not–you have to “leave office,” which I accept.” – Mike Lambert, Editor n’ Chief, Powerlifting USA

^^^ Hardcore Powerlifting card lady, Sophia Parnachelli, tossing promotional items out to the crowd at Kings of the Bench ^^^

So why is The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation achieving such great results for their family of commercial backers? Why is The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation becoming more and more popular while the majority of the other leagues are fading into the sunset along with the free classified event listings they lazily relied on from Powerlifting USA?

Let’s break it down for those who want to run a “Pepsi Challenge.”

1) For each event, HardcorePowerlifting.com prints and mails out 2,500 to 5,000 marketing postcards to gyms and athletes. These cards are full color, double sided and 4-6 x 6-11″ in size and they’re distributed through the post office. What other promotion invests in a mass printing and hardcopy mailing like this? NONE of them do! HardcorePowerlifting.com puts your company logo on paper and in the hands of thousands of people involved with the world of weight lifting.

2) To support this mega postcard mail bomb, we also print 150, full color, 13″ x 19″ event posters and these are mailed out to “Powerlifting friendly” gyms all over the USA and to a few in Canada and overseas. What other federation prints and mails out contest posters to 150 powerlifting gyms? NONE of them do!

3) The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sean.katterle , has over 2,900 friends and we add posts to our wall on a daily basis in addition to creating event pages and photo albums.

4) The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation’s email database has over 2,400 addresses and we send out a weekly press release or public announcement on the goings on within the sport and/or our company.

^^^ Hardcore Powerlifting Pro, Ryan Bracewell, competing at The Clash of the Titans ^^^

5) Hardcore Powerlifting actively participates on internet radio stations and we’ve been regular guests on RxMuscle’s Power Hour Radio and on Anthony Pastorello’s Vegas Power Hour. This hits a share of the market who’d prefer to listen to their news rather than read about it (over 30,000 total downloads!)

6) We’ve ran stages at some of the biggest industry tradeshows in America, including The Olympia Expo (2006 & 2007), The Dallas Europa Supershow (2007), The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) and The Emerald Cup Expo in 2012. As part of our project agreements, Hardcore Powerlifting acquires complimentary vendor space for our Title and Presenting Sponsors so they can do business live and in person with the thousands of people who attend these sports weekends.

7) The official Hardcore Powerlifting blog is located right here on the very popular IRON MAN Magazine website and no other powerlifting association has a news blog directly attached to an international bodybuilding magazine’s website.

^^^ Hardcore Powerlifting Pro, Richard Hawthorne, raw deadlifting 600lbs @ 130lbs body weight at HERCULES 2012 ^^^

8) Since its inception in the Summer of 2008, Hardcore Powerlifting’s official YouTube channel has received over 400,000 video views, capturing the attention of people in the gym sports world for over 193,000 minutes! And our videos use my contest announcing as part of the audio feed so our sponsors get verbal endorsements in every clip, in addition to the logo recognitions they receive. In addition to this large audience pool, Muscular Development Magazine and Bodybuilding.com have both brought in cameramen to film and broadcast three of our past productions and now we’re also teamed up with RxmMuscle.com and Dave Palumbo and Bryan Hildebrand will be flying out to Seattle to cover our next production.

9) At every show, Hardcore Powerlifting hires lovely card ladies and these fine women carry boxing style “Ring cards” across the stage and 30% of the card space is dedicated to our Title Sponsor’s logo to increase visibility. And when they’re not holding the cards up, our dazzling beauties are throwing our sponsor promo items to the crowd like logo t-shirts and hats and protein shaker bottles (empty, of course, ha!) We also offer to place swag bags on every audience chair and these bags contain additional promo items and marketing materials and brochures for the businesses that support us. This ensures that hundreds of people leave the hall with reminders to visit our associates’ websites in tow.

10) The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation thankfully receives regular coverage in both IRON MAN Magazine and in Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle Magazine. Both of these fine publications routinely provide coverage for each of our events overall champions. These magazines put a combined monthly total of over 400,000 copies in mailboxes and on newsstands all over North America and beyond. No other powerlifting shows receives this volume of media support (compare the numbers to Powerlifting USA, which was the primary source of reporting for our competitors and PLUSA topped out at just over 15,000 copies per month in its heyday, which is less than 5% the count we’re generating.)

The 2013 Hardcore Powerlifting season is starting to take shape, with our kick off show happening at The Emerald Cup Expo in Seattle! This tradeshow had over 7,000 visitors and 500 athletes walk through its doors last year. And, this year, they’ve increased our staging area and Craig Productions is providing us with pro sound & lighting and with a full sports bar so our friends and fans can order adult beverages and appetizers while they watch the competition in the comfort of The Meydenbauer Center’s ultra lounge.

Companies and elite athletes interested in getting involved with and connected to Hardcore Powerlifting Productions can contact our business office at: