Forty Minutes of New Hardcore Powerlifting HD Video! (’s Kings of the Bench VIII, $7,000 in Cash Prizes!)

/ Posted 10.28.2012

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Filming and Editing by Josh Winsor

Professional Photography by

Officials: Kenny “86’d” Dinolfo, Donna Lee Delleree and Tony Gracia

Safety Spotters and Platform Managers: Victor Camacho, Cory Dexter, Jackson Lee and Paul Bossi

A warm thank you to the oh so lovely Miss Nikki Wyatt for being our scintillating and mesmerizing card lady and for her adding charm and beauty to the ballroom.

Special thanks to Tony Rodriguez of Las Vegas, to and to Enterprise Van Rentals for making the logistics of the trip much easier and considerably less stressful.

Eric “Vanilla Gorilla” Spoto (321.5 Pounds Body Weight)
660 Pounds , 700 Pounds = $1,000 CASH

“Big Al” Davis ( 307.1 Pounds Body Weight)
585 Pounds , 620 Pounds , 635 Pounds (missed) = $1,000 CASH

Pedro Mejias (431 Pounds Body Weight)
600 Pounds , 620 Pounds (missed) , 620 Pounds (missed) = $1,000 CASH

Adrian Larsen (220.7 Pounds Body Weight)
535 Pounds , 550 Pounds (missed) , 550 Pounds (missed) = $500 CASH

Garrett “Gunz” Griffin (215.7 Pounds Body Weight)
500 Pounds , 510 Pounds , 520 Pounds

Joe “Jonan” Hnizdo (328.8 Pounds Body Weight)
500 Pounds , 510 Pounds , 520 Pounds (missed)

Dennis “Heavy D” Cieri (208.5 Pounds Body Weight)
500 Pounds = $1,000 CASH for “Lightest Man To Raw Bench 500lbs”

Cory Dexter (243 Pounds Body Weight)
500 Pounds , 515 Pounds (missed)

In addition, Eric Spoto was paid $1,000 and Al Davis won $500 in the 500lb bench-for-strict-reps challenge. The $1,000 bonus prize (for a winning 720+ pound raw bench) was not paid out as the winning bench was 700 pounds at this particular competition.)

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(From left to right) Presenting Sponsor and “The Lightest Man to Raw Bench 500lbs” Dennis Cieri of and Title Sponsor, Jared Daigre of

Look for more Hardcore Powerlifting action coming your way this Spring at The Emerald Cup Expo in Seattle and The Ronnie Coleman Classic in Dallas, Texas!

Top American Professional Strongman, Nick Best and The World’s Strongest Pro Bodybuilding, Stan Efferding

Hardcore Powerlifting’s fabulous card lady, the dream inducing Miss Nikki Wyatt

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Stay Strong and Thanks for Watching Hardcore Powerlifting’s Kings of the Bench VIII,
Sean Zilla Katterle