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/ Posted 09.22.2012

Last night I had the privilege of being the only guest on VEGAS POWER HOUR talk radio. The host, Anthony Pastorello and I had a highly charged and entertaining, two hour discussion and debate on a wide array of powerlifting subjects and points of interest.

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The introduction ends and the conversation begins twelve and a half minutes into the broadcast and you can skip ahead if you want to.


Which divisions and federations in the sport I feel are marketable, which are not and how I came to those conclusions.

One of the biggest barriers to the sport’s success as a whole (and, no, it’s not the bench shirts and it’s not the number of national/world championships.)

Hardcore Powerlifting’s reasons for not including drug testing in our professional promotions.

My plea to the various promoters and media personalities to keep drug tested divisions alive and well, but to cease and desist with making drug use and drug testing a hot topic when presenting the sport to the general public.

The lack of investigative journalism in powerlifting and how that’s created an over sensitive environment where the athletes and fans see questions and debates as “attacks” and “fights.”

The comparison of using synthol in bodybuilding to using super shirts and suits in powerlifting.

The main reason why so many active participants in the sport are leaving the forums and message boards and moving to Facebook and the other social networking sites.

The BenchAmerica shows that aired on FOX Sports Net and on Comcast Sports Net and why the series was closed down after four productions (a somewhat behind-the-scenes perspective.)

How got started and what we’re trying to accomplish in regards to taking the sport to the next level of commercial success.

Why the lifters who’ve joined the sport over the last five years don’t know about most of the champions and legends of the 60s, 70s and 1980s.

How I got into the business (working with Jake Jones, who’s now the official artist for Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle Magazine and for The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation in addition to owning

What the UFC, pro strongman and the NFL can teach powerlifting about building a sport from the ground up in America.

“Selling the fight” as opposed to starting a fight simply for the purpose of being shocking and insulting.

The upcoming $7,000 Kings of the Bench VIII light heavyweight / heavyweight showdown that’s coming to Las Vegas on October 20th.

And more, including spotlights on various personalities and community sites in the game.

^^^ The host and production team for VEGAS POWER HOUR talk radio, Anthony Pastorello and his lovely wife ^^^

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