VIDEO: Jennifer Thompson Raw Benches 265lbs x 4-5 Reps @ 132lbs Body Weight and as a Drug Tested Athlete!

/ Posted 02.13.2012

Jennifer Thompson is arguably the best female benchpress competitor of all time by formula and one of the strongest ever outright. She competes at 132 pounds (same day weigh-in) and she’s working with 265 pounds of bar weight for sets of 4-5 reps! No bench shirt and Mrs. Thompson routinely competes and wins under strict, drug tested conditions (USAPL, IPF, BenchAmerica, ect.)

I had the honor of getting to announce and commentate for some of the lifting she did on Comcast Sports Net and her performances were and are outstanding. We’re REALLY hoping that she decides to lift at our Hardcore Powerlifting Record Breakerz pro meet at The Emerald Cup Expo this April (at this point, that’s just a hope though.)