Breaking News Video: “Big Al” Davis Competition Raw Benches 670 Pounds !

/ Posted 08.28.2011

This weekend, MHP’s “Big Al” Davis demonstrated complete control over a staggering six hundred and seventy pounds on the benchpress bar. Davis performed this powerful push at The Metroflex Gym Mid-Cities Crusher competition. Just prior to the event, Al emailed me a training progress update, saying “This is kind of a dry run for me and my new trainer. Actually, my first powerlifting trainer, Josh Bryant. Sssh it’s a secret….LOL. But he has finally convinced me to start training like a powerlifter.”

The results of Davis’ hard work and Bryant’s professional guidance are already showing as this was a 20 pound contest personal best for Al. This lift moves Al from being amongst the Top 20 strongest benchers of all time to being in the Top 5. Al is a three time MHP Kings of the Bench heavyweight champion (losing only once, to Brian Siders, by way of bombout) and a MHP Clash of the Titans heavyweight bench champ. Watch for Big Al to return to The Kings of the Bench platform late March at The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo in Mesquite/Dallas, Texas (produced and promoted by Will he become the third man in history to officially break the 700 pound barrier? Only time will tell but we’ll have the cameras rolling come contest time at The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo.