Previous Lifting Videos Featuring MHP Kings of the Bench V Competitors (part 2)

/ Posted 03.26.2011

You’ll be able to see ALL of these lifters competing live in-person at MHP’s Kings of the Bench V, which is taking place on April 2nd at The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo (Mesquite Convention Center, Mesquite/Dallas, Texas.) The lifting will begin on stage at 10:30am that morning, starting with the 175.9 Pound Bwt Division Max Raw Bench.

(Please note that all of these video clips are of gym lifting or from competitions that aren’t sanctioned by The Hardcore Powerlifting Federation.)

^^^ Robert Wilkerson Contest Raw Benching 600 Pounds ^^^

^^^ Robert Wilkerson Seated Gym Partial Military Press With 495 Pounds ^^^

^^^ “Unreal Phil” Brewer Raw Gym Benching 430 Pounds for 4 Reps and at 175 Pounds Bodyweight ^^^

^^^ Claude “The Phenom” Bouyer Working Up to a 340 Pound Close Grip Bench for a Double in the Gym and at 175 Pounds Bodyweight ^^^

^^^ Big Al Davis Raw Competition Benching 639 Pounds ^^^

^^^ Collin Rhodes Raw Gym Benching 405 Pounds for 18 Reps ^^^

^^^ Collin “Pooh Bear” Rhodes Raw Gym Benches 575 Pounds ^^^

^^^ Collin Rhodes Raw Gym Benches 225 Pounds for 50 Reps ^^^

^^^ Keven “Da Hulk” Washington Raw Gym Benches 420 Pounds for 23 Reps ^^^

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