Shoulder injury update

/ Posted 08.22.2012

Back on May 24th I had a tremendous Lat and Chest workout.    I was training along with one of my clients, so I didn’t record my workout.  But, suffice it to say that I had an awesome workout!!!  I was the strongest I’ve been in a several years.  I did 13 reps on bench press with 225 lbs.  I did sets of 8 with 120 lb dumbell on one-arm DB rows.  It was just a powerful workout and I felt like a million bucks.  Unfortunately the next morning I woke up with a shoulder that felt sore, and it felt like it was swollen in the joint.  We were taking a trip to visit Diana’s family in Chicago, so I didn’t think much of it.  I figured it would feel better by Monday.  Well, it was still sore on Monday and it went downhill from there.  By mid-June I could hardly do any pressing movements and shoulder work was out of the question.  I started seeing a chiropractor for active release therapy.  When my shoulder wasn’t responding to treatment he suggested an MRI.  MRI revealed a partially torn rotator cuff tendon, labrum tears, bone spurs and a very inflamed biceps tendon.  Last Monday I received a shot of cortisone in the shoulder.  The doctor said if the shoulder isn’t functioning properly when I come back on Aug 30th, then surgery will be necessary to repair it.  If I don’t have to have surgery I think I will still be able to be ready for the Pro Men’s Physique division at the Houston Pro on Oct 12-13th.  Today I measured my bodyfat at 6.1% and weighed 183.9 lbs.  This is way down from January when I was at 13.5% bodyfat and only a few pounds heavier.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Our website has been switched over to html. Now you can access the site on your Ipad or Iphone and enter online! NPC Texas State Natural Championships is coming up November 3rd!


Breaking News!!!

/ Posted 11.16.2011

Going into the IFBB Pro ranks I knew exactly what I would be up against.  Although I’ve competed in (and won) non drug-tested shows for 16 of the 29 years that I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder, up until the time I stepped up to the IFBB Pro division I usually wasn’t competing against the very best bodybuilders in the world.  In the 202 and under weight class I’m giving up 20-30 lbs to many of the competitors…most of whom are shorter than me, and are among the very best bodybuilders in the world (otherwise they wouldn’t be IFBB Pros).  When I heard the news that the IFBB was changing the weight class to 212 lbs and under, I realized that my chances to be competitive would be further diminished.  Fortunately, starting in 2012 the IFBB is adding Pro Men’s Physique to the contest schedule.

So, I am officially announcing that in 2012 I will be competing as an IFBB Pro in the Men’s Physique Division.  My move to Men’s Physique has been approved by the IFBB Pro League office.

I feel that on the Pro stage my body is much better suited to the look that is winning in Men’s Physique.  Although I love bodybuilding and I love doing posing routines, I also like to have a chance to win….or at least be competitive.  I believe that I will be very competitive in the Pro Men’s Physique Division!  This is the look I plan to bring to the stage in 2012:

Men's Physique look...minus the water and the dude in the background

In other news, we have a great turnout for the NPC Texas State Natural Championships which will be held this Saturday.  We have nearly 150 athletes registered and we’re looking forward to a fantastic show.  Contest details can be found at   Entries will be accepted up through the weigh-in on Friday evening.  We have online ticket sales and online registration on our website.