Some Good News and Some Bad News

/ Posted 11.01.2011

Good News:  My new E-book, The Texas Shredder Mass Workout is selling like freakin’ hot cakes and they’re on sale right now.  Just go to

Good News:  Look up at the right hand corner of your screen and you can download my Ironman Ab Training vid and my Ironman Bench Press program for free (I think).

Good News:  Haloween is fun.

Diana and I decked out for Haloween

Good News:  Although it’s alot of work, it’s fun to judge and have booths at the bodybuilding shows.  This past weekend we did both at the NPC Central Texas Showdown.  Congrats to all of the athletes!  And, congrats to Bob and Laura Johnson who have done a terrific job growing this contest over the past 3 years!

With my client and bikini competitor Rosemary Calcese

Melanie Lewis, Diana Hurley, Briesen Cooper, and Rosemary Calcese at the Shredderbuilt booth

NPC competitor Giovanna Medina and IFBB Pro Bernadette Galvan at the NPC Texas Championships

Good News:  My head is not mis-shapen!  Well…not too much

Bleach the eyebrows and put a white shirt on me and you have Mr. Clean!

Good News:  At this point we have well over 130 athletes (not counting crossovers)registered for our NPC Texas State Natural Championships.  With 18 days to go we have surpassed our goal of 125 and I think we will hit our dream number of 150 competitors.  The theater should sell out and the house will be rockin’ for the final NPC Texas contest of 2011.  To purchase tickets, enter or sign up for a booth online go to

Now the Bad News:  I’ve had trouble with my right wrist off and on for years, as I injured it in a bicycle wreck 17 years ago.  I visited a hand specialist who told me after viewing the x-ray that it looks like I have a torn ligament that he can’t repair.  The best option was to have it scoped and clean it up, but it’s not going to fix it.  He said, “think about an old car engine that isn’t running well.  You can take it apart clean it all up and put it back together.  It will run better for a while, but it’s still an old engine.”



/ Posted 10.21.2011

Hey!  Here I am with an update….after months! 

Shredderbuilt booth

Here’s a photo from our Shredderbuilt booth at the NPC Texas State Championships last Saturday.  Me, Briesen Cooper, Sheryl Lau and her cute little daughter Kenzie.
The photo was taken during prejudging.  Diana was at the judges table test judging.  She did very well and needs one more round of test judging to get her NPC Texas judging credentials!
For those of you who haven’t seen me with the shaved head and are wondering about it, my girlfriend, Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer.  I told her that if she had to have chemo and would lose her hair that I would shave my head too.  We ended up having a party at the Lucky Lounge in Austin, Tx and had our heads shaved on stage by Rebecca Thomas, owner of Adara Salon.  Rebecca is also the granddaughter of one of my favorite musicians, Willie Nelson!

Done with the head shaving

One of the few things that has been appealing to Diana since she started chemo is Italian food.  Being the ultra-supportive boyfriend that I am, I have eaten quite a bit of Italian food for the last 8 weeks.  It’s not so good for your waist line!
Not only has my eating been considerably off, I have not been training very hard because I’m  nursing some injuries.  I re-injured the adductor that I tore back in April, and I’ve been feeling pain during training in the spot where I had the small pec tear in March.  Right now I’m getting skinnier and fatter at the same time.  But, don’t worry!  It will all heal and I will be ready to go for the 2012 season!
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LA Fit Expo

/ Posted 02.05.2011

It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks, but thanks to a rare snow day things slowed down a little bit yesterday.  I was glad that it snowed so I would have a valid excuse to sleep in, and I was happy that it warmed up enough so I could get out of the house and to the gym shortly after noon!  It was the best of booth worlds!

But, I want to back up and talk about last weekend and my trip to LA for the LA Fit Expo.

Me and Diana with Jamie Eason

Me and Diana with Jamie Eason

 Diana and I arrived at the Luxe hotel on Friday mid-afternoon.  After a nice late-lunch/early-dinner we settled in for nap, after which we headed down to the Convention Center to help the Ironman crew set up the booth.  Helen worked us really hard, but Ironman has such a great staff that it was really fun.

Me and Jamie Eason

Me and Jamie Eason

 On Saturday morning we arrived at the Ironman Magazine/ booths about 15 minutes before the expo opened.  I spotted Jamie Eason at the booth just one aisle over and I told Diana that we had better go speak to Jamie and get a photo with her before the expo opened.  It was a good decision.  The entire time the expo was open the line for the booth was ridiculously long!  In addition to Jamie, had some more friends of ours…Michelle Hanson (2010 Tx Shredder Classic Figure Overall Champ), Amanda Harris (aka Barbie Barbell), Shelsea Montes (IFBB Bikini Pro), and Nick Scott (bodybuilder/ballroom dancer extraordinaire).

Once the expo opened it was non-stop action at the Ironman Magazine booth for 2 days!  I was so busy autographing magazines, answering training questions and just chatting with fans and friends that I never got out of the booth to see any of the rest of the expo.  I know it sounds really lame, but by the end of the weekend my spinal erectors and hamstrings were extremely sore from signing autographs!

Me and Brian Hartley from

Brian Hartley from Awesome Product!!

We even had super heros in our booth!  Ingrid and Heather attracted a lot of attention….as you can imagine.  I felt compelled to take a break from my busy schedule and get a photo with them.

Ingrid and Heather

Super Heroes Ingrid and Heather

I felt really fortunate to get to meet Danny Hester who was doing demos of his GFlex at the Ironman booth.  Danny has easily one-upped the TRX system.  It’s not even close.  Danny gave me a quick primer on the GFlex and sent one back to Austin with me.  It has so many applications everyone should own one!!!

Danny Hester's GFlex

Working biceps on Danny Hester's GFlex

And, Diana and I debuted my Texas Shredder Contest Preparation Guide to the Stage DVD at the Fit Expo.  They’re now available at and soon on our new website

Shredder DVD

My Texas Shredder Contest Prep DVD

I finally got to meet Greg, my taller look-alike.  Maybe we’re brothers and my dad doesn’t know about him?  Greg and I looked a lot more alike before he shaved his goatee.

Me and Greg

And it’s always great to get to visit with the Ironman readers!


Prince is an aspiring young bodybuilder!

Prince's mom is so cute!

One of the super cool moments of the Fit Expo for me was finally getting to meet Ironman writer and great natural bodybuilder Eric Broser and his beautiful girlfriend Robyn Balliet.  Eric took the light-heavyweight title at the Ironman Naturally.  They’re a really nice couple and we’re hoping they come to Austin for the Texa Shredder Classic on May 7th.

Eric Broser and Robyn Balliet are an awesome couple!

Although we didn’t get home until almost mid-night on Sunday, then the alarm clock went off at 4:50am on Monday, it was such a fun weekend that it was well worth the lost sleep and all the work.  I highly recommend the LA Fit Expo!  It’s such a blast and such a wonderful way to kick off the bodybuilding season!  Thanks to John, Michael, Helen, Terry, Corky, Warren, Steve, Jonathon, Ruth, Lonnie,  and the rest of the outstanding  people on the Ironman Magazine staff working my butt off for 2 days flys by way too fast.  I can’t wait for next year!!!


LA Fit Expo and NPC Ironman Naturally

/ Posted 01.25.2011

Don’t forget to come visit the Ironman Magazine booth at the LA Fit Expo.  Diana and I are very excited about traveling to LA for this great event.  It’s great fun meeting our readers and I will be autographing free Ironman Magazines for everyone who stops by.  So come by to say hi, get a magazine and take a photo with us!  Then you can take in the NPC Ironman Naturally Bodybuilding Championships!  It’s going to be an awesome weekend!  Don’t miss it!

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Ironman Pro, Fit Expo

/ Posted 02.19.2008

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since my last blog entry! How time flies when you’re having fun!

Like I said last week, I intended to have an easy training week and it ended up quite the opposite. I only did 3 gym workouts last week. My leg and chest workouts were covered in my last blog entry.

On Thursday I trained back, shoulders and arms. That was a test of endurance! I was totally shot by the end of it! I had to get it all done because I didn’t know if I would have a chance to workout while I was in LA for the Ironman Pro and Fit Expo. Man, that was a blast! It’s alot of work and my back hamstrings, calves and feet were aching at the end of every day, but it’s so great to get to talk to the Ironman readers, bodybuilding fans, and just meet so many new fitness-minded people! I love it!

My friend (and former client) Ana Tiger competed and won her class in the NPC Figure contest. She looked sensational! I thought she had a really good shot at the overall. I was very proud of her. I got to hang out with her husband, Eric Churilla, for a while on Friday night. Eric’s a great guy, very sharp and very supportive of Ana and what she’s doing. Last year I was very underwhelmed with the Pro Bodybuilding at the Ironman, but this year was different. This year the lineup was much bigger, with much more depth, much more quality and much more entertaining! My hat is off to Ironman Pro competitors for a job well done!

While at the expo I wasn’t totally without exercise. The Army had a huge booth with a pushup challenge, so I thought I’d test myself. I cranked out 90. As I was leaving a guy in a booth across the aisle complimented me on my effort then asked me to try his supplement and come back and see if I could do more. I came back in an hour and half and was able to do another 85. Just after that one of the casting guys from the American Gladiator tryouts came to my booth and begged me to try out. Finally I relented (after he assured me they had good insurance should I hurt myself). I did 23 pullups in 30 seconds. I’m not sure how I did on the other stuff, but it wasn’t that hard. I was shocked to learn from the interviewer at the end of it, that there were people who were puking when they got done. LOL!

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Back to blogging

/ Posted 01.14.2008


Pictured above: Me, Jon Harris, Jim Cordova, and Dr. Joe…..doing a little post workout partying.

It’s been a month since I posted a blog! It sure didnt’ seem that long. Up until about a week and a half ago there was just nothing too exciting to write about. I had to back off the intensity for a few weeks starting mid-December. My shoulders, elbows, back and knees were hurting and I needed to be feeling better when I attended Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Bodybuilding Camp Jan. 4-6. Part of the draw of the camp is that the attendees get to workout with the Pros. So, I needed to be feeling good enough to train at the Pro level. The Camp was so much fun! In addition to me and Dr. Joe Klemczewski, there were Pro Natural World Champions Jim Cordova (2007), and Jonathon Harris (2006). Other Pros working with the camp were Duke Bell, Mary Bell, Shawn McCauley and Layne Norton. During workout segments there were about 15-18 serious people training in a relatively small gym, with great equipment and driving metal music. You could literally taste the intensity as the campers did their best to keep up with the Pros who stoked and training at the highest levels! It was simply awesome to witness! It’s always a treat to get to listen to Dr Joe speak about nutrition and training, and with Layne Norton in attendance everyone came away with great cutting edge information. I think the most inspiring part of the camp for me was the round table question and answer session with all the Pros. Listening to Jim, Jon, and Duke talk about their mental approach to training and seeing the passion that they have for it really got me stoked. While I arrived home on Sunday night very tired and very sore (and a bit hung over), working at Dr. Joe’s Fantasy Camp really recharged my mental batteries. Since I’ve returned home every workout has been fantastic!

Today I had (by far) the best leg workout I’ve had since before the Team Universe in mid-July. I was able to increase my heaviest (post injury) leg press by 90 lbs…..cranking out 20 reps with 720 lbs today! I increased my squats another 25 lbs, up to 275 for 6 reps, and then cranked out 20 below parrallel reps with 185 lbs. As I’m sitting here writing 4 hours later, my left quad is on the verge of cramping!

Leg press 8 sets 20 reps

Squats 5 sets 10, 10 10, 6, 20

Seated Leg Curl (separately) 4 sets 10-12 reps (they were on fire!)

Leg Extensions 4 sets 12-15 reps

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My Muscle Link commercial

/ Posted 12.04.2007


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Austin TV Clip: Shoulder Exercises Pt. 2

/ Posted 06.19.2007

Here’s a clip of me on Austin TV ‘s program Fitness Wise showing exercises for shoulders, arms and lower body. If you have trouble viewing the clip, you can go to the KVUE News site here:


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Austin TV Clip: Exercises Pt. 1

/ Posted 06.01.2007

Here’s a clip of me on Austin TV ‘s program Fitness Wise demonstrating basic exercises for a great physique . If you have trouble viewing the clip, you can go to the KVUE News site here:


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