Leg workout and NPC West Texas Classic

/ Posted 03.28.2011

Diana's Favorite Pose

We had a great weekend at the NPC West Texas Classic in Lubbock, Texas.  But, before I get into that I need to report on my training.  My legs are still burning as I sit here typing! 

Last week I was very inspired by Diana.  One day she was pressed for time during her leg workout and decided to speed up the process by doing 2 sets of 50 reps on the leg press, rather than her usual 4 sets of 15.  She said her legs were on fire and were sore for days.  So, I decided to try a leg workout that I haven’t done in probably a decade.  10 or 11 years ago I got on a kick where I did sets of 100 reps with 450 lbs on the leg press.  My buddies got wind of it and for a while it was a weekly running contest to see who could get the most reps with 450.  The most I ever did was 127 reps in one set, but I haven’t done that workout for probably about 10 years.  So, last Monday I posted on Facebook that I was going to atttempt a set of 100 reps with 450 lbs on the leg press.  I figured that would put extra pressure on me to not wimp out, as people would want to know how many reps I did.  I started with 90 lbs for a set of 20 and added 90 lbs each set until I got to 45o.  At 540 lbs I dropped it back to sets of 10 and contiued to add 90 lbs per set until I reached 810 for 10 reps.  Then I pulled 4 plates off of each side to leave me 450 lbs on the leg press machine.  I got psyched up and went for it.  At about 45 reps my legs were burning like crazy, but no way I was going to stop!  When I got to 60 I knew there was no possible way I was going to get to 100, but I had to crank out some more reps.  I just kept telling myself, “just 5 more”! At 75 there was nothing left and it was all I could do to push weight up high enough to re-rack it.  Disappointed that I didn’t get to 100, I imposed a “penalty set” on myself.  I rested for about 5 minutes and hit it again.  About 30 reps into the set I realized that I wasn’t wearing my Amourbite mouthpiece and was wondering if it would make any difference.  I racked the weight at 65 reps.  I went back to my office and pulled out my Armourbite.  Out of morbid curiosity I had to do another set.  As fried as my legs were at that point, I still cranked out a third set of 60 reps!  I followed that we 4 sets of squats, 4 sets of leg curls and 5 sets of standing calf raises (I could barely keep my legs straight).  Needless to say, my legs were still sore on Friday.

My client showed up unexpectedly and I had to get back to work.  Trained clients for 5 straight hours.  Now I have to get to dinner with some friends. 

To be continued tomorrow!

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My new secret weapon

/ Posted 03.10.2011

     Well, for everyone that was hoping that I would keep up with my resolution to post on my blog at least 3 times per week….I’m sorry!  There just doesn’t seem to ever be enough hours in the day.  Which explains why I’m just getting to it at 10:30pm when I should really be in bed already, since I have to be back at the gym for my first client at 6am tomorrow.  Never the less, I’m making the effort because I’ve been stringing out my Facebook followers concerning my new “secret weapon”. 

      Sometime around mid-January I received a package at my office.  Inside was an UnderArmour mouthpeice, a letter to me, and some literature on the product.  The letter asked that I contact representatives at ArmourBite because they wanted to give me the opportunity to try out their product.  Cutting straight to the chase….what both you and I are interested in….the literature basically said that wearing this mouthpeice during training would increase strength.  I was skeptical, but I called the number and spoke to the company representatives who scheduled an appointmen tfor me with a local dentist (Dr. Nussbaum) so that a custom performance mouthpeice could be made for me.  It took about 2 weeks for the product to come in.  Again, I was a bit skeptical, but I figured the worst case scenario was that it would keep me from grinding my teeth during training.  Well, I remembered to use it during sleeping, but for a couple weeks I kept forgetting to wear the device during my workout.  For about the last 2 1/2 weeks I’ve worn the mouthpeice consistently during training and my strength has gone up dramatically on my basic lifts….squat, bench press, incline press and deadlift.  I had to do at least 2 workouts for each major bodypart to make sure that it wasn’t just a fluke.  But, after doing so, I can tell you for sure that it makes a tremendous difference!  I know, it sounds hokie.  That’s what I thought too!  I’m not going to go into the full explanation of why it works….I’ll let you check out the website for yourself.  http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/accessories?cid=DA|Armourbite

But, it has to do with the proper alignment of the jaw and reducing the cortisol response that happens when you clench your jaw.  The bottom line though is that it will increase your strength!

     Also, my girlfriend reports that wearing it at night has almost completely stopped my snoring.  I have to take her word on that.  But, I know for sure that she’s pretty happy about it!

     Now, you may be wondering why I felt compelled to unveil this “secret” on my Ironman blog.  It’s because somehow Armourbite was referred to me by someone at Ironman Magazine.  To whoever did that, THANK YOU!!!!

     Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true.  But, I am now a believer!  And, I’m not getting a penny from Armourbite.  All I got was a free performance mouthpeice….which I’m very thankful for!!!  Check it out!

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