IFBB World Champion

/ Posted 11.16.2009

I did it!  I’m IFBB World Champion in the 50-59 up to 80kg division.   For overall there was only a men’s overall which was won by the winner of the 40-49 over 90kg class.

I wanted to post last night but the contest went kinda late.  Afterward, I took a quick shower and changed clothes to go down to dinner.  I wanted to make sure I got there early because in Qatar it was a feeding frenzy and we missed out on alot of the entrees because we were a few minutes late.  So I joined the British and Canadians for dinner.  I was going to take a break to post on here and e-mail my family.  But, when I got down to the lobby to get on the wireless internet my computer battery was dead.  So I took my computer back up to the room to charge and I accidently locked myself out of my room.  I went back downstairs to get another key and their computers were down so they couldn’t give me another key.  Bottom line….I didn’t get back in my room until about 1am and I hurriedly packed up everything to catch the bus at 130am.  I was the last one to get to the bus and they were waiting so I didn’t have time to get off a post or even any e-mails to let my family know that I had won and was headed home.  My cell phones didn’t work there either so I couldn’t call or text.  After the 3 hour bus ride to Warsaw I tried to log on to the internet but there wasn’t any wireless to be had there either.  By the time my flight arrived in Chicago at 3pm today (an hour late) Diana and the rest of my family were about to have a freakin’ stroke.  They were on the verge of calling the hotel in Bialystok and then hospitals in the area!  I knew they would be worried so I called as soon as the plane touched down.  I have about an hour until my flight to Austin and I’m so ready to be home and to sleep in my own bed tonight. As I write this I’ve been traveling for 25 hours today.  Winning an IFBB World Championship was well worth it though!!!!  Thank you all for your support and encouragement.  Thank you John Balik for making this trip possible for me!!!!

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More from prejudging day

/ Posted 11.14.2009

I couldn’t go to bed without posting some photos that I took today.  Hopefully someone took some of me onstage and I’ll have them up tomorrow, if so.

Gaspari Nutrition was a huge part of this show.  Here I am with Flex Lewis, Rich, Ted and another huge guy whose name I unfortunately forgot in my dieted down state.



Here’s IFBB Pro Cathy LeFrancois also with Gaspari Nutirion


With Stephen from Australia


Sean and I got a quick photo with the girls who were handing out the contest programs.


Sean Ferguson during his pump up


I don’t think I’ve mention how disgusting it is that people here will light up a cigarette just about anywhere.  People have been smoking freely in the hotel lobby, in the resturaunt, in the contest venue, but the kicker today was when I walked back stage and one of the competitors was taking a break from pumping up and lit up a smoke backstage….and sat down to smoke it right next to his buddy who was pumping up!!!!  I’m so ready to get back to a smoke-free environment!  But first….I still have some business to take care of!!!!!


Prejudging at the IFBB Masters World Championships

/ Posted 11.14.2009

What a long day!  The afternoon session started up at 3pm.  I went over to the venue about 2:30 because they had the lunch over there and I wanted to eat a little bit.  We didn’t go on until about 7pm.  There were 14 guys in my class.  I was the only one that was called for every call out except the last call out.  Flex Lewis and Rich Gaspari are here and they said I have the class hands down.

They just posted the top 6 and I’m on there!  It all gets rejudged tomorrow….

Well, I’m gonna go up stairs and figure out what I’m gonna do with my tan.

My British friend Sean didn’t make the top 15 in his class, which was  very surprising to me because I thought he looked fantastic,  My Canadian buddy John was in my class.  He didn’t make the top 6.  There was a really thick Egyptian who was trying to psych me out in the pump up room.  I would be posing in front of the mirror and he kept getting directly in front of me and would start posing or lifting.  On stage he kept doing poses when we were supposed to be standing in the symmetry stance on stage.  I’m so pleased that that jackass didn’t make the finals!!!!  Is that wrong for me to say????

I might be back down to post some photos a little later.  Stay tuned!

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Prejudging day in Bialystok

/ Posted 11.14.2009

I was set my alarm to get up at 7am, but with the time change I’m having some difficulty staying asleep.  I got to bed about 12:30 last night, but still woke up at 6;30 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I went to breakfast about 7:15 and ran into my friends from the UK and had a very nice conversation at the breakfast table.    My buddy Sean is trying to convince me to compete in the IFBB Classic Bodybuilding World Championships in Madrid, December 11-14.  It sounds like something that I would like to do, but all the expenses of traveling to shows and missing work is adding up….real fast!!!  In fact, I couldn’t be here at the Masters World Championships were it not for the generosity of Ironman Magazine publisher, John Balik, who sponsored my airfare for this trip.

Here I’m picture with British Classic Bodybuilder Sean Ferguson.  We’re discussing the possiblity of having a seminar at his gym in Dorchester just before the World Classic in December.


Here with IFBB Vice President from Sweden Thomas Ivering



Well, I’m off for a short walk and will be heading to the venue for prejuding in just a couple hours.  Last night at the weigh in I was sizing up some of my competition.  While there are some very formidable competitors in my division it’s nothing like the lineup in Qatar, so I think I’ll be right up there in contention for the class title.  I’ll post again after the prejudging.


Bialystok Registration Day

/ Posted 11.13.2009


Pictured above with the South Africans Tyron Fortuin, Marlene Koekemoer and Nelson Benjamin.


Pictured above with the Canadians  Maria Mikola, John Raposo and Tom Heffner.

This morning things started getting cranked up in Bialystok for the IFBB Junior and Masters World Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships.  I’m glad that I started a day early and got here yesterday.  I got checked in first thing this morning and now it’s very busy and hectic here in the lobby and in the registration room.  I’ve made friends with the teams from Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom.  I haven’t gotten a photo with the Brits yet but I’m sure we’ll get some at some point this weekend.

It’s very cold here!  It’s quite a contrast from being in Qatar just a week ago.  I almost froze walking the three quarters of a mile down to Maniac Gym to workout.  Maniac is a very well equipped hard-core gym.  It’s hosting the show here and is obviously very supportive of it’s bodybuilders, as they have photos and trophies all over the gym.  It’s my kind of place to train!

Well, it’s time to go meet up with my British friend Shawn to put on some Elite Tan.  Stay tuned for more pics!

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/ Posted 11.11.2009





In just a few hours I will board the first flight on my way to Bialystok Poland to compete in the IFBB Masters World Championships.  I’m very excited, but my body is also very sore!  I’ve been training at a torrid pace since returning from Qatar last week.  The only day that I missed training was our 24 hour travel day (Nov 5th), but even then we did a very very long walk in the Washington DC airport and I climbed all of the stairs which in some cases was very challenging!  Here’s my schedule since I got home:

Fri  Chest AM, Back PM

Sat Legs

Sun  Shoulders AM, Arms PM

Mon Legs

Tues  Chest Am, Back PM

Wed  Shoulders/Arms

I think we got in at least 2 30 minute cardio sessions every day, except today.

This morning I weighed 168.5 lbs and tested the lowest I’ve ever tested on the Skindex Calipers at 2.3% bodyfat.  I’m ready to go get on the plane and get some rest.  As long as there is wireless internet at my hotel I will be posting from Poland.

Pass my blog address along to any of your friend who you think might be interested in my European Adventure!

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Next stop…Bialystok Poland

/ Posted 11.09.2009


Here’s a couple more photos from the IFBB World Championships in Qatar.  Today all of the arrangements are finalized for the IFBB Masters World Championships in Poland this weekend.  Nothing like taking it down to the wire.  I’ve been dieting and training hard since returning from Qatar on the hope that everything would fall into place in time to get to compete in the Masters World Championships and finally it has!  I’m super-excited about getting another chance to compete internationally this year.  I’m more than a little nervous about traveling by myself on this trip.  On the Qatar trip I had Diana there to do my thinking for me and Ken Taylor to handle all of the registration and room arrangements.  And, it was great hanging out with my teammates Sam, Kelly and Wendell….plus my old friend Lee Williams from the UK.  Going solo is a bit imtimidating but I’m sure there will be some people there that I know.  The weather will be a drastic change.  In Qatar is was in the 90’s.  In Poland it’s just above freezing!!!

I guess I’ll start repacking my luggage today.  I so glad I’m getting this opportunity because I’m very ready!  This morning my bodyfat was 2.5% on the skindex calipers and my bodyweight at 170.2 lbs.

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Finals Night

/ Posted 11.04.2009

Sam and I both finished 8th in our classes.  Everyone felt that it was quite a feat on our first IFBB Worlds and also being lifetime drug free.  There will undoubtedly be drug test failures above us.  We will move up in a week or 2.

Photos by the pool this morning.


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/ Posted 11.04.2009

I didn’t make the top six in my class and neither did Sam.  We will find out in a few hours how we placed.  We got up this morning and Diana got some really good photos of me at the hotel pool.  Although there are a lot of great looking places to take pictures, the pool was the only place I felt that it was appropriate to strip down to my posing trunks.  I will be posting the photos a bit later as I left my external hard drive with the photos on it in the room.

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Prejudging at the 63rd IFBB World Championships

/ Posted 11.03.2009


It was a very exciting morning!  Today was the prejudging for the Worlds.  After getting a coat of Jan Tana on after my two coats of Elite Tan last night I was ready to head to the auditorium.  We snapped a few pics in the room before leaving.


The prejudging was held in a beautiful ballroom in the Sheraton Hotel.


My Brazilain friends from Probiotica are the main show sponsor.


Sam Lewis made the top 15 in the Batamweight class and will surely place top 10, if not top 6.  Kelly Pettiford did not make the cut to the top 15 in the Lightweight class despite looking incredible at 154 lbs.  I made the top 15 in the Welterweight class.  I was by far the oldest and the tallest man in my weight class.  I’m in easily my best condition of the year and perhaps the last 5 years, but it would be a miracle if I made the top 5.  The top guys in this class are probably 5’1 to 5’3″ and very very thick!  I made 3 or 4 callouts which was very good, so I’m hoping to finish solidly in the top 10.

Wendell Floyd was in an amazingly tough Light Heavyweight class and failed to make the top 15 cut.

Tomorrow we find out if me or Sam made the finals (top 6).  Keep your fingers cossed for us!

Below I’m with our Canadian friend Denis Pedneault.  Denis looked fantatstic in the Batams and will surely be top 5.


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